Calvin Klein vs Tommy Hilfiger – Everything You Need To Know

In today’s fashion industry, clothes are no longer just a necessity but a symbol of taste, fashion, and creativity.

Calvin Klein is a popular designer fashion brand with high brand recognition. Its signature style is sexy, energetic, and casual modern. Calvin Klein’s quality lies in the minor details, and its clothes are only affordable to a few. The brand represents American fashion and inspires its audiences through striking designs and provocative images. A clean and effortless style with just a touch of edginess is what makes up Calvin Klein.

On the other hand, Tommy Hilfiger is a mid-range brand that offers unique style designs to its growing audience. This brand is recognized for providing interesting designs that embody the classic cool American style. The brand is known for its spirit of self-expression, youthful energy, and determined optimism. These fashion brands offer a variety of classy, stylish wear and accessories to their fashion-forward clientele. However, what do we know about these brands, and how do we identify which is the best? In this Calvin Klein vs Tommy Hilfiger comparison guide, we’ll explore their history, quality, and why they’re so expensive. Without further delay, let’s take a look.

Calvin Klein vs Tommy Hilfiger – Calvin Klein’s Origin Story

Calvin Klein is an American fashion brand with its headquarters in New York City. It was established in 1968 by the fashion mogul Calvin Klein. The business has grown and is one of the top choices for many people because of its edgy jeans and underwear designs. However, it’s essential to understand Calvin Klein’s history and how the brand came to be.

Calvin attended the High School of Industrial Arts and graduated in 1960. He then started attending the Fashion Institute of Technology before getting a full-time role at WWD as a copyboy. He graduated from FIT in 1963 with a Fine Arts degree, and he got his first fashion job with a company that made dresses from a fabric known as whipped cream. Klein found the job dissatisfying and left after three months.

Klein learned a lot following the manufacturer, Dan Millstein, to Paris haute couture shows. He then took up a role at a coat manufacturing company where he worked as a sketcher. Despite the perks of the business, Klein made plans to leave. His next role at Haldon is how he got his first press mention on the Tobe Report in 1967. However, he soon got tired of that job and contacted an old friend about starting a business together. His friend, Abe Morenstein, realized that they needed $25,000 to set up a good business but found it difficult to raise the money.

Calvin Klein’s Big Break

Before Klein gave up, his childhood friend Barry Schwartz gave him $2000, which was enough for samples. Morenstein and Klein fell out after Calvin Klein incorporated Barry Schwartz as his partner. Klein’s first big sales were by luck when Donald O’Brien, the vice president of Bonwit Teller, saw his coat hanging in his studio and made an impromptu visit. He then invited his friend, who made a sizable order, and the sales started coming in right after that.

By 1971, Klein was already a success story, and he began to expand, starting at his old boss’s Dan Millstein space. He began to expand and launched menswear with backing from Maurice Bidermann. In 1973, Klein won his first Coty American Fashion Critics award and again in 1974. At 33, he was voted into the Coty Hall of Fame, making him the youngest designer to achieve this feat. 

It wasn’t till the 80s before Calvin Klein began to explore advertising for his clothing. He also explored the fragrance industry, which turned out to be a huge success.

Today, Calvin Klein specializes in lifestyle accessories, leather, perfumery, jewelry, home furnishing, watches, jewelry, and clothing.

Calvin Klein Quality

Calvin Klein materials are breathable, durable, and comfortable. The jeans are designed to fit the wearer like a well-designed suit. They successfully balance comfort and style and give you options that work well for any outfit. Calvin Klein’s underwear is beautiful, comfortable, and sexy. Calvin Klein’s bras and panties successfully blend style and comfort. They feature advanced designs that offer extra firm back straps, full-coverage cups, and the Flexi-Wire technology that ensures increased usage. For anyone looking for a bra that’s comfortable while providing you ample lift, Calvin Klein bras are the best option. The fashion brand’s panties are also the best choice for women looking for casual thongs. The curves on the panties’ back are just perfect and look amazing on everyone who puts them on.

Calvin Klein vs Tommy Hilfiger – Tommy Hilfiger Brand Origin

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the top designer lifestyle brands in America today. It all started with Thomas Jacob Hilfiger, born in 1951 in New York City. He is of Irish descent and is one of nine siblings. Tommy’s experience in New York influenced his design choices despite his European roots. He decided to create his label in 1985 while working as a fashion designer. This was how the signature brand Tommy Hilfiger was founded. It then exploded into the fashion scene through a memorable Time Square marketing campaign. Thus, Tommy Hilfiger started capturing global attention right from day one.

Initially, Hilfiger wanted only to create collections that embodied his small-town roots. This meant preppy looks with influences from sports, Ivy League academia, and nautical wear. Although these were originally uniform, Tommy Hilfiger transformed them into casual ready-to-wear clothing.

90s Influence on Tommy Hilfiger

The proper placement is why Tommy Hilfiger is a 90s fashion brand. The 90s played a significant role in Tommy’s expansion as it was the decade the brand came into its own identity. In the 90s, hip-hop music was slowly gaining popularity, and so were the clothes associated with it. Therefore, rappers and early musicians started to explore Tommy’s collection to improve their exposure in the pop culture circle. Top celebrities who loved Tommy Hilfiger style were Snoop Dog, Wu-tang-clan, Grand Puba, and more. 

Once, Snoop Dogg wore a branded Tommy Hilfiger outfit on a popular US show, and the clothing line sold out soon. By introducing Tommy Hilfiger to a larger audience, sales doubled. Grand Puba also included the Hilfiger brand in his song lyrics and helped improve the brand’s exposure while boosting sales for the fashion brand.

Is Tommy Hilfiger in Style Today?

Since its explosive success in the 90s, Tommy Hilfiger has continued to grow while still providing people with casual and preppy clothes. By focusing on the classic American style, Tommy Hilfiger can stay apart from other brands and capture the hearts of many fans. The brand was valued at $9.2 billion in 2020, showing that the brand has remained in style decades later. Tommy Hilfiger collaborates with the entertainment industry to build awareness, and this strategy consistently works for the brand.

To date, Tommy Hilfiger still focuses on laid-back casual clothes with some preppy edge. There are varying silhouettes available at Tommy Hilfiger for everyday wear. They also provide customers with lingerie, watches, accessories, jeans, and a vast clothing range. Their target audience is young people, and this fashion brand capitalizes on these markets using social media platforms.

 Tommy Hilfiger Quality

Tommy Hilfiger is modern, affordable, comfortable, and timeless. This iconic fashion brand focuses on providing environmental-friendly clothing to its audience. Tommy Hilfiger uses 100% recycled denim to this effect, and each denim style appears in the brand’s spring/summer collection. To create an item out of recycled denim, there’s a need for blending discarded cotton swabs with old bed linen. Because of these materials, Tommy Hilfiger’s process of creating denim requires less water and energy. 

Additionally, the brand uses thread from recycled plastic bottles to stitch the denim. In addition to this 100% recycled denim, this brand also produces recycled polyester pieces and 100% cotton pieces. The organic cotton used in making these pieces is entirely free from fertilizers or pesticides. The recycled polyester comes from plastic bottles, textiles, and manufacturing waste.

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The Fashion Industry Explained: Online Course

Calvin Klein vs Tommy Hilfiger – Why is Calvin Klein so Expensive?

As a well-known brand, Calvin Klein is also one of the most expensive brands. Below are some of the reasons it is so costly.

It is a Premium Brand

Being premium means having an exclusive clientele. Tommy Hilfiger seeks to provide products that are more expensive than those in the mass market. It provides better quality products and offers features you can’t find with non-premium brands. Therefore, its customer base is smaller because few people can afford it.

It Provides Status

It also provides its customers with a certain status, especially when it comes to its underwear and footwear. Having a Calvin Klein outfit means you’re above mass-market brands. Therefore, you’re paying for the status it accords you.

Its Underwear is Sexy

Calvin Klein’s underwear is on a whole different level. This fashion brand knows its target audience and precisely what they want. Calvin Klein underwear sells the idea of being sexy. It also adds to its qualities by being comfortable and providing quality support.

It Has a Loyal Customer Base

A study by the Luxury Institute revealed that rich men love to purchase Calvin Klein the most. Most people have at least a pair of underwear from Calvin Klein. This fashion brand successfully fulfills its customers’ needs. Therefore, most of its customers tend to stick around regardless of the cost.

Calvin Klein vs Tommy Hilfiger – Why is Tommy Hilfiger Expensive?

This is one of the best brands for men’s polo shirts, among many others. It is a more affordable option in the Calvin Klein vs Tommy Hilfiger comparison. Despite its affordability, it still offers premium quality to its customers. Below are some of the reasons this fashion brand is so expensive; let’s take a look.

Top Quality Products

Tommy Hilfiger clothing tends to last for years after purchase. Most of its products are made from wool, polyester, or cotton, which are inexpensive materials. In addition, it is more eco-friendly and sustainable, making its products great. Since the fashion industry is gravitating to more eco-friendly options, it’s clear why Tommy Hilfiger is a top choice among buyers.

It Portrays Status

It is expensive because it allows the wearer to become part of a group of people considered affluent. With the world focusing mainly on status, many brands are offering a chance at belonging with higher price tags.

Tommy Hilfiger is famous and remains the classic American cool style pioneer. The brand portrays American heritage and wearers of this fashion brand’s outfits are portrayed as fun and fashionable while having a positive attitude towards life.

Calvin Klein vs Tommy Hilfiger – Final Thoughts

There are several names in the fashion industry that are easy to recognize. Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein are some of the top fashion brands people recognize even without being avid fashion lovers. These brands built iconic reputations in the industry and remained in the spotlight decades after their launch. This article provides a Calvin Klein vs Tommy Hilfiger comparison covering everything you need to know about the brands and how they have influenced the fashion industry.

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