Beauty Store Names – Most Unique Names For Your Business

Beauty Store Names – Most Unique Names For Your Business

Being a beauty store owner, you need to choose the right name for your business. This step is crucial if you’re looking to make a positive and lasting impression on your target customers. The name of your beauty store plays a significant role in marketing your products. Attractive beauty store names attract potential clients to your store and increase brand awareness. Additionally, it gives you a sense of pride and confidence every time you hear your store name. In this blog post, we’ll share with you unique names you can adopt for your beauty store. Hopefully, you’ll find the right fit within our list or get an idea or two that’ll spark your imagination. In this article, we’ll be exploring:

  • Top Features of a Good Store Name
  • 60 Catchy Beauty Store Names
  • 40 Memorable Makeup Business Name
  • 25 Catchy Beauty Shop Names
  • 40 Unique Beauty Salon Names
  • 30 Stylish Beauty Store Names
  • How to Come Up With Unique Beauty Store Names

Without further ado, let’s dig in.

Top Features of a Good Store Name

The initial contact people will have with your business is its name. Unfortunately, many store owners choose sub-standard names for their businesses, some without even knowing. This is a critical decision that could affect the growth of your business. To help you along, this section covers qualities you should look out for when selecting beauty store names that help you identify good names for your business.

Short and Sweet

If your beauty store name could have one crucial feature, it is short and sweet. The name needs to be easy for customers to remember. This will help you cut through the beauty industry clutter. This means that your beauty store name should have only two or three syllables. Ensure it is a name that will work well on the phone or internet whether people have seen it before or not. If your target audience has to be told how to spell it the first time, that might help them remember. But if they continually have to find out how to spell your business name, there’s a problem.

It Should be Unique

The best beauty store names are not weird or clunky. It needs to not sound like the rest of your competitors’ names, or it will get lost in the crowd. Your business name should be able to stand out dramatically. Sometimes, a dramatic name doesn’t even have to describe what you do in practice. A unique name can even become a brand shorthand in your industry.

It Should be Legally Available

While picking a unique and cute business name is necessary, the name should also be available. You don’t want to select a name you don’t have full rights to. Always confirm if the domain name is available to ensure your beauty store name is defensible.

It Shouldn’t Lend Itself to Abbreviations

If your beauty store name is long and descriptive, many people will abbreviate it. While this might work for some top companies with enough funding for branding, it might not work for you. If your business name becomes a set of initials, it will drown in the industry, making it hard before your business is well known. That’s why a sweet and short name is essential. This way, the name is easy to pronounce, and there’s no need to abbreviate it.

It Should be Flexible

Many people naming their business try to describe their services rather than just name them. This is a popular trend, even in the beauty industry. Due to this, many beauty stores are difficult to distinguish from each other. In addition, your business name should allow you to expand your business if you want in the future. If your business name only refers to one service, you might have to update the name if you want to offer more services. Therefore, choose a name that’s flexible enough to allow for growth of your business. 

It Should Embrace Company Personality

Similar businesses who enter the same market simultaneously with different products will always pick different names based on their personality. The business owner must be involved in the decision-making process so that the name can embody what they want their business to represent. Try to choose a name that you’re comfortable with and portrays the image you want your beauty store to embody. If you’re not satisfied with the personality your name conveys, you should change it.

Fits the Company’s Brand Portfolio

There’s a need to properly manage your brand to maximize your brand power and intellectual property portfolio effectively. Your beauty store name is a part of your brand portfolio, just like your product names. Therefore, they all need to fit together and sound like they’re from the same brand.

60 Catchy Beauty Store Names

There’s a lot in a name, especially if you’re looking to start your own beauty business. Your store name says more about your personality, so it needs to be catchy. A memorable beauty store name can help instill confidence in your business. In this section, we’ll provide you with catchy beauty store names to inspire you. You can use these names for any beauty-related business; let’s take a look.

  1. Bee Pretty
  2. The Nail Lamp
  3. Beauty Everything
  4. Beauty Queen
  5. Allure Beauty Store
  6. Sugar and Spice
  7. Pretty Cool Girls
  8. Makeup Master
  9. Beauty Academy
  10. ________ Touch
  11. Total Transformation
  12. Stardom Style
  13. Masterpiece Beauty Store
  14. Glow Girl
  15. Blushing Beauty
  16. Unique Fashion
  17. Bee Lovely
  18. Beauty Canvas
  19. Beyond Heaven
  20. Radiate Beauty Store
  21. Smooth Skin Solutions
  22. Beauty Solutions
  23. Brighten
  24. Glow Magic
  25. Delight
  26. Petal Pink
  27. The Spa Queen
  28. Flirty Fantasy
  29. Shine
  30. Bubbly Beauty
  31. Dazzle Me
  32. Sugar Lips
  33. Curvy Girl
  34. Sass and Sparkles
  35. Beauty That Works
  36. Sexy Allure
  37. Glam and Gloss
  38. Beauty secrets
  39. Makeup Treats
  40. Color Me Up
  41. Sweet Delights
  42. Kiss Off Beauty salon
  43. Indulgence
  44. Chic and Cool
  45. Elegance
  46. Tempt
  47. Flatter
  48. Blooming Beauty
  49. Flawless
  50. Spa-tacular
  51. Charm the Roses
  52. Beauty Queen
  53. Glam Inspiration
  54. Peachy Lips
  55. Shine Pretty
  56. Beauty Therapy
  57. Peachy Skin
  58. Aesthetic Studio
  59. Blissful Beauty Shop
  60. The Chic Family

40 Memorable Makeup Business Name

Are you diving into makeup in the beauty industry? Then you’re in the right place. Your makeup business name is a crucial element for brand representation. That’s why this section covers memorable makeup business names that portray energy and creativity. 

  1. Fierce and Flawless
  2. Where Beauty Lives
  3. Cheeky Colors
  4. Gleaming Glow
  5. The New Fierce
  6. Shine Nation
  7. Angel Kiss
  8. Perfectly Pretty
  9. Golden Girls Makeup
  10. Bloom and Glow
  11. Unreal
  12. Sugar Beauty
  13. Pretty Blush
  14. Luscious Lips
  15. Eye Lover
  16. Sweet Cheeks
  17. Rosy Passion
  18. Glitter and Glam
  19. Flawless Appeal
  20. Smokey Sensation
  21. Makeup Emporium
  22. Fuchsia Fashion
  23. Makeupahiolic
  24. Majestic Glow
  25. Bee Pretty
  26. Ruby Rainbows
  27. Lip Smach
  28. Chic Charm
  29. Velvet Eyes
  30. Makeup Frost
  31. Beauty Garden
  32. Pink Lad
  33. Manic Mascara
  34. Baked Beauty
  35. Blossom Fairy
  36. Powder Puff
  37. Gotta Glow
  38. Flawless Finish
  39. Touch of Sugar
  40. Beauty Box

25 Catchy Beauty Shop Names

A catchy beauty shop name can be all you need to attract new customers. It ensures you gain a unique edge over your competitors and helps you stand out from the crowd. Below are the best beauty shop name ideas we could find.

  1. Grace and Glow
  2. Lady Beauty
  3. Beauty Zone
  4. Divas and Dolls
  5. Paint Me Sexy
  6. Beauty Paradise
  7. Beauty Clinic
  8. Day Dreams
  9. Beauty Heights
  10. The Beauty Room
  11. First Impression
  12. The Stylist
  13. Perfect Lashes
  14. Skincare Expert
  15. Cute Beauty Parlour
  16. Beautiful Escape
  17. Top to Toe Beauty
  18. Pamper Room
  19. Be Beautiful
  20. Glamour Looks
  21. Morning Star
  22. Glamour Gains
  23. Trendsetter
  24. Beauty Sunset
  25. Get Glowing

40 Unique Beauty Salon Names

There are endless selections available when it comes to beauty store names. The key is to remain creative while experimenting with different words. You need to pick a name that not only makes your potential clients feel beautiful but also confident and assertive. This section will cover unique beauty salon names to inspire just that.

  1. New Look Beauty Salon
  2. Vision Beauty Studio
  3. Care and Fair Girls
  4. Main Attraction
  5. Pretty Babes
  6. Afterglow
  7. Big Boss Beauty Salon
  8. Makeovers
  9. Mirage Beauty
  10. Sweet Temptation
  11. Siren Bay
  12. Midas Touch
  13. Makeup Markel
  14. Bombshell Beauties
  15. Perfect Finish
  16. Dream and Dusk
  17. Skin Sensation
  18. Serenity
  19. Glam Queen
  20. Scandalous
  21. Limelight Beauty Salon
  22. Touch of Beauty
  23. La Belle Salon
  24. Glamour Days
  25. Supreme Sparkles
  26. Vogue Looks
  27. Glamified
  28. Allure Touch
  29. Beauty Essentials
  30. Beauty Cop
  31. Gorgeous Care
  32. Beauty Bounty
  33. Glow With The Flow
  34. _____ Beauty Bar
  35. Beauty Ville
  36. Classic Chic
  37. Beauty Basic
  38. Beauty Addict
  39. Gorgeous Devotion
  40. Stunning Suite

30 Stylish Beauty Store Names

Creating creative beauty store names can be pretty challenging when opening a new store. A stylish beauty store name will resonate with your customers. To save you time and effort looking for the right beauty store name, below is a list of name ideas to explore.

  1. Addicted to Makeup
  2. Cutie Beauty
  3. Perfect Match
  4. Color-Filled Beauty
  5. Glamour Girl
  6. Makeup in a Jar
  7. High Gloss Beauty
  8. Bite Me Beauty
  9. Musing Spa
  10. Enveloped by Beauty
  11. Little Miss Beauty
  12. Modern Magic
  13. Femme Fatale
  14. Beauty You Deserve
  15. Eye Candy 
  16. Scarlet Perfection
  17. Aesthetic Studio
  18. Blooming Luxury
  19. Excellence Beat
  20. Heavenly Perfection
  21. Unspoken Beauty
  22. Beauty Picnic
  23. Dazzling Flourish
  24. Nature’s Quarters
  25. Maiden Perfection
  26. Epic Looks
  27. Gorgeous Feminist
  28. Beauty View
  29. Wish on a Star
  30. Sunshine Beauty Store

How to Come Up With Unique Beauty Store Names

The beauty industry is vast, and it can sometimes get overwhelming. There’s huge demand, so it’s no surprise that many people are looking to start their business in this line. The perfect beauty store name can impact how successful your business turns out. It is also a significant way to build relationships between you and your customers. Coming up with the right business name can be pretty challenging, but below are some tips to help you along.

Know What a Good Name Entails

While there are many suggestions, you need to think about what a good name entails. This goes beyond someone’s suggestions or what you find appealing. There are some characteristics that your business name needs to possess, and we have highlighted these qualities above. Ensure you remember them when you’re shortlisting your favorite beauty store names.

Brainstorm and Create a List

Make a list of catchy and memorable names. You can shortlist the best names that speak to you from different categories with the various lists available above. You can also draw inspiration from the beauty store names above while still keeping the crucial points in mind.

Play With Words

Now that you have a detailed list of your favorite beauty store names, you can mix them up. You can choose a name from one list and join it with another. Explore your creativity to see how each name fits into the other. There are times when this does not work. However, if it does, you might just have a new beauty store name on your hands.

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Consider the Emotions You’re Looking to Evoke

When choosing the perfect name, you need to know the emotion you want your beauty store name to evoke in your clients. Do you want a professional outlook, or would you prefer something funny and whimsical? Are you going for a simple look or something more creative? The emotion you would like to evoke determines the right beauty store name for you.

Avoid Hard-to-Spell Names

We’re in a digital age, which is why most businesses today operate online. To reach your target audience effectively, you will also need to do this. Therefore, your beauty store name shouldn’t be hard to spell. You don’t want a name that people can’t remember. It could cause you to lose various potential customers. If the name is memorable and catchy, people will easily find their way to you both online and offline. 

Final Thoughts

A name is an integral part of your beauty business, and it is essential for you to pick a good one. There are several ideas out there, but you should be careful and employ the tips above, so you don’t end up with random or irrelevant names. The name of your business should also embody the qualities we outlined above and be catchy. We hope the lists of beauty store names above will help you explore your creativity and find the right name for your beauty store.

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