Burberry vs. Louis Vuitton- Battle of the Brands

Burberry vs. Louis Vuitton- Battle of the Brands

With many luxury fashion brands available today, it can be difficult determining which is the better brand for you. This has been an ongoing conversation about luxury brands in forums and social media. The battle for which is better has become part of our lives and is the reason for this Burberry vs. Louis Vuitton comparison. This article will look at the current politics, styles, and many more features to help you understand which luxury fashion house is better for you. On that note, let’s get started. 

Burberry vs. Louis Vuitton – Brand History

To understand each brand, we’ll have to look at where it all begins. In this section of the Burberry vs. Louis Vuitton comparison, we’ll examine their history; let’s start.

Burberry History

Burberry started in 1856 in the United Kingdom. Its founder is Thomas Burberry, who worked as a draper beforehand. When he decided to launch his shop in a small town in Basingstoke, his goal was to create fashion pieces that would protect people from the terrible British weather. Therefore, the history of this fashion brand goes back to creating durable items and coats. Once Burberry successfully started the gabardine, a breathable, waterproof fabric, Burberry began to enjoy commercial success.

It was tested in severe weather conditions to ensure the fabric met the expectations. This includes expeditions to the Arctic Circle and also Russia. In 1955, Burberry won the British Royal Warrant from Queen Elizabeth II. The brand now had the right to supply goods to the royal family with this warrant. One of the reasons Burberry was so famous was because of its unique style. The brand came with a neutral, universal, sustainable, modern, and all-embracing style. This allowed the brand to appeal to people with different fashion styles and preferences.

Burberry’s primary focus was on international and modern trends. It continually adapted to a new way of life and was known to promote sustainable lifestyles and innovations consistently. Although the brand is younger than Louis Vuitton, it has the same high reputation in the fashion industry. Another reason why this brand stands out in this Burberry vs. Louis comparison is because it expresses solidarity with many modern-day issues by promoting unity and cooperation. 

Louis Vuitton History

This fashion brand started in Paris in 1854, making the brand two years older than Burberry. It began with the founder when he was just a teenager. He aimed to be a trunk maker, and to achieve this, we walked 292 miles to Paris and worked for 17 years as a craftsman before opening his workshop in the middle of the French capital. 

By this time, Louis Vuitton was already working as a personal trunk maker for the Empress of France. Therefore, he had clear access to the upper-class society. It was easy for Louis Vuitton to understand the needs of the reach. Thus, this artisan quickly expanded his empire and earned the love of the fashion society. When Louis Vuitton passed away, his sons continued building trust in the fashion market and expanded to international markets. The brand’s style is posh, timeless, chic, elegant, high class, and tasteful. 

The brand’s focus is another distinction in this Burberry vs. Louis Vuitton comparison. Its focus is on preserving traditions and heritage. The brand also respects history and focuses on giving a fresh look to its iconic patterns. It’s pretty rare for Louis Vuitton to introduce an entirely new way as the brand chooses to stick to its luxury inventions of the past. 

Over the years, the brand has established its status as the international symbol of luxury. Therefore, purchasing any time from this luxury fashion brand automatically makes you a part of the upper-class society. This brand pays tribute to century-old traditions, and it is highly unlikely that any of its items will go out of style soon. 

Burberry vs. Louis Vuitton – Range of Items

These brands started differently, selling a very different range of items. While Burberry started out selling coats, Louis Vuitton began to with trunks. However, over the years, they’ve grown to offer more assortments. Louis Vuitton’s products include small leather goods, handbags, travel bags, shoes, fragrances and candles, toys and furniture, clothes, watches, and accessories like scarves, gloves, sunglasses, belts, and phone cases. 

On the other hand, Burberry offers trench coats, clothes, handbags, makeup, jewellery, fragrances, and accessories like scarves, hats, belts, sunglasses, and gloves. Burberry’s main specialization is in a high-quality trench coat. Even in the previous century, one in every five coats exported from Britain was a Burberry coat. Many more items are available beyond the trench coat at this fashion house. However, none is as famous as the trench coat. Although Burberry also offers bags, its selection is low, and they’re all similar in style. 

Louis Vuitton, on the other hand, specializes in handbags. Their fame in this fashion category is unshakeable. Everyone interested in luxury bags knows these purses’ patterns, names, and silhouettes are quite different from every other fashion brand. Words like Speedy, Neverful and many more are just words that distinguish one model from the next. The bags are great investments because they tend to increase in price yearly. Conclusively, when you think of trench coats, Burberry comes to mind. However, in terms of bags, Louis Vuitton excels in this category. 

Burberry vs. Louis Vuitton – Prices

Another thing we need to consider in this Burberry vs. Louis Vuitton comparison is the price of the goods. Of course, there are different items on their pages. However, after a review of the brands with different pricing for other things, it’s clear that Louis Vuitton’s prices are higher even when it’s the same. Their accessories, coats, sneakers, and many more items are far more expensive than you would find on Burberry. Burberry bags are also significantly cheaper than Louis Vuitton. However, the higher price hasn’t affected the popularity of Louis Vuitton bags.

Only two of their items seem to have the exact pricing: the silk scarf and wallet. Both are of exceptional quality, so it’s difficult to determine the best option in the Burberry vs. Louis Vuitton comparison. It’s left for you to choose which appeals to you more. Regardless of pricing, if you want durable and comfortable clothes, you should choose Burberry. However, if you’re looking for timeless bags of exceptional quality, you should opt for Louis Vuitton. 

Burberry vs. Louis Vuitton – Style 

Regarding who is a better choice in this Burberry vs. Louis Vuitton comparison, one factor you’d need to consider is their style. No matter how much a brand is famous. If their style doesn’t appeal to you, there might be some issues.

Louis Vuitton Style

The main style of Louis Vuitton is official, classical, chic, and posh. 

Louis Vuitton is a trendsetter, as we’ve discovered in recent years. Millions of fashionistas wait for the brand’s releases for the season, wondering how Louis Vuitton would award them with their new collection. Luckily, Louis Vuitton always delivers; one way it makes a statement is through its ad campaigns. An example is the Pre-Fall 2020 collection. This collection’s campaign featured A-class celebrities that wore Louis Vuitton clothes. By comparing fashion to novels, the men’s artistic director tried to show that every item in the collection told a story of its own. The brand also surprised fashion enthusiasts with its 2054 collection, which was full of futuristic ideas. Regardless, it’s clear that the main patterns of Louis Vuitton remain unchanged despite the brand acquiring new looks. 

The brand’s ambassadors are Michelle Williams, Cody Fern, Emma Store, Alicia Vikanda, and Lea Seydoux. To understand Louis Vuitton’s style, it is worthy of note that the brand respects its traditions and continually reminds others of its exclusivity, status, and elegance. The brand uses top-rated celebrities and luxurious venues to inform the world that fashion is a different type of art.

Burberry Style

On the other hand, Burberry’s style is another distinction between the brands in this Burberry vs. Louis Vuitton comparison. Burberry is sustainable, neural, and comes with a modern approach. 

On the other hand, Burberry aims to showcase unity and equality in its fashion pieces. Therefore, its ad campaigns always support charity events and different groups of society. A recent initiative by the fashion brand was to partner with Marcus Rashford to help youth voices. The brand also released the ReBurberry edit as part of its sustainability campaign. In this campaign, the brand claims that two-thirds of its products make a positive environmental and social impact. All its campaigns are created in a minimalist style and shot with nature landscape as the backdrop. This simplicity is in tandem with the brand’s values and goal to be carbon neutral by 2022. 

Although Louis Vuitton also cares about its environment and sustainability, it doesn’t make this its main style like Burberry. Its goal of leading sustainable lifestyle influences the campaigns and brings fashion to a new level. The brand shows that luxury is environmentally safe and eco-friendly. The fashion house continually proves that it is good for the planet. Due to this, it consistently attracts ecologically conscious fashionistas. 

Burberry vs Louis Vuitton – Where to Buy

Once you decide which brand you prefer to buy in this Burberry vs Louis Vuitton comparison, you might wonder where to buy it. Luckily there are many options for you. The official websites are available and available in select stores in different cities. You should note that there are never discounts available for Louis Vuitton luxury items; this is a policy for the brand. On the other hand, Burberry clothes are best on a budget. You can find their items at discounts in some stores in your city; you have to look closely.

Final Verdict

We hope you’ve decided which brand is better for you in this Burberry vs Louis Vuitton comparison. If you want timeless fashion and chic bags, you should pay closer attention to Louis Vuitton. This brand has an impeccable history of exclusive and luxury fashion items. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a brand that supports a conscious lifestyle, then you should opt for Burberry clothes. The best option for you depends on your style and preferences.

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Burberry vs. Louis Vuitton- Battle of the Brands Fashion brand competitions never seem to go away. Read this Burberry vs Louis Vuitton comparison to know which brand is better for you.
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