Converse vs Nike – Who Has Better Shoes?

Converse vs Nike – Who Has Better Shoes?

What is the most popular and all-time best basketball shoe of all time? Converse or Nike? Who has better shoes? At least 60% of Americans own or have owned at least one pair of these sneakers. Converse All-Star, also known as Chuck Taylor and Nike, are giants of the footwear industry. These brands are both giants in the field and have built their reputations through high-profile endorsements. That’s why a Converse vs Nike comparison is crucial.

There are so many questions about which brand has better shoes. To properly understand these two brands, you must first understand their story. Here are all the details about the Converse and Nike shoe brands.

Converse vs Nike – Beginning 

Converse All-Stars, also known as Chuck Taylor, is a casual shoe brand that plays a significant role in pop culture. Chuck Taylor originally came into light as a basketball shoe in the 1900s. In 1921, basketball star Charles Chuck Taylor became the first Converse shoe salesman. Within the year, Cuck Taylor inspired the rebranding of the basketball shoe, which led to the nickname ‘Chuck Taylor.” As a show of reference, Converse also added Taylor’s signature to the side of the shoe.

During this time, the Converse All-Star was a basketball shoe, and Taylor advertised it as such. The Converse All-Star became the official basketball shoe for the 1936 Olympic games and continued for 30 years. The basketball shoe became popular along with the black canvas and leather model of the Converse All-Star. During World War II, Chuck Taylor also served as the official sneaker of the United States Armed Forces. 

In 1949, the famous classic black and white Chuck Taylor became a more eye-catching shoe than the monochrome black models. At this time, basketball was now a major professional sport, and the Converse All-Star was the shoe for professional and serious players. Then in 1957, Converse low cut All-Star was introduced and became famous as well. The low cut was a more casual alternative to the high-top basketball sneaker. Because of Taylor’s tireless efforts in promoting the sport, he was named the basketball Ambassador.

Converse vs Nike – Converse Achievements

In 1960, Converse All Star was responsible for over 80% of the sneaker market. This was a result of the shift to casual sneakers. The change solidified the Converse All-Stars as an icon not just for the athletic elite but for everyone. Also, the initial Taylor Chucks were in classic black and white, and they became available in multiple colors and designs. In addition, there were special editions of the shoes and diversified textures. These shoes were also available in leather and suede alongside the original cotton style. 

In the 1970s, these athletic shoes became popular that adults refused to give up wearing them. Everyone wanted a feel of these sneakers on their feet. However, other shoe brands began to emerge, and there was a variety of basketball and other leisure shoes. These shoe brands began to create competition which led to Converse All-Stars losing their dominance. As time went on, elite athletes stopped using the All-Stars sneakers, and the shoes became inexpensive. Artists and musicians would pick the Taylor Chucks because they were affordable. These sneakers became a symbol of U.S subcultures and reminded people of the punk rock era.

In the 1980s and 1990s, the shoe company began to experience hard times, and the management changed several times. The changes and wrong decisions took their toll on the one-time booming company, and in 2001, it filed for bankruptcy. However, the shoe brand was too established to be let abandoned. Soon, new management took over, closing all North American manufacturing and moving from the USA to Asia. Chuck Taylor eventually became Nike’s property and was reestablished successfully. Despite all this, Chuck Taylor remains a legacy with thousands of high-top and low cuts still sold every week worldwide.

Converse vs Nike – Nike Beginning 

The story of Nike dates back to 1964 with the story of Blue Ribbon Sports. Shortly after Knight’s graduation in 1962, he struck a deal with a group of Japanese businessmen. The deal was to export the Japanese’s popular Tiger shoes into the U.S. Knight’s coach believed Knight’s venture and supported it by entering into a 50-50 business deal. Hence, Blue Ribbon Sports formally became a company on Jan 25th, 1964, in Eugene, Oregon.

After establishing his new company, Knight initially sold these shoes out of his car. However, it became clear that there was a high demand for these cheaper yet high-quality shoes. In addition, these shoes were alternatives to the Pumas and Adidas that dominated the market. 

Coach Bowerman proposed a new shoe design in 1965 to the Tiger shoe company. The new shoe design provided the proper support with a cushioned innersole and soft sponge rubber on the forefoot for runners. The design eventually became a significant success and a source of conflict between Blue Ribbon and its Japanese supplier. Finally, however, the shoe got into the market in 1967 and became an instant hit. The shoe was very comfortable, sturdy, and in a stylish design.

With this successful hit, there was trouble between Blue Ribbon and Tiger. At the same time, Knight claims that the Japanese company wanted out of its exclusive deal with Ribbon. On the other hand, Tiger claims that Blue Ribbon Sports were selling their version of their shoes. Furthermore, they claim that Blue Ribbon sold under a new line of shoes called ‘Nike.’

Eventually, the two split formally in 1971, and both companies began selling their version of the model. As a result, the sneaker became the best-selling model for two different shoe companies. 

Converse vs Nike – Nike Achievements

After the split, Blue Ribbon Sports fully rebranded formally in 1971 as Nike with a new logo. The company maintained steady and solid growth through its early days, and Phil Knight became a millionaire. Since then, the shoe company has continued to grow and has a lot of clever ad campaigns to thank. The famous 1988 ad campaign “Just Do It” was the bomb, among other campaigns. However, the company’s other greatest assets are its celebrity endorsements. 

The company did well by signing great athletes like Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and Tiger Woods in the early stage of their sports careers. Another lucrative endorsement was spotting potential like Michael Jordan before the start of his first season. Although Michael Jordan never wore a pair of Nike. However, after a great deal, Jordan quickly rose to become superstardom. When Air Jordans hit the market, Nike’s cash flow continued flowing. Although there have been some recent sales declines, the brand still nets the company. Jordan continues to make a lot of money a year in Nike royalties alone.

Converse vs Nike – The Best Converse Shoes

Converse shoes have been here a long time since the introduction of the Taylor Chuck in 1922. Today, you can purchase a pair of converse sneakers for every occasion and budget. So whether you appreciate rubber soles or just anyone trying to show off your underrated sneaker, Converse shoes are definitely worth the pick. Here are some Converse shoes that you should check out. 

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top

This is a sibling to the Converse Chuck Taylor high top and is universal than its ankle-high sibling. The shoe matches any fashion and has remained relevant for a century. The Chuck Taylor All-Star Low is a winner in both style and comfort. The fabric allows air to circulate and thereby providing comfort and easy movement. 

Converse Chuck 70 Low Top

This is an identical model to the All-Star low top but with an edgier vibe. The sneaker offers a dynamic fit with intricate fabric weaving that can take a severe beating. In addition, the model comes with a cushy foam insole which makes walking miles a happy adventure. 

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top

Everyone knows that the Chuck Taylor All-Star High Top remains unbeatable. This model is said to be the King of all Chuck Taylor models. The All-Star High combines everything, from sport and casual to formal wear. The sneaker is always ready to grind and gnash while still looking great and classic.

Converse Chuck 70 High Top

This Converse Chuck Taylor is always in the front line when displaying street legends. The sneaker is a game-changer for comfort as it comes with a more cushioning and a more resistant cover. It also retains its versatility attached to the Chuck Taylor signature. In addition, the Chuck 70 Hight Top durability is unquestionable and ensures that our feet are safe and protected for a long time.

Converse Run Star Hike

The Run Star Kike comes with a beefy and sturdy sole which keeps us covered during several activities. The breathability ensures enough room at the front, and you can enjoy every ride without pressure. You can rock this model with your favorite sporty or casual garbs without discomfort. 

Converse vs Nike – The Best Nike Shoes

Below, you will find the best Nike sneakers to add to your list of favorite footwear. Whether you like the retro style or modern or rare design, there is always a Nike shoe for you. So ensure you keep this list of Nike shoes handy as you shop for new sneakers.

Nike Air Force 1

The Nike Air Force 1 still maintains its classic look even in this current era. The sneaker is recognized as a streetwear icon and retains its roots thanks to its leather. In addition, the sneaker spans generations of style since its first introduction in 1982.

Nike React Miller 2

This model is Nike’s best walking shoe as it equates to soft and responsive foam cushioning support. Men and women can wear these shoes and feel comfortable all day. This makes this sneaker a must-have on anyone’s shopping list.

Nike Air Max 90 

This sneaker remains true to its original roots with a more breathable low-cut design. In addition, the sneaker style includes a padded collar and cushion for all-around support. Nike continues to stick to this trusted design with durable leather. 

Nike Air Max 95

The Air Max 95 represents the human body practically original designed for performance running. The foam midsole and flex grooves offer total flexibility with a unique lacing system that creates a locked-in feel.

Nike Metcon 7 training shoes

Although Nike is known for basketball and running shoes, the Nike Metcons also gained status as the best for workouts. In addition, this is the best sneaker for weight lovers since it creates a stable surface for lifting and an inner plate to distribute weight across the entire foot evenly.

Final Thoughts

Both Converse and Nike sneakers are considered the top basketball and casual shoes. Converse is an older shoe brand with a street aesthetic, while Nike is a brand with more focus on athletic performance. So, do you need to run miles? Get a Nike. Do you intend to look like a hipster? The Converse is definitely for you. The rest is up to you to decide.  

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Converse vs Nike – Who Has Better Shoes? Converse vs Nike has been around for a long time, and both brands till making waves in the industry. Keep reading to find out who has better shoes.
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