Dior History Case Study- The Inside Story 

Christian Dior is a brand that’s synonymous with classic fashion and feminine beauty. This French brand has been around since the 1940s and has continually provided women with the most beautiful clothes. It doesn’t matter if it’s a ready-to-wear dress or haute couture; Christian Dior gowns always command people’s attention in a room. This brand stood the test of time with creative pieces that were timeless in fashion. This fashion house also hosted some of the most influential talents in the industry. In this article, you’ll learn Dior history and how the brand became the fashion sensation it is today.

Dior History – Where Christian Dior Began 

Although Christian created the brand in 1946, the Dior brand refers to 1947 as its beginning because that’s when the first collection of the fashion house debuted. Dior started in Paris at 30 Avenue Montaigne. Less than three months after the brand’s launch, Christian Dior released the first collection. Christian Dior has always had a deep love for art. He once ran an art gallery in France before entering fashion. He closed it due to the Great Depression and worked under fashion designer Robert Piguet for a while. Afterward, he worked with then-couturier Lucien Long before deciding he was ready to create and showcase his brand. This led him to the creation of the fashion house in 1946. This way, Christian Dior was born, marking the beginning of Dior history.

Christian Dior’s New Look

At the first Christian Dior show, he coined the slogan ‘New Look.’ The thought behind Dior’s first collection was showcasing the war’s end. The designs came with a cinched waist, structured silhouettes, and short billowy skirts. Their clothing reflected opulence ad was considered revolutionary in those days. Therefore, this put the fashion house on the map as it quickly became one of the most sought-after and beloved brands in the fashion space.

Many stars approached Christian Dior, including Margot Fonteyn and Rita Hayworth, who wanted outfits from the New Look collection ahead of their time. With top-profile women wearing Dior, the brand snowballed. In no time at all, the brand cemented itself as the most iconic brand in sartorial history.

Dior History – The Brand Goes Global

It wasn’t long before Christian Dior went global. Dior opened a store in New York City in 1948, which brought Dior stateside for the first time. With the worldwide launch came an expansion of collection as well. Dior started with fragrance which led to the production of Miss Dior. He dedicated this fragrance to his sister. At this point, Christian realized a need for a whole fashion experience. Therefore, he licensed the name Dior for his accessories as well. That allows Dior women to buy the shoes, coats, and other pieces of Dior items to capture a genuine New Look all over.

The Dior brand didn’t stop growing. Dior history shows that Christian Dior himself dressed as the biggest star. His designs were a feature in many star’s closets in the early 50s.

The Introduction of Yves Saint Lauren

Yves Saint Laurent started working with Christian Dior in 1955 when he was 19 years old. He began as Dior’s assistant, but before long, Dior saw potential in him, and soon he met his mother in 1957 to inform her that he chose Saint Lauren to represent him when it was time. Although Saint Lauren was simply 21 at the time, he had an excellent eye for fashion, and his talent for creating magical pieces was apparent.

Dior died in 1957 of a heart attack; he was 52 years old, and the fashion world felt the loss significantly. It was clear that a fashion icon was gone too soon. Some of his collections were a hit or miss as many people were still trying to accept someone new as the leader of the Dior brand. To prevent the brand from going off course, Saint Lauren got the role of artistic director. Even though he was simply 21 years old, he carried Dior’s legacy, ensuring that the creative vision remained intact. However, his goal was to create a softer silhouette by loosening the cinched waist and letting some of the structure out. When Saint Lauren received a call to serve in the French army in 1960, the brand released him quickly.

Maria Chiuri’s Entry into Dior

Dior history isn’t complete without the mention of Maria Chiuri. She represents a turning point in history as she became the first female artistic director of a fashion house in 2016. As the first woman at the helm of the woman brand, Chiuri didn’t like how it was a discussion, but she dedicated her talent to prove she was worth the position. Chiuri brought a woman’s touch to Dior and created a feminist-centric line. Her direction aligned with what Christian Dior started years ago despite the feminine touch. Although the men before her possessed supreme talent and created masterpieces, it wasn’t till she took over that the brand embraced femininity fully. Finally, since Dior history began, the brand felt in line with the modern woman. 

Dior Fashion and Celebrities

One celebrity that was popular for wearing Dior’s garments was Marlene Dietrich. She wasn’t the only one as Hollywood celebrities like Ava Gardner and many more were constantly wearing Dior. Hollywood wasn’t the only one; several prominent royal family members were also seen wearing Dior clothing for decades. One of the royal family members was Princess Diana, whose influence helped popularize Dior’s stylish leather handbag. This brand has been associated with elegance and tastefulness for decades, and its reputation made it past the 1950s.

To date, Dior associates with the most famous people of any era. Several more celebrities have worn Dior, and by wearing them, they helped the company maintain its reputation over the years. Stars like Carla Bruni, Diane Kruger, Monica Bellucci, and Marion Cotillard are all permanently associated with the brand. Additionally, Jennifer Lopez, a singer and a musician is known for wearing Dior clothing. Modern celebrities looking for unique and breathtaking outfits for red carpet appearances often turn to Dior. In the process of wearing Dior, they promote the brand. 

Dior Marketing Strategy

Dior is worth $42.7 billion and continues to grow in value. It is amongst the most influential fashion houses globally, and many people wonder how that is. You’re not alone if you’re wondering how Dior rose to the top. Below are the company’s marketing strategies which aided its rise to the top throughout Dior history.

Promotion of Designs Through Exhibitions

Dior is quite famous for hosting ambitious exhibitions. The brand presents the proper heritage and the history of its accessories dresses and performs in various parts of the one. One of the popular exhibitions is Esprit Dior. This exhibition featured Dior history and had ten varying themes while it ran. Another exhibition that was an immense success is the New Look Revolution. This exhibition explored the evolution of the Bar Suit, which appeared in the earliest collection of the brand. This exhibition made it clear how much the item has changed. It also went the extra mile of showing the hard work into creating the Bar Suit.

The Power of Perception

Throughout Dior history, the brand used psychological concepts like attraction and an understanding of customer behavior to influence repeat purchases. Dior brands recognize the need for providing top-quality products that meet consumer needs. This would then influence consumer behavior towards buying the product. This marketing incentive attracts customers every time they pass by the store. Since Dior continually maintains its heritage by improving materials and craft, customers always return to the shop, building customer loyalty.

With their ads, Dior continually takes their customers on a sensory journey. These ads communicate a warm feeling to their customers, making them strive to feel young and want to enjoy life. Women repeatedly buy lipsticks and fragrances from the brand to achieve that youthful feeling again. Additionally, throughout Dior history, the brand advertises with the use of prints in the fashion industry like Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. These commercials remind customers of Dior and attract them to make impulse buying. 

The Use of Dior Eyes

Dior took fashion shows to the next level with Dior’s eyes. The brand didn’t want to offer just a traditional fashion show. Therefore, they tried to upgrade the way customers saw fashion. The brand understood that technology held the key to innovating experiences for customers. Thus it created Dior Eyes. This was a VR headset used for Dior shows. To achieve this, the company partnered with DigitasLBi Labs France, who created this state-of-the-art device. The brand introduced this product into select Dior stores in June 2016. 

Dior Eyes is an innovation because it allows users to witness the backstage events of each show. Users could easily view the prepping of models and the stage. With Dior Eyes, Dor made their loyal customers feel like they had a backstage pass on Fashion Shows.

Targeting Millennial Audience With a Dance-Centric Film

The brand created a dance-centric film to promote a new fragrance to the millennial audience. This commercial features Camille Rowe, who met up with her group of girls and had a dance-off with a gang of boys. After the commercial, Dior released a series of how-to videos that the audience could use to learn the dance steps. Some of these videos are Rise the Heat, Feel the Space, Poison Kiss, and many more.

The brand created this commercial with millennials in mind. The brand recognized that Poison girl was edgier and more provocative. Therefore, they decided to launch the fragrance in a unique way that targeted and spoke to the millennials. This move for a dance-themed campaign was quite the hit. The campaign video got over 30 million views on only YouTube.

Final Thoughts

Since Dior was created in 1946, the brand has remained a symbol of luxury, elegance, and excellence. With over seven decades past, this fashion house inspires the fashion industry with stylish and elegant designs that are far ahead of its time. Most of Dior’s designs always turn out to be trendsetters. By understanding Dior history, you can appreciate this fashion giant even more and comprehend its massive influence in the fashion industry today.

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