A short description of our mission, vision and professional values

Mission, Vision and Values

About Us

440 Industries is a marketing consulting company focused on developing disruptive marketing strategies. Based in Florence, Italy we think of ourselves as a gateway to connect like-minded individuals with each other, to create new synergies and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

An important role in our organisation is played by our connections to both the local business landscape and the international education community. We strive to provide our partners with the opportunity to experience both the local and global dimension of business in Italy. We work with clients coming from a variety of industries including:  the startup and tech sector, the fashion industry and fashion pipeline, and music and performing arts.

We are very proud of collaborating with international education institutions which provide us with an opportunity to constantly challenge our mindsets while keeping track of the fast-paced demands of the student community. 

Our Vision

We want to become an embassy. Not in the political sense, but in its most intimate meaning of an organisation which – despite being physically located in a country – represents international territory. We like to think of the consultants, students and business partners which revolve around our organisation as ambassadors of a new wave of business ethics, oriented towards win-win relationships and focused on community-valued goals.

We work in a co-working environment because no company should isolate itself onto an ivory tower, but instead mingle with all types of business, at every stage of development. Only by working side-by-side with entrepreneurial individuals we can keep learning and growing. Only by helping out organisations facing the most critical stages in their development, we can really test our qualities and commitment to the spreading of ethical business values.

For More Info

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a friendly talk. We believe our most valuable asset is made up by our own relationship network. Some of these relationships took years to build and we cherish them everyday. To get in touch with us, contact us at info@440industries.com. Our assistance is only an email away.

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