ASOS vs Boohoo Case Study- Where Should You Buy?

ASOS vs Boohoo Case Study- Where Should You Buy?


Apart from food, clothing is the next most important thing for human survival. As a human being, you can not but wear clothes. With the prevalence of online marketplaces and businesses today, many people, especially young adults, prefer to buy things online. Hence, many clothing lines today take their businesses online where they can reach virtual customers. With this, you can buy your clothes and clothing from anywhere in the world without leaving your house. 

The outbreak of COVID19, especially through the year 2020, resulted in major lockdowns worldwide, which further strengthened the online market. However, much more than buying clothes, shoes, and accessories online, finding a preferred choice at a low or affordable price becomes crucial.

Speaking of UK-based online retailing brands that deal mainly in clothing, shoes, and accessories, two brand names often appear at the top of the list; ASOS and Boohoo. These brands provide very similar services, target a similar population, and are pretty affordable. You can buy affordable clothing and accessories from either ASOS or Boohoo by simply visiting their website and placing your order from any part of the world. 

With many similarities between these two brands, you most likely need some help discerning where to buy your clothing and accessories. If you need to choose between the two brands, you should read this article through. This article provides you with compelling information on the ASOS brand and the Boohoo brand and a comparison of ASOS vs Boohoo that will guide you to knowing where to buy from the next time you are shopping online.

In order to have a solid comparison of the two brands, it is essential to point out specific facts about each.

  • The ASOS Brand
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  • ASOS vs Boohoo Case Study

The ASOS Brand

A Brief History

ASOS is a British online fashion and cosmetic retailer. It was founded in the year 2000 in London. The brand mainly retails clothes, shoes, and accessories. Today, ASOS has its headquarters in London and other offices, chiefly in Berlin and Birmingham. ASOS is an abbreviated form of the full name of the brand. It stands for As Seen On Screen. From the name, the brand appears to guarantee that goods purchased will always be the same quality and value as presented or displayed online. 

The Brand’s Offering

ASOS is a public limited company (plc). More than being a customer, you can also buy shares. ASOS has a website that sells its clothing and accessories and about 850 other brands as an online retailer. With much above 4000 employees worldwide, ASOS ships goods to 196 locales in the UK, Europe, and the USA alone. 

In 2008, the ASOS report showed that email marketing accounted for about 10% of its sales. Initially, it maximized Facebook, Twitter, and email as mediums for marketing, but from 2017, they placed much focus on Instagram. ASOS also has a YouTube channel that features different fashion-educating series. In 2020, ASOS recorded a Net income of about €142 million. 

ASOS often introduces about 1500 new product lines weekly. With the numerous clothing lines and designs always available, you can spend a very long time on ASOS in the bid to choose the perfect shoe out of about 3,000 designs or options. The brand has several clothing products for every season or event, and many people, as a result, have ASOS as their go-to online market wardrobe needs. 

Certain features make ASOS attractive to patronize. Its unique line for tall, curvy, and petite women offers specific uncommon cloth sizes. It also provides free delivery and free returns under certain circumstances. For every buyer that is a student, ASOS Offers a 10% discount on goods purchased. The primary focus/target population of ASOS is young adults. However, it has something for everyone. 

The Boohoo Brand

A Brief History

Just like ASOS, Boohoo is an online fashion retailer based in the Uk. It was founded in 2006. Since its inception, Boohoo has been snowballing. A significant source of growth for the brand is the acquisition of dying brands. The strategy is to buy struggling firms as it builds a strong empire. Boohoo is also a public limited company (plc). It started with 40 employees, but today it has over 3,500 employees. Boohoo sells to more than 100 countries worldwide. However, its primary market is in the UK, US, and France, and its headquarter is in Manchester.

The Brand’s Offering

Being an online market, Boohoo uses its website to sell its own-brand clothing with about 36,000 products available. In 2019, the brand recorded a Net income of approximately 47.4 million. 

The Boohoo brand comprises over 9000 clothing lines and uses social media as its primary marketing tool. Boohoo lays a premium on social media marketing. It has a social media manager and engages every staff by using their social media accounts to contribute to the social media marketing strength of the brand. Boo-boo currently has way more than 6 million Instagram followers and 1.1 million Twitter followers. 

The target population is young adults from 16 to 30-year-olds who use social media more, hence the premium on social media marketing.

Certain features make Boohoo attractive and a choice to consider. Customers can make orders until midnight (11:59 pm) for the following day’s delivery. Boohoo sees ease of distribution as key; hence the location of the headquarters and many other things as far as logistics are concerned is designed to aid easy distribution of goods to customers. Boohoo offers many designs by adding new dresses, accessories, and shoes to the website daily. 

The brand has a USP for fast fashion; some pieces of clothing by Boohoo go from design to sale in two weeks which is much quicker than the standard four to six weeks. Boohoo sells very affordable goods, with its average clothing price being around €17.

ASOS vs Boohoo Case Study

Now, let’s compare these two online retailing brands. We will be making a comparison with a list of possible determinants for your choice of ‘where to buy.’ You should know precisely where to buy by the end of this section.

Asos vs Boohoo In Terms of Cost

If you buy from either ASOS vs Boohoo, you can be sure you are patronizing an affordable market. However, Boohoo generally sells very cheap goods while ASOS gives more discounts and offers. Remember, as you consider saving money on your purchase, other factors come to place. One is the quality of goods available or finding your taste or desired design. 

Nevertheless, if cost is your major determinant, then unless there is an ongoing offer or discount you are qualified for, ASOS shouldn’t be your choice. Boohoo is the better choice for cheap everyday clothing.

Asos vs Boohoo In Terms of Available Designs

Another possible determinant is the available designs on each platform. Interestingly, both brands have designs that attract and serve young adults. The reason for this should not be far from the fact that young adults use online platforms more than any other age group.

Both platforms offer many clothing, shoe, and accessory products, making it possible for you to find your desired designer in either online market. However, with Boohoo’s more extensive sales of own-brand clothing, it may be best to buy at ASOS as it sells more varieties of brands and can avail you of more choices of clothing brands.

Asos vs Boohoo In Terms of Social Media Presence

Both brands leverage social media for product marketing. This means in most cases; they would reach you first with available products as you surf through your social media platforms. 

Every customer likes a client that they can easily reach. Rather than going to the website, social media surfing will most likely make your shopping experience more fun. You can easily make your choice before going on to purchase. Though both brands seem to excel in this area, Boohoo appears to have better social media strength and results. 

Asos vs Boohoo In Terms of Promise

ASOS started in the year 2000, and by 2020, it had over 4000 workers. On the other hand, Boohoos began in 2006, and by 2020 it had over 3,500 workers. There appears to be a faster growth compared to the Boohoos brand than ASOS, and this may be something to consider while choosing where to shop, especially if you are choosing a permanent go-to brand for yourself.

Asos vs Boohoo In Terms of Integrity

You may prioritize the purity of the brand you are buying from. You probably don’t want people to find out where you got your clothes and regard you as a supporter of injustice. ASOS seems to have a clean sheet here. 

In recent times Boohoo has been facing some backlash due to an accusation. The accusation is that Boohoo is underpaying some factory workers and offering poor protection against coronavirus while making millions. This, even though not ruled as accurate by the law, has caused a massive backlash for Boohoo. Hence, you probably should rethink buying at Boohoos if you care about the truthfulness or the falseness of the ongoing accusation. 

Asos vs Boohoo In Terms of Website

You can buy at either brand by visiting their website. Both websites are well designed with good options and great aesthetics. Moreover, ASOS has a more easily navigable website that will aid your shopping experience. 

Both ASOS and Boohoo provide a quality product, variety, and delivery service worthy of patronage. However, you may prefer one over the other depending on what criteria defines your judgment. 


As a result of many similarities between ASOS vs Boohoo, there is a need to understand what each stands for and which is more advisable to buy clothing and accessories. ASOS provides more discount offers and free return offers. It also has more variety of brands to choose from and a more straightforward website to navigate. 

On the other hand, Boohoo generally sells cheaper clothing products, has better social media, and shows more promise in terms of growth over time. As people vary in desire and interest, this article does not make a general choice but suggests why you would prefer one over the other under different circumstances.

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