8 Seasonal Colors and Materials That Never Go Out of Style

8 Seasonal Colors and Materials that Never Go Out of Style


There are four seasons in a year that tend to introduce different materials and colors based on the weather and traditions around the world. For the most part, spring and summer are the warmest and usually have brighter colors and florals. While the fall and winter can be colder, the colors are muted and darker. 

Usually, for different fashion designers, the seasons are split into a Spring/Summer collection, and a Fall/Winter collection. But you can still create separate collections for each season to add more product and variety. The styles and colors may differ depending on the culture, religion, and climate. However, there are patterns and colors that can be universal and adapted to different cultures. 

No matter what the new trends are each year, there are classic styles that come back year after year. Similarly, each season typically uses the same colors every year and just matches it to the correct trend for that season. This is a universal list that can be used year after year, so you can just come back to this article and see what those colors and materials are.

Here is a list of eight colors and materials and their corresponding season.

  • Spring
  1. Pastel colors and florals
  2. Denim
  • Summer
  1. Bright colors and white
  2. Linen
  • Fall
  1. Brown
  2. Tweed
  • Winter
  1. Wine red and burgundy
  2. Wool


  1. Pastel colors and florals

Spring is a transitional season in the sense that we are transitioning from the cold to the warm. This means that we would want our color selection to match that. You may have heard the expression that April showers bring May flowers, and we can match our color scheme to that. In the early spring, maybe we would incorporate light blues or purples to match the weather, but as it warms up we will transition to brighter florals and other pastels. 

One color that is perfect for spring is yellow. This is very relevant right now because it is one of the Pantone colors of the year. Every year, Pantone comes out with a color of the year and a lot of fashion trends and home decor trends are influenced. The other Pantone color is gray, and we have seen both yellow and gray become more evident in the fashion industry and on the runways. 

  1. Denim

Denim is a great fabric option for the spring. Usually, jeans are a little thicker, so they can keep us warmer if it is still chilly. Denim is great for any season, but adding denim to a spring collection is a great idea. Jeans can come in pastel colors, as mentioned before, to brighten up the outfit, or you can pair the denim with the bright colors.

Also, jean jackets are a great option to throw on top of almost any outfit, which makes them perfect for the transitioning weather. Denim is a very versatile option that can be used any time of the year, but there is something springy about it that is the perfect addition to any spring fashion line.


  1. Bright colors and white

The transition from spring into summer introduces brighter colors. Brighter blues and brighter pinks are very popular year after year. Summer is all about the warmth, vacation, and the beach, which is why bright colors are the perfect match. The days are longer and it’s sunnier, so adding in bright colors can match the mood.

White is also a staple for any summer collection. Traditionally, there was an unwritten rule that you are only allowed to wear white after Memorial Day and before Labor Day. Of course, you definitely do not have to follow this rule and can incorporate white into any collection. However, white jeans become much more popular during the summer, and pairing a bright color with white is a great way to tone down the outfit.

  1. Linen

With the summer heat in many parts of the world, the material of clothing is very important. Fabrics need to be lightweight and breathable. Cotton is an option but can be worn at any point during the year. Linen, on the other hand, is the perfect fabric for the summer heat. Linen is usually very lightweight and flowy, making it more comfortable. It is also very stylish and adds a little bit of texture.

Linen comes in all different kinds of pieces and styles, so adding them to your summer collection would be very easy. Linens are also usually made in neutral colors, which is easy to match or pair with brighter colors, or even white. Linen is a summer trend that has been around for years and is not going anywhere anytime soon.


  1. Brown

Recently, browns and tans have become more popular and trendy. For a long time, brown was not a popular color to wear, however, browns are the perfect colors for the fall and the transition into the colder weather. An easy way to incorporate brown is with a jacket, or with brown boots. These classic looks could be combined with jeans or slacks, dressing it down or up. 

Your collection for the fall should be versatile, so maybe include a tan for the early fall and then a darker brown as we transition into winter. Browns can also be incorporated into different prints, like plaid or animal print.

  1. Tweed

Tweed is one of the most iconic fabrics for the fall and early winter. It has been around for decades, and it is a classic piece that has come back again and again. Tweed jackets or skirts are a great way to elevate any outfit. Also, wearing a tweed dress makes you look instantly put together. Tweed is most notably a part of many Chanel collections, but it has also become much more affordable and wearable in recent years.

Tweed may not prove to be the warmest, so it might not work for all winter weather, which is why it is the perfect addition to a fall collection. Tweed is popular now, and as tradition has shown, should continue to be popular for years to come. It is a very safe choice for your collection.


  1. Wine red and Burgundy

Nothing screams winter more than a deep, wine red. Cold weather and dark reds blend so nicely together. Possibly because it is great for the holiday season. Bright reds might be a little too festive for some people, but burgundy adds a little more depth and can be paired with black. These dark colors match the weather outside, as it starts to get darker outside earlier, and the sun is not out as much.

Burgundy can be worn as a jacket, shirt, sweater, or skirt, and can be used in other seasons, such as the fall and throughout the winter. Burgundy is also not a fad color, and has come back year after year. People are more likely to buy a piece of clothing they can wear for years, which makes it a great option for a winter collection.

  1. Wool

The winter is definitely the coldest season for many people, which makes wool a great option for layering in frigid weather. Not only will wool keep you warmer and drier than many other materials, but it is a great fabric to layer. You can wear a wool sweater, and pair that with a parka if it is snowing out. Or you could wear a wool jacket that is perfect to pair with a sweater or long-sleeve shirt to add a little bit more warmth and style.

Once again, wool is a classic fabric that does not go out of style. It could be worn in other seasons if it gets particularly chilly, but wool is ideal for the winter. A burgundy wool sweater or jacket is also the perfect blend between these two ideas to create a perfect winter collection.


Of course, there are no right or wrong colors or fabrics to add to your collection. However, there are definitely some classic pieces that can be worn for years and would still be in style. The weather around the world would affect how these seasons affect the clothing, specifically the fabrics. The colors, on the other hand, could be included to make pieces for both warmer and colder weather.

Seasons are so important for fashion trends, so it is important to keep up with the trends that change season to season, and year to year. This list of eight colors and fabrics is not going to go away. They are staple pieces that can be added no matter what current trend is going on.

Additionally, customers would want to shop for colors that match their mood, preferences, and are appropriate for the season. 

The material of clothing is important to customers, both for the quality and for the feel. People would not want a thick fabric for the summer, or a thin fabric for the winter, as they dress for the appropriate weather. This is why it is crucial to use the right fabric and colors to match, and hopefully, this list has helped.

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