Armani Subsidiaries – How Many Brands Are There?


There are a lot of big fashion brands in the world today, but the differences between them all are their story and structure. Numerous brands solely depend on producing and supplying these products to the fashion world, while others have ventured to other sectors.

One of the beauties of these brands is the empires they build over the years as they continue to exist. They form a colony of businesses and an endless chain of supplies. The Italian fashion giant Armani is a colony of companies that have satisfactorily served its customers and target industries. Despite its achievements, it still aims to cover more ground. 

This article reveals how many brands are under the Armani fashion house.

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About Armani

Armani, also known as Giorgio Armani, was created by Giorgio Armani. Armani was born in 1934 in Piacenza, northern Italy. He enrolled in medical school at Piacenza University for about three years. Then went to serve in the military. While he was on leave from the military, he worked as a window dresser at La Rinascente, a Milan department store. 

In 1965, Armani worked as a designer at a fashion house known as Nino Cerruti. There, he met Galeotti. Ten years later, they began the Giorgio Armani brand. At this time, Armani was an experienced designer with a good knowledge of design, beauty, and luxury. His aesthetic sense fit into the choices of the elite. 

Eventually, Armani became the company’s sole owner and opened different arms, otherwise known as Armani subsidiaries. The essence was to handle demands from other market areas. And in its quest for a supply of value, it has become one of the most significant fashion and luxury companies globally. 

The Armani brand is an image of its founder. It reveals the identity of its founder in its designs and business successes. Giorgio Armani has hinged itself on three fundamental pillars: quality, class, and exclusivity. 

It has continuous growth in the Asian continent. Asian giants like China are increasingly opting for premium fashion and luxury products. Armani has seen the potential in the Asian market and has been a pioneer to milk from the profits it grants. 

Records show that from 2015 to 2018, luxury brand shoppers in China contributed a double growth in total value as their spending abroad. Bain conducted a 2018 survey and discovered that China contributed almost 34% of the global luxury market’s worth. At that time, the market was worth $1.4 trillion.

How Many Brands Are There?

Over the years, Giorgio Armani continually made amendments to its sub-brands and their functions. Currently, the fashion company has over a dozen brands, over 600 retail outlets, and more than 10,000 workers. Read on to find out how many subsidiaries there are.

A|X Armani Exchange

Armani Exchange is one of Armani subsidiaries which was established in 1991. This sub-brand speaks significantly about the brand. Firstly, it offers a complete feeling of luxury and the beauty of the Armani style. In comparison to other fashion lines, it expresses street fashion. The outfits produced by Armani Exchange are more trendy and colorfully designed. 

Its target audience is energetic young individuals that love casual, colorful, and intriguing designs. Most of the clothes are made of cotton, not polyester. Different designers design them under the brand, rather than Armani himself. As one of Armani subsidiaries, it is more accessible and budget-friendly than other sub-brands.

Giorgio Armani Corporation

Giorgio Armani Corporation is a branch of the Italian fashion brand based in and for the United States. This subsidiary was created in 1979. This arm of the Italian brand produces one-quarter of the total revenue made by the parent company. It makes and sells well-off outfits for women, babies, men, and juniors. Its retail network comprises about 50 Armani Exchange outlets, 12 Giorgio Armani stores, and a few Armani/Casa and Armani/Fiori marts. It also reaches some Emporio Armani stores and is making more expansions. 

Armani Casa (home collection)

The Armani home collection is one of Armani subsidiaries representing the iconic designer’s standard of living. He loves private and wealthy homely structures that give ultimate relaxation and entertainment. The brand offers home accessories, plush furniture, textiles, decorative materials, and interior designs for luxury boats, aircraft, and villas. 

In 2017, the parent company finished a luxury home project in China’s capital city, Beijing. The project was named Hero-Central Park Plaza Residences. Armani Casa handled its design and building.


The Armani/Fiori is a deluxe floral service set up in 2000. As one of Armani subsidiaries, it supplies its products to several flower stores and Armani outlets globally. Most of its flowers come from the Netherlands. The brand employs a vast collection of orchids. It also uses different tropical and exotic flowers like peonies and hydrangeas. 

Giorgio designs each collection because he wants each group to have an Asian feel. Aside from the fantastic flower designs, Armani/Fiori makes decorative products like candles, vases, lanterns, and flowerpots. Giorgio uses rare and expensive materials like black marble, alabaster, and lacquered wood with different cubic, rhomboid, and cylindrical shapes. 

He also makes beautiful floral products for spring collections, Valentine’s day, and other events. Also, the parent company’s hotels use the brand’s floral products.

GA Operation S.p.A

GA Operations is an operations section of the Armani group. As one of Armani subsidiaries, it industrializes and produces items, clothes, and interiors. It is situated in Modena and is positioned in six other industrial centers in Hong Kong and northern parts of Italy. Some industrial centers in Italy are Trissino (VI), Fossò (VE), and Settimo Torinese (TO).

Pallacanestro Olimpia Milano SSRL

The Pallacanestro Olimpia Milano is an Italian basketball team. This Armani subsidiary, situated in Milan, Italy, was created in 1930 with an initial name, Dopolavoro Borletti. Fratelli Bortelli managers made it. Six years later, Giorgio changed the name to Pallacanestro Olimpia Milano. In 2018, Giorgio acquired the basketball team from Giorgio Vornelli. 

As the sole owner of the team, he revamped the management system. He put Livio Proli as the team’s president and made Lucio Zanca the general manager. Olympia Molano is the basketball team with the highest titles in Italy. It is also one of the most titled basketball teams in Europe. It has won several Italian National and Local cups.

Giorgio Armani Fragrances and Beauty

The Italian fashion house set up this sub-brand to exhibit Armani beauty. As one of Armani subsidiaries, it handles skincare production and services, makeup production and services, and fragrance production. It works with prominent makeup artists like Linda Cantello to showcase its professionalism in the area of beauty. Intending to show off Armani elegance, this Armani subsidiary has different perfume lines, including Perfume Giorgio Armani, Perfume Emporio Armani, and Perfume Armani Privé. The Armani Privé showcases the adorable beauty of the Damask Rose. The Damask Rose is a precious ingredient and has a unique extraction technique.


Armani/Silos was established in April 2015. It was opened in Milan’s Bergognone to celebrate 40 years of Armani’s career. The silo, built in 1959, was originally a grain storing facility for a big global company. It measured over 4400 Square meters in four levels. It contains over 600 outfits and hundreds of accessories from Giorgio Armani collections, beginning from the 80s. 

Armani named it silos because its original utility was grain storage. To Armani, beauty and design are food. Food is essential for life. Just like food, clothes and designs are also life’s essentials. The silo is not just an exhibition space. It is also a gift outlet and an open-plan indoor coffee outlet. 

Aside from these uses, it contains a digital library for diagrams and technical drawings. Materials on the prêt-à-porter Giorgio Armani and couture Giorgio Armani are also included. They are for visitors and researchers that love Armani’s designs and uniqueness. 

There is also an archive situated on the last floor of the silo. It is for free consultations, and it offers a cataloging system designed exclusively for Armano/Silos. Other resources available for public usage are touchscreen platforms, workstations, and a screening section. 

The silo is in different sections. The ground floor is arrayed with daywear. Exotic wears are on the first floor, color schemes are showcased on the second floor, and the third and top floors are adorned with the theme of light.

Armani Hotels and Resort

Armani Hotels and Resorts was established in 2005. The Armani hotels and resorts are Armani subsidiaries and a coalition between Giorgio Armani SpA and Emaar properties. This sub-brand offers luxury designs and gives maximum comfort. The establishment, known as Armani Hotel Milano, is based in one of the choicest places in Milan. It emanates privity, harmony, and Armani’s luxurious style. 

Under this sub-brand is the Armani Hotel Dubai. It is a crest of grand living and luxurious dining. It is located in Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Armani Restaurant

The Armani Giorgio brand created the Armani food and beverage company in 1998. It first opened in Paris, and the brand received an award for the Michelin Star in 2018. Armani restaurants are in various world-class locations, including Munich, Dubai, and Tokyo. The Armani subsidiary operates in four continents.


The Armani/Dolci subsidiary was established in 2002. Its parent company found it to express the detectable Armani culture. The sub-brand uses only the nicest Italian ingredient to produce an exclusive collection of mouthwatering products constrained with lovely and unique flavors.

Emporio Armani 7 (EA7)

EA7 is the sports subsection of the Emporio Armani brand. It began operations in 2004, producing soft and high-quality sporting outfits. It is in line with the men’s class. The number “7” evolved from Milan’s forward, Andriy Shevchenko. The brand produces everything sporty, from gym outfits to ski attire. EA7 makes its products in alliance with prominent brands that render services to the sports industry. It has been CONI’s official sponsor since 2012.

Emporio Armani

Since the beginning of the first Armani sub-brand in 1981, Emporio Armani has continually displayed the contemporary and energetic nature of the Italian brand. Its impressive qualities have not only spoken for the brand but also the brand’s founder. For many years, the parent company has regularly incorporated different brands into Emporio Armani. 

Emporio Armani features a vast collection of outfits and accessories for all kinds of uses and conditions. It produces expensive luxurious wear and targets a broad range of customers. Its customers range from ages below teenage to mid-40s. Due to the nature of its audience, it ensures to stay afloat on the waters of fast fashion. It always produces trendy apparel. 


Giorgio Armani has grown very wide, spanning four continents of the world with several companies under its control. Its founder, Giorgio Armani, has worked hard to diversify the brand. He ensured to reveal every inch of his luxury taste and imagination in his products and services. In 2020, the brand accumulated an economic value of €1.5 billion, and in 2022, the brand is worth $6.7 billion.

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