Aldo History Case Study- The Story

Aldo History Case Study- The Story

Aldo is a brand that’s known for its unique and affordable prices. In addition, this brand offers consumers a wide range of accessories and shoes. The footwear company was founded in 1972 by Aldo Bensadoun, the son of a shoe merchant and grandson of a cobbler. Aldo was bit by a similar shoe bug, and with the knowledge and understanding of footwear that he had, he created a retail empire. This article dives into Aldo history to explore its humble beginnings in Canada and how the brand grew into an international sensation. The goal of Aldo was to create a brand that cared about the shoes we word; let’s find out how the brand achieved this. 

Aldo History – Early Life

Forerunners are always hoping that the generation after prospers more than they do. However, only a few of these anticipations work out in the real world. Aldo Bensadoun is the head of the Aldo brand, and he was born to a modest shoe merchant in Algeria. Aldo’s father had several shoe stores in Morocco and France. Therefore, Aldo grew up with shoemaking talents in his genes. He grew up in France and schooled there. After high school, he moved to the United States to study at Cornwell University in New York on a scholarship. After a degree in Economics, he took on a marketing research position that required him to perform an assignment for a regional shoe concatenation. Ultimately, fortune and his previous knowledge of shoemaking led him to open his own business in 1972.

Aldo History – A Budding Career

The Aldo group products were designed within a few weeks. Bensadoun ensured that they had the latest style to compete in fashion. Each design was tailor-made and won the heart of many people looking for designer shoes and accessories. In addition, Bensadoun ensured that his products were accessible and affordable to the average person. Due to the absence of intermediaries in his business, he was able to keep the price tag low. Aldo has over 900 retail stores in the United States, Ireland, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Over the years, he has created incentive projects that are beneficial to his customers. Not many people care about their customers and workers, but Bensadoun has proven over time that he does.

Aldo history shows that the brand joined the fight against Aids in 1985 before other companies did. In addition, the company pledged $10 million to various AIDS organizations around the world. The brand also believes in leadership, civic relations, and administration.

Aldo History – A Dive Into Aldo’s Digital Makeover

Aldo is one company that quickly adapted the digital and omnichannel system. It launched its first transactional website in 2005, and the company has recorded a 10% yearly increase in its e-commerce sales. Below is a breakdown of how Aldo achieved its successful makeover.

Research into the Modern Audience

Fashion brands often turn to billboards, television, and magazines for advertisements. However, Aldo noticed a shift in consumer expectations over the years. As a result, the brand is always paying attention to staying relevant to its consumers. In addition, Aldo realized its consumers were spending more time at home and on social media watching its consumers. As a result, the brand has carried out many consumer insights and trend research throughout Aldo history when planning its collections. 

Identifying the Right Channels

Knowing that consumers spend more time on social media is just the first step; it is crucial to find the right channel to reach them. An example is the brand’s ‘Step Into Love, Step Into Next’ campaign launched in 2020 and 2021. The campaigns were quite successful because they tied it to a dance challenge. This challenge got more than 5 billion views on TikTok. The campaign also appeared on Instagram with a $5,000 prize. The company switched to Instagram because the Instagram algorithm prioritizes videos in its content mix. Additionally, the brand has a large following on Instagram. 

These campaigns show that the brand takes note of the channels that its customers are actively using. It then targets its campaigns towards those platforms and live shopping events. 

The Use of Micro-Influencers

The brand uses influencers to help younger shoppers understand its core brand personality: connecting to others, unity, and self-confidence. Micro-influencers add a personal touch to campaigns, so the brand utilizes them. The brand’s campaign invites the audience to highlight their experience using the product. 

Adapting to the Needs of Customers

Throughout Aldo history, the brand successfully adapts to the needs of its consumers. When the climate change movement started years ago, Aldo was the first footwear brand to be certified as a climate-neutral brand in its corporate stores, distribution centers, and offices. In addition, the brand achieved a 46% reduction in greenhouse gases. Beyond that, Aldo history showed that the brand made over $300 million in investment in its technological infrastructure. The brand decided to go digital and create a multi-channel approach, making it one of the first brands to launch a mobile app. The app was introduced when it was simply to cater to consumers’ comfort and convenience and not to generate profit.

Impressive Ads

Aldo has released several impressive ads over the years that aim to get millennials to become the best version of themselves. All Aldo campaigns always have a positive message for consumers. The brand is a cross-category brand trying to create a balance while showcasing all they have to offer. This balance includes casual, athletic, boot, and flam. The brand’s positioning has always remained through to its identity. As an optimistic brand, the campaigns always reflect that. 

Aldo History – Best Shoes by Aldo

Since Aldo history, the brand has provided a wide variety of casual and professional shoes ideal for different circumstances. This includes simple and neutral colors, daring designs, and many more. There’s always something for everyone with Aldo shoes. Below are the best we could find.

Aldo’s Kaoreria

This casual pair of shoes from Aldo is an excellent choice for anyone looking for casual boots that offer quality at a great price. These boots are available in black and brown leather. It matches well with jeans when going for weekend outings or chinos when going to the office. Its 6.23” shaft provides the ankle with ample stability and warmth. It also offers care and protection and allows users to wear it in light rain.

The upper leather of the Kaoreria is supple and soft to the touch, which is perfect for those looking for boots to break in. Its rubber outsole helps to ensure slip resistance and cushioning. To ensure practicality, this boot offers a zipper and lace closure. This innovation makes it easy to adjust and also pull on or off. The pull tab available at the heel is ideal for getting the shoes on quickly while in a rush. In addition, this shoe features top-quality material, making it an excellent investment for those who purchase it. 

Aldo’s Aurella

Another pair of boots that will make a great addition to your closet is the Aurella. These boots effortlessly match any outfit you want, whether formal or casual. It comes in varying prints and uppers that will set you apart in the crowd. The Aurella comes with a 5” shaft which is excellent for jeans, skirts, and trousers. This makes the shoes a tremendous all-inclusive pair of shoes.

Aldo ensured the heel surface provided ample space for putting your weight on to make it more comfortable. This means you can wear it for long without worrying about damaging your hardwood floor or soft surfaces. Although the upper is simple, it comes with an easy closure that makes it easy to wear and take off the shoes. Finally, the Aurella comes at a price that average consumers can purchase. It is an excellent choice if you want something warmer than the standard pump.

Aldo’s Villarosa

If you want a heeled sandal, the Villarosa is the best choice. It is a classic sandal that’s 100% leather, and you can wear it for both casual and business occasions. It is stable whether you’re walking or standing. Therefore you won’t feel hurt after wearing it for extended periods. It features a single toe strap that crosses the foot and a buckle closure wrap to guarantee a secure fit. The Villarosa should be a staple in your wardrobe if you want to have a summertime sandal. 

The uppers of this sandal are soft leather. These uppers ensure the sandals’ durability and make sure you feel great while wearing them. Villarosa also has a cushioned footbed that provides arch supports for long days and softer walking steps. The open toe box guarantees a roomy fit, and the round shape of the toe is to make sure there’s enough room for your feet without a toe slip. The Villarosa is available in different tone colors, and you’re sure to find one that’s ideal for your style. 

Aldo’s Kuniel

The Kuniel is a show-stopping work of art with intricate designs that you cannot ignore. This shoe comes with open peep toes that allow you to show your pedicures. Its 4” heel provides just enough boost for your heights and lengthens your legs appropriately. The stiletto heels also add to the design of the shoes, making them ideal for different parties and events. It comes with a select number of colors but is sure to keep heads turning as you walk by. 

One of its unique design elements is its cut-out uppers. It features an intricate pattern that spans throughout the boots. A scalloped collar design at the top gives it a feminine flair and a soft appeal. These booties are ideal for summertime and are quite breathable. The synthetic soles offer a grooved pattern that provides better traction on slippery surfaces. It also features a sipper long the back that makes it easy to wear and take off the shoes. If you’re searching for a statement piece, this is the best choice for you. 

Aldo History – Final Thoughts

Over four decades ago, Aldo Bensadoun desired to start a shoe company in line with his father and grandfather’s profession. He had an in-depth understanding of the craft and possessed great passion. This is one of the reasons the business turned out quite successful for him. This article explores Aldo history and marketing strategy to give you insight into this footwear brand’s success. As one of the leading fashion retailers, Aldo achieved the dream he set out on.

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Aldo History Case Study- The Story Aldo is a fashion footwear retailer that has made a name for itself. Follow us as we dive into Aldo history and the brand’s best pieces.
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