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Instructor's Profile

As an instructor, Prof. Thomas Brownlees is adjunct faculty at the European School of Economics, where he holds the international marketing and e-business classes to Bachelor and Master students.  Prof. Brownlees, furthermore works with a selection of study-abroad programs and international education institutions (among which ISI Florence, CAPA Education and Accent Florence) to create experiential learning opportunities that provide to business students the opportunity to apply course contents to real-life scenario through hands-on engagement with the business landscape in Florence. Prof. Brownlees attained a MSc in Business Management degree (distinction of Merit) at the AASB-Accredited University of Liverpool with a dissertation on Strategic Management of Intellectual Property.

As a marketing consultant, Prof. Brownlees is currently working with a selection of businesses in the areas of digital innovation, fashion marketing and arts and entertainment. To download the extended CV please click on the file-text icon.

Courses Taught

Fashion Business

The fashion industry is fascinating as much as it is complex. Within a single garnment there's the work of people managing processes which span from the most creative to the most analitycal. To understand fashion, we need to understand how fashion companies operate: how they select trends, how they create collections, how they manage manufactuing, how they design retail. Understanding these operations, allows to manage fashion firms leveraging many more strategic opportunities, and allows to plan for long term growth.

Fashion Sustainability

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. New generations are demanding more accountability from the brands they choose to purchase. It's necessary to look into the fashion pipeline to understand the managerial complexity of making garment production more sustainable. Understand which principles are at the core of a fashion business should serve as a guiding light to develop new sustainable initiatives and create lasting change. Sustainability is gaining momentum, and it's up to all of us to learn how we can make a difference.

Digital Marketing and Digital Entrepreneurship

Digital Marketing has been a disruptive force, capable of changing the way brands use technology for marketing. As people use digital services instead of visiting physical shops digital marketing campaigns are becoming more prevalent and efficient. The courses includes topics such as search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content automation, campaign marketing, data-driven marketing and more.This is a very relevant course, as companies are progressively allotting more and more budget to digital marketing campaigns.

International Marketing and Intercultural Communication

International Marketing teaches students how companies can create marketing strategies which allow to
select, enter and manage product and service distribution abroad. The course allows to discuss a wide variety of topics which include: the global marketing landscape, market selection criteria, market entry modes and the international marketing mix. This is a course which is especially suited to international students, as their immersion in Italian culture can assist them in developing cultural competences and insights into foreign consumer behaviour.


Each academic institution is different, and so are the needs of each student. We're happy to accomodate requests in the areas of Marketing and Management. Our teaching is grounded on a thorough academic preparation, which essential to prepare students and to empower them to understand the complexities of the global business environment. In this sense we complement the course textbook with a selection of readings and articles allowing students to connect theory to practice. At the same time we bring in class our professional experience and our connections to the real-life business environment.

And More...

Human Resource Management

The human capital is a company's most competitive asset. Managing people can be a challenge, but it's the most rewarding investment.

Arts Management

Music and the arts are experiencing a second Renaissance thanks to digital technologies. Let's see how we can harvest this potential for the benefit of art.

International Management

Managing complex operations over multiple countries requires much more than business skills, but cultural competence and negotiation abilities.


It's much easier to manage a company, which is already established, as opposed to creating a new one, as this entails for a completely different set of challenges.

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