11 Best Practices to Start an Online Cosmetics and Makeup Business


Are you looking to start an online cosmetic make up business in 2021? Well, if that’s what you are looking for, you have just landed in the right place. First of all, we would like to congratulate you on your decision to go online. Taking your business on the internet is a major decision that many business owners fail to make.

You must have realized the importance of creating an online business in a time where running a brick-and-mortar business is just not a profitable proposition. The coronavirus pandemic has hit these brick-and-mortar businesses very hard and has forced them to go online.

But, starting an online cosmetic and makeup business isn’t a child’s play. There are many factors and variables that play a crucial role in your online business success. It is not just about developing a website and making people know that you exist. Starting an online business is very much similar to starting a physical business. The only difference is the medium where the business happens.

When you run a physical store you will have to keep track of the footfall. However, when you run an online store, you will have to come up with ideas to improve traffic on your website. The more traffic you have, the more leads you will get and the more conversions will happen on the site.

To start an online cosmetic and makeup business, you will have to follow a few best practices to make sure you get all the fundamentals right. Having the right foundation for your online business will set your cosmetic brand for success. And that’s exactly why we have come up with 11 best practices to start an online cosmetic and makeup business in 2020. So, without any further ado, let’s get into the content!

Why Should You Take Your Cosmetics Business Online?

There are so many reasons why you should take a business online. Regardless of what you sell, your business requires a web presence. Since you have a cosmetics business and your target audience is searching for beauty products online, it only makes sense to create an online space where you can drive your target audience and make conversions happen.

Creating an eCommerce shopping website is what brings your cosmetic business closer to your potential customers. Taking advantage of a high-quality functional website and well designed social media presence allows your cosmetic business to leverage your followers’ interest.

Not just that, you are also looking forward to creating a cost-effective way to sell your products. When you take your business online, you are reducing your overhead cost once you are done with creating a business website. Yes, there will be marketing and advertising expenses, but they will also be proportional to the revenue you generate through them.

We firmly believe that it will be very hard for your cosmetic business to compete in the market if you don’t go digital. Given the incessant penetration of mobile and internet technology across the globe, companies that fail to realize or embrace this growing trend will cease to profit or even exist.

11 Best Practices to Start an Online Cosmetic and Makeup Business

Here are some of the best practices we recommend you follow while starting an online cosmetic and makeup business in 2020. These best practices will not only help you run your online business perfectly but will also help you lay a strong foundation for the same.

1. Know the FDA’s Regulations

Since you are starting your own online cosmetic business, it is important that you comply with all FDA regulations, or local relevant authority. FDA is essentially Food and Drug Administration in the United States that will help you with all the legal information, especially in the cosmetics category. It is important that you abide by the rules and regulations established by the FDA to ensure you do your business within the law. You must check for all FDA guidelines on their official website. They have mentioned their guidelines under the cosmetic section. If you are looking to start an online cosmetic business, make sure the actions you take do not end your business up in any legal troubles.

2. Choose A Niche You Know

The cosmetic industry has a number of niches that you can go forward with. So what should you do if you are confused while choosing a niche? The very first thing that you should do is dig deep and figure out which area of specialty you have experience in. Experience can be of working in that particular area, manufacturing, selling the products of that particular niche or you have a lot of knowledge that you can rely on. We highly recommend you focus on selling products that you are familiar with and have used over a long period of time. This way your product recommendations will look much trustworthy to your customers.

3. Create High-Quality eCommerce Website

Since you are looking to sell cosmetic products online, you will need to create an eCommerce website for your business. This is important because an eCommerce website is geared towards helping your target audience make purchases online. You have to take care of the design, content, navigation, and the overall vibe of your eCommerce website. Your website is essentially a reflection of your brand personality. So, make sure you hire the right people to develop your business website.

4. Place High-Quality Product Images

Your eCommerce website will start selling only when the visitors are convinced that your products are authentic. The product images you put on your website play a crucial role in making people enter their credit card details. Basically, an eCommerce website functions on the principle of ‘what you show is what you sell’. To place high-quality product images, the very first thing you have to do is take high-quality pictures of your products. You will have to hire professional graphic designers that can polish your product images and make them look appealing.

5. Write Good Product Descriptions

Another aspect of an eCommerce website is the content you put around the products you want to sell. If your visitors are convinced about your product’s authenticity, the very next thing that they will search on your website is the product description. A product description is essentially a piece of content that gives the visitors some insight into what the product has to offer. A good product description is able to target the pain points of the customer and present the product as an effective solution. For this, you have to hire professional copywriters that have experience in writing content for the beauty industry.

6. Run Social Media Marketing

All the above best practices will help you to set up your online presence. Now, when you have done that, it’s time to drive traffic to your eCommerce website. One of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website is by running social media marketing campaigns. Social media marketing is the process of showcasing your products on different social media channels and driving traffic from the channels to your website. We highly recommend running social media advertising campaigns on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. These are some of the visual-led social media platforms that will help you achieve better brand exposure.

7. Run Influencer Marketing

One of the most important forms of advertising is word-of-mouth. Customers are always looking for what other people have to say about your brand. Now, when they see a popular figure talking about your brand and recommending your products, they will be more inclined to try your products for the first time. This is exactly what we call influencer marketing. You will have to reach out to popular influencers in your niche and ask them to try out your product and leave an honest review. This is one of the easiest ways to reach your target audience.

8. Ask for Customer Reviews

Extending the point about word-of-mouth marketing, it is also important that you ask your customers to leave reviews on your website. The more reviews you have, the more are the chances of getting conversions in the future. People are always looking for popular products and the number of customer reviews you get is a clear indication of your products’ popularity. So whenever a visitor makes a purchase on your website, ask them to leave a review for your brand. This will set your cosmetic brand for the future.

9. Improve Your Online Presence

Your online cosmetic brand should be accessible in more than one way. It’s true that you have a website for your brand, but people start their buyer journey by making a quick search on Google. What this means is, your online cosmetic business should show up where your visitors are looking for you. In other words, you have to list your online cosmetic business on different online business listings. You will have to create your social media pages on almost every social media platform. Couple all of this with the high-quality eCommerce website, and you will have established a solid online presence.

10. Use Analytics and Reporting Tools

You will be running a number of marketing and advertising campaigns for your online cosmetic business. These campaigns have to be tracked to ensure they are optimized for better performance. By using analytics and reporting tools like Google Analytics, you will have better control over your campaigns since the tools will provide you enough information to perfect your optimisation. You will have to track performance metrics like traffic, bounce rate, retention rate, conversions, source of traffic, and more to run a successful online business website. For this, you will have to place tracking codes on your website HTML code. We recommend that you take the help of your website developer to install the tracking code.

11. Run Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing campaigns have been helping online cosmetic brands boost their conversions significantly. Remarketing campaigns are essentially advertising campaigns that you run for visitors who leave your website without making a purchase. These are the people who have shown interest in a particular product but did not complete their buying journey. You will have information about these people with which you can track them on other websites and run ads against them. The remarketing campaigns convince the visitors to come back to your website by drawing their attention through exciting discounts and offers. This is a highly effective marketing strategy and we suggest you execute it for your online cosmetic business.

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Starting an online business will require you to create a competent team around yourself. You will need to hire the best website developers, graphic designers, content writers, and online marketers that will understand your business goals and create strategies that will help you achieve them successfully. We hope the above-mentioned best practices were of great help.

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