Bag Business Names For Your Brand

Bag Business Names For Your Brand

Are you launching your own bag company but struggling to find a good name? Well, look no further because we’ve prepared entire lists of cool, unique, and posh bag business names to spark your imagination and aid you in picking the right one.

Many business owners struggle to pick the right name for their business. Many pick a name that they later regret. This struggle is because naming a business or a brand requires creativity and analysis of your target audience, competitors, and the market in general. We’re confident you don’t want to be in this state of later regret; that’s why we have done the hard work for you. We have carefully chosen these bag business names and compiled them into lists so you don’t have to deal with brainstorming ideas out of the blues. 

Below are bullet-point lists of carefully selected bag business names for your business or brand.

Cool Bag Business Names 

In this section, there is a list of cool bag business names for your bag business. Check them out to spark your creativity.

  • Double Trouble Handbags
  • Fancy Carriages
  • Stylish Handbags
  • Black Bag Lady
  • Blossom Handbags
  • Diva’s Clutch-n-Go’s
  • Bossy Bags
  • Bags of Fun
  • Bag Ladies Anonymous
  • Purse Patrol
  • Bags Unlimited
  • Leather Bags Heaven
  • Pretty Purse
  • The Bag Collection
  • Crossbody Corner
  • Bags Deluxe
  • Glitzy accessories
  • The Bag Guys
  • Bags Paradise
  • Fabulous Fashion Bags
  • Bags and Purses 
  • Bags Unlimited
  • Vintage Bags Collection
  • Dream Handbags
  • Accent Accessories
  • Bags Flair
  • Perfect Party Handbags
  • The Bag Brigade
  • Fashionista Bags
  • Brilliant Luggage
  • Bags Delight
  • The Bag Brag
  • Show Stopper Handbags
  • Red Drop Purses
  • Fancy Carriages
  • Bossy Bags
  • Iconic Bags
  • Bagstopia

Best Unique Bag Business Names For You

A unique name can give your company a unique identity, putting your name in front of the eyes of your target audience. Here, we’ve created a section containing unique bag business names for your brand to get you started brainstorming creative and unique name ideas for your bag business.

  • Snow Flake Bags
  • Ace Bags
  • Bag Charm
  • Bliss Bag Hub
  • Bags n Bliss
  • Hand Bag Retreat
  • Bag Brigade
  • Royce Leather
  • Bag Buzz
  • Tote Temptation
  • Unique Charm Bags
  • Universal Bags
  • Bags Galore
  • Trendsetter Handbags
  • Clutch Craze
  • Swanky Totes
  • Bag Heaven 
  • The Bag Squad
  • Bag Sensation
  • Bags and Flowers
  • Venus Beauties
  • Handbag Utopia
  • Bag o’ Gold
  • Clutch Closet
  • Finesse Bags
  • Supreme Satchel
  • The Urban Carrier
  • Bags and Edges
  • Fine Delight
  • Venus Beauty Handbags
  • Halo Bags
  • Satchel Deluxe
  • Chloe’s Closet
  • Purse Strings
  • Bag Express
  • Swanky Satchels
  • Fashion Burst Handbags
  • Porcelain Caviar Bags
  • Unique Designer Handbags
  • Busy Bee Bag’s
  • Tasteful Totes
  • Haute Zone
  • BagCraft Packaging 
  • Princesa Bags
  • Bag Swag
  • Classic Carryalls
  • Bag Craft Fashion 
  • Diva’s Purses

Posh and Classy Bag Business Names For You

This section is for you if your bag business focuses on premier and high-quality bags with high-end individuals as its target audience. These bag names exude luxury and extravagance that attracts the wealthy to shop. However, note that the bags must be made of fine, rare, or high-quality materials, or your bag business will be taken as a joke. 

Here is a list of names to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Treasure Luxury Handbags
  • Luxury Beacon Accessories
  • Caviar Beauty Bags
  • Diamond Luxury Bags
  • Fancy Purse Boutiques
  • Luxury Bags Heaven
  • High-end Handbags Boutique
  • The Posh Bagmaker
  • Exquisite Bags Pro
  • Stellar Classic Bags
  • Gentleman’s Collection
  • Little Bags Heaven
  • Rose Handbags
  • Designer Handbags Collection
  • Luxurious Lover’s Keepsakes
  • Purse Pleasures
  • Platinum Bags
  • Bags N Riches
  • Classy Chics Bags
  • Clamour Essence Bags
  • Acme Leather Bags
  • The Dapper Handbags
  • The Purse Emporium
  • Antique Leather Bags
  • Black Lab Leather Accessories
  • Beautiful Leather Handmade
  • Elegant Leather Bags
  • Leather Bags Ranch
  • The Artisans Leather Handbags
  • Hand-Held Treasures
  • Lady Designer Bags
  • Designer Clutch
  • Chic Accessories
  • Diamonds and Leather Handbags
  • Handmade Bag Couture
  • Fancy Designer Satchels
  • Couture Elegance Bags
  • Classy Strap-on Bags
  • Glamour Bags
  • Acme Handbag Creations
  • Aglow Accessories
  • Bling Baby

How to find the perfect Bag Business Name 

In this section of the article, we’ll cover the guidelines to abide by when choosing a name for your business. This way, you can come up with bag business names that bring you several steps closer to achieving your goals. Here are steps you should follow when picking a name for your bag business.

#1 – Find your unique selling proposition/point

It’s a known fact in business to always know what you’re getting into before making a move. As you want to start a bag business, brand or company, it is wise to analyze the market before starting. Analyze your competitors, your target audience, and the market itself.

Find out what your direct competitors are doing and what they’re not doing. Find out their strengths and weaknesses. You must know that for your business to thrive or even survive, you must have a unique selling proposition/point (USP). The trick to finding your USP is to find that sweet spot between the weak points of your competitors and what your target audience wants. Remember that you can’t overthrow your competitors in their domain by coming at them at their points of strength. 

Now, this USP is what you communicate in all points of contact with your target audience, either online or offline. Your USP is a very core part of your brand strategy. It is a very fundamental part of your brand.

#2 – Unleash Your Creativity by Brainstorming name ideas

Now that you have your USP, it’s time to brainstorm bag business names for your business. Here’s the time to put on your thinking and creativity hat. 

Here, you’ll try to communicate your USP in not more than four words. If you get a name that is more than four words, cross that out. Know that you aim to communicate your USP in two or three words, so it’s easier for your audience to remember it. Four words is still a little over-the-top but manageable. One word works great for already established brands/businesses, so the sweet spot is keeping your business name about two or three words.

#3 – Ask Professional Branding Experts

If you are going on a branding journey, it’s always wise to seek the help of professional branding experts. Although the cost of hiring branding experts will add to your expenses, it saves you time and energy and gets you better results than when you do it alone.

#4 – Organise Brand Naming Contests

Organizing a brand naming contest on social media is a great way to get name ideas for your bag business/brand. This tactic is especially good if you have a targeted audience on social media. This way, the names are coming from your target audience themselves.

#5 – Get Feedback

After shortlisting the names you’ve brainstormed for your bag business, it’s time to gather feedback from others. You can start with your friends and family. Ask them what they think of the individual named you’ve chosen and which one resonates the most with them, and what emotions the names evoke when said. It’s also wise to check their expressions because they’ll be a bit biased and may tell a “white lie” here and there. Watch how easy it is for them to say the name and if they’re able to spell it correctly. 

You can also progress to asking random people, perhaps acquaintances. Gathering as much feedback as you can is a sure way to understand how your business name sounds and feels to people that are potential customers.

#6 – Check for trademarks 

After settling on a name, it’s time to check for trademarks. One can get into legal trouble due to trademark infringement offenses. Always check for trademarks before adopting a name for your business/brand. You could pay a hefty sum and go out of business before you even start if you’re not careful to avoid names with trademarks.

#7 – Check for domain availability and  try to get the “dot com.”

So, if you’ve picked a name with no trademark, it’s time to check for domain availability. In the information age, where the internet is a vital part of our everyday lives, it is crucial to have an online presence where you can reach the whole world from almost anywhere globally. Having an online presence is a no-brainer as you can sell your products online on your website within minutes without fussing over nerve-wracking negotiations. 

Also, when picking a domain, it’s advisable to get the “.com.” When searching for a company’s website, people tend to end it with a “.com,” so if your domain name doesn’t end with a “.com,” another website or, even worse, a competitor’s website may come up. Also, having a “.com” domain gives your website much more visibility. 

Hot tips for choosing a bag business name

Coupled with the above information, here are a few tips to remember when picking a name for your bag business.

#1 – Choose a short name that is easy to remember

As I mentioned earlier in this article, picking a short business name is vital to its success. A short name is easy to remember. Besides, if the name is too long, people will give it an abbreviation that’ll probably affect your business or brand negatively.

#2 – Choose a simple name that is easy to pronounce

Some words seem easy enough on paper, but try pronouncing them. Don’t just assume your business name is easy to pronounce. Test how it feels on your tongue and how easy it is for others to pronounce it.

#3– Make sure to use relevant keywords in your business or domain name

Having keywords in your business name or your domain name makes it easier for your website to pop up during a search. Since you want to create a bag business/brand, you should include “bag” in the name you eventually pick.

#4 – Have a social media presence  

Social media can be used as leverage to build brand awareness by building a targeted audience that becomes faithful customers and raving fans of your brand.

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Final Thoughts

Picking a suitable name for your business/brand can be tricky business. For this reason, we’ve compiled lists of suitable and carefully picked bag business/brand name ideas for you. In this article, we’ve also armed you with the information necessary to easily find that perfect name for your bag business. We’ve come to the end of this article, and we wish you good luck on your branding/naming journey.

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