3 Ways You Can Update Your Distribution Strategy to Target a Moving Customer

3 Ways You Can Update Your Distribution Strategy to Target a Moving Customer


Nowadays more people are traveling than ever before. With remote work becoming increasingly popular, the number of individuals who are able to visit places all over the world has risen. They no longer need to delay traveling until they have time off from their jobs. As a result, your retail company has to be creative and think of new ways to target a moving customer.  

A well-thought-out plan for your distribution channels is important for long-term success. You need an effective strategy, so that you can reach your target audience and possibly expand into new markets. Plus an efficient distribution strategy keeps your overall business operations running smoothly.      

You must take the time to work on your distribution plan for your fashion brand. Your current and potential buyers are not in one place anymore. But don’t worry, I have done my research and I am ready to help your retail business adapt to this change in customer behavior

In this article, we are going to cover 3 ways you can update your distribution strategy to target a moving customer. 

Here is a sneak peek of the topics we will discuss in this article: 

  1. Sell Your Products Online Only
  2. Focus on the Duty-Free and Travel Retail Market
  3. Target Major Cities and Tourist Attractions
  4. Conclusions

1. Sell Your Products Online Only 

Selling your products online only is the first way your retail business can upgrade your distribution plan to capture a buyer on the move. By operating an e-commerce company, customers who are constantly traveling will have access to your items. They do not have to be in a specific location to shop. All they need is their phone, tablet, computer, or other electronic device to buy from your fashion brand. Possible buyers can purchase your products at any time of the day too. When you are selling your items online, there are no established hours for your store, so people are not limited by time.

Technology plays a large role in business. New advancements in technology are introduced all the time. Small companies need to build a strong digital presence in order to stay relevant in the retail industry and target customers who don’t remain in one place. You must have a user-friendly website set up for your fashion business. You will want to have a digital storefront where potential buyers can learn about your brand and buy your products or else you risk losing sales

It is also essential for you to create social media accounts for your retail company. Sign up for the sites that best fit your business needs. Make sure you are active on these social media platforms, so that you can catch the attention of moving customers by posting often and interacting with them in the comments. Your social media accounts should represent your brand accurately and help you stand out from your competitors

If your main goal is to target buyers who are not situated in a single area, it may be more beneficial to sell your items exclusively online. Traditional brick and mortar stores have limited location coverage. Not to mention managing physical stores as well as an e-commerce site is time-consuming and stressful. Instead of devoting your energy to running both types of storefronts, you should only concentrate on your website. As a result, you will accomplish your primary objective.  

Furthermore, brick and mortar stores are expensive to maintain. It will be a lot cheaper if you just have a digital storefront. You will not have to deal with the costs of rent, licenses and permits, equipment like display racks and point of sale (POS) systems, and renovations. By only having a website where you sell your items, you will save money, which can then be put into marketing campaigns designed to capture customers on the move

2. Focus on the Duty-Free and Travel Retail Market

Another way to update your distribution strategy, so that you are able to target a moving buyer is to focus on the duty-free and travel retail market. What is duty-free and travel retail? It is a global industry where goods are sold to international travelers. When looking at product type, this market is segmented into cosmetics and personal care, alcohol and spirits, tobacco and cigarettes, fashion and accessories, confectionery and food stuff, and others. 

Duty-free stores are retail outlets whose products are not subject to specific taxes and duties. These shops are highly regulated and will only sell goods to those who will transport them out of the country. Meanwhile, travel retail refers to retail environments where access is only given to individuals who have proof of their travel, but whose goods are not exempt from the payment of taxes and duties

I strongly recommend that you explore the duty-free and travel retail market because there are a lot of distribution options for your fashion brand. The majority of these sales come from airports. But your items can be sold to international travelers through many distribution channels. These channels include border shops, train stations, ports, cruise lines, ferries, diplomatic stores, and onboard aircrafts. Plus some travelers love to find the best deals for certain items or gain access to exclusive products, so they will actively seek out duty-free and travel retail stores. Therefore, you might attract new customers in different countries. 

Countless people travel overseas every day and these are the types of customers you are striving to capture. For example, flights can be delayed or travelers may have time to spare between flights. In these scenarios, it is likely for individuals to go into your retail store and use their extra time to shop. By revising your distribution plan, so that you are focusing on duty-free and travel retail channels, you will reach your target audience and increase sales

When people go on trips, they tend to indulge themselves. They will end up buying a product they like, even if they don’t need it. As a result, you will be able to sell more items to these buyers. It is common for travelers to bring back gifts for their family members and friends as well. Your fashion business can promote your products as excellent gifts, which will be an effective way to attract customers on the move.    

In addition, customers who are always traveling might feel compelled to make a purchase because the revenue from these shops helps support the industries they rely on. Some of the sectors that travelers are dependent on are the travel and tourism industry, aviation sector, and maritime industry. 

3. Target Major Cities and Tourist Attractions 

You can also upgrade your distribution strategy by targeting major cities and tourist attractions in order to catch a customer on the move. People travel across the globe all the time to visit certain cities. Whether they are on a business trip or a vacation, they may have free time to go shopping. Hong Kong, Bangkok, Macau, Singapore, London, Paris, and Dubai are all among the world’s top destinations. You can set up a physical store in cities like these to capture buyers who do not stay in one part of the world. 

Next, you should research tourist attractions where you can open your retail shop. For instance, establishing your company near the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France or not far from the Prague Castle in Prague, Czech Republic can entice customers to enter your store. Other examples of popular tourist attractions are the Dubai Mall in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and the Empire State Building in New York City, United States of America. Millions of people visit these famous landmarks every day and they are your potential customer base.  

You will want to ensure that your physical location is in an area that a lot of people walk or drive past. Look at the other businesses located in the region you are considering too. It is crucial to figure out if these surrounding companies are compatible with your retail shop. If you are the only fashion business selling high-end items, you might not be as profitable because you are not attracting a similar target audience.        

Moreover, you should use location-based marketing when implementing this distribution plan. Then you will have an easier time finding moving buyers for your fashion brand. With this type of marketing, you can target advertisements to specific geographic areas. Online or offline messaging can lead to success

There are multiple benefits of utilizing location-based marketing. It can increase foot traffic to your retail store right away, since possible customers in the area will be notified of how close they are to your shop and get a preview of the products you are offering. In addition, location-based marketing enhances the customer shopping experience. Your retail company can send personalized welcome messages and reminders in order to engage existing buyers. Therefore, this form of advertising will help your fashion business bring in revenue

4. Conclusions

More people are traveling more often now. It has become so much easier for you to pack up your belongings and move on to your next desired location. Targeting customers based on what they do will lead your retail company to success. And in this case, buyers are no longer situated in one specific area. Today we learned 3 ways you can update your distribution strategy to capture a customer who is always on the move. The first way is to sell your products online only. Moving buyers will have access to your items no matter what time of day it is and be able to purchase them from anywhere in the world, as long as they have an electronic device. Also, it may be more effective to only have a digital storefront because traditional brick and mortar stores have limited location coverage and are more expensive to operate. 

Second, focus on the duty-free and travel retail market, since your main goal is to target buyers who are constantly traveling. There are so many distribution channels in this industry where you can offer your products. People will likely use their extra time to shop for themselves at your retail store, pick out gifts for their family members and friends, as well as make purchases to support the sectors they rely on when traveling.        

The third way to upgrade your distribution plan in order to catch customers who frequently move from one location to another is to target major cities and tourist attractions. You will be able to attract more buyers by setting up your fashion brand in a popular city or near a famous landmark that tourists go to see. Use location-based marketing when implementing this distribution strategy because there are multiple benefits such as an increase in foot traffic, an enhanced customer shopping experience, and more revenue. 

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3 Ways You Can Update Your Distribution Strategy to Target a Moving Customer In this post, we'll look into what brands can do to make sure they're effectively using their distribution strategy to meet their customer's needs.
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