Eddie Bauer vs North Face – Pricing, Quality & More

When shopping for outdoor gear, people always look for brands they can trust to provide them with quality equipment. Although there are several brands in this industry, the two great companies that are quite popular are Eddie Bauer and North Face. Their products are quite similar, but people wonder if their quality is the same. Luckily for you, we’re here to help with an Eddie Bauer vs North Face comparison.

Whether you’re on a search for a new puffy jacket or a set of rain pants, we’ll help you determine which outdoor brand to go for. We’ll provide you with their differences, exploring the performance of their clothes to help you discover which is best for your needs. On that note, let’s get started. 

Eddie Bauer vs North Face – History of the Brands

Eddie Bauer and North Face are two major brands in the outdoor gear industry. However, they each have a unique history that also differentiates them. In this section, we’ll be exploring the history of both brands and how they became leading brands in the outdoor clothing industry.

Eddie Bauer History

Eddie Bauer is an American brand founded way back in 1920 by Eddie Bauer. The brand began in a small store in Seattle, Washington. However, this brand’s history is one of originality and top-quality products. Five years after the brand’s launch, Eddie Bauer was already changing the sporting goods industry by utilizing goose-down plumes. 

As an outdoorsman, Eddie Bauer was out on many trips. Then, in the 1930s, he experienced severe hypothermia while on a fishing trip. Therefore, he submitted a patent for a revolutionary new down jacket called the Skyliner. This jacket was a history and boosted the brand’s popularity even further. This was just the first in this brand’s patented designs. Over the years, Eddie Bauer has patented several designs under the brand.

After the war, his business continued to boom and expanded. One of the factors in the brand’s growth is the contract to provide outdoor gear for the famous team to overwinter at the South Pole in 1957. The brand also received the contract to outfit the famous 1963 American Mount Everest Expedition. This brand was also the first independent company to design uniforms for the US Army. The brand’s hard work didn’t go unnoticed by the world. 

Today, Eddie Bauer is a technical outdoor gear and casual outdoor clothing company that’s quite popular globally. The brand is famous for its quality and affordable products, which sets them apart from other brands. 

The North Face History

We’ll also need to explore North Face’s history in this Eddie Bauer vs North Face comparison for an overview of both brands. North Face is one of the most popular outdoor brands in the world. Historically, Doug Tompkins founded the brand in 1966. Doug is a mountaineer and conversationist. He is famous worldwide as he spent most of his early years climbing mountains with Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia fame. The brand started in San Francisco as a retail brand that provided outdoorsy people with high-end outdoor gear. However, this brand didn’t take long to become famous on the global stage. 

By the 1980s, this brand was the first option for most major mountaineering expeditions. The brand then began to expand its product range and include other crucial products to make them one of the top brands in the outdoor clothing market. North Face also offers tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks, making them the go-to brand for outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

This brand’s quality and product performance are quite high. As a result, they’re a top mention in lifestyle apparel and technical gear. To date, North Face is one of the top sponsors for mountaineers, professional climbers, trail runners, and skiers. Therefore, for most people considering outdoor adventure, this is the brand they go to for their outdoor gear. One of the reasons North Face has remained a leading brand despite many competitions in the outdoor clothing industry is that they evolve to offer more modern and eye-catching products that appeal to its customers. 

Eddie Bauer vs North Face – The Comparison

Now that you know the history of these two leading brands, let’s explore their differences to learn about their quality, pricing, and more. 

Eddie Bauer vs North Face – Material 

Two features that we consider when talking about materials are the fabric and insulation the brands used. Below is a breakdown of how the two outdoor brands’ fabric and insulation compare.


This is an essential factor when you’re considering an outdoor clothing brand. You must select a brand with waterproof breathable fabric that will help you stay dry and comfortable regardless of where you are. For example, Eddie Bauer utilizes polyester and nylon for most of its material. However, they also use cotton and wool sometimes. 

When it comes to producing waterproof jackets, Eddie Bauer uses their WeatherEdge technology. This is common in many jackets, like the Rainfoil Packable Jacket. This technology is a multi-layered waterproof and breathable membrane that helps to keep the wearer cool and dry while they’re outdoor.

On the other hand, North Face uses different waterproof fabrics for their jackets and other outdoor clothing. The leading technology they use is Gore-Tex, which features in their top-of-the-line gear. Their main fabric of choice is polyester, and this is due to their efforts to reduce their environmental impact. In addition to recycled fabrics, they use cotton and wool sourced sustainably from responsible farmers. 

Another major fabric by the brand that performs efficiently in different conditions is DryVent. DryVent is one of its popular fabrics and features in products like The Resolve Jacket. The brand also created FlashDry, which is a fabric that’s meant to be breathable and also dry well. The goal of this fabric is for use in unpredictable weather and mild temperature. Finally, WindWall is another fabric by the brand that helps to withstand strong wind and is mainly for bikers and cyclists. 


When considering the differences between the two brands in this Eddie Bauer vs North Face comparison, insulation is a crucial consideration. Eddie Bauer uses ThermaFil synthetic insulation for most of their insulated jacket. However, this outdoor brand also uses fleece to create amazing jackets for casual day hikes and use around town. Apart from these insulation materials, the brand also utilizes Goose Down for jackets like the Eddie Bauer MicroTherm 2.0 Down Coat. The brand also utilizes the Super DWR treatment to increase the water-resistance of their clothing.

One of the similarities between both brands in this Eddie Bauer vs North Face comparison is that both brands use Goose Down in their outdoor clothing. This is a common material North Face uses to manufacture most of its high-end insulated winter jackets. The brand also uses its synthetic ThermoBall technology to produce jackets like the North Face ThermoBall Jacket. Most consumers believe it is the best synthetic insulation on the market. 

Eddie Bauer vs North Face – Product Range

If an outdoor brand doesn’t have everything you need, you might want to look elsewhere. That’s why it is an important consideration when choosing between Eddie Bauer and North Face. When it comes to variety, Eddie Bauer’s focus is on casualwear and less on technical clothing. Although this outdoor brand offers some technical outdoor pieces, most of their products are best for the occasional mountain adventure and casual use around time.

On the other hand, North Face offers a more diversified product range. Beyond outdoor clothing, the brand also offers sleeping bags, backpacks, and tents. Their clothing option is also quite diverse. You can find leggings for everyday wear or highly technical shells if you’re looking to head off on a mountaineering adventure. Their amazing product range is hard to beat in this Eddie Bauer vs North Face comparison. 

Eddie Bauer vs North Face – Pricing

For outdoor brands like North Face and Eddie Bauer, deciding how affordable they are is difficult with their long-range product offerings. Both brands offer their customers a vast range of pricey technical gear and affordable casual wear. However, you’ll find that Eddie Bauer offers you more affordable products. This might be because the brand focuses more on casualwear like camping and hiking than technical like extreme sports, mountaineering, etc.

On the other hand, most of North Face’s products target remote mountain adventures. Therefore, their products are pricey because they focus more on technical clothing. You can see this in their jackets and shell layers. However, this doesn’t mean no reasonably-priced clothing is available in North Face Stores. Although both outdoor brands offer cost-effective gear, Eddie Bauer seems to win the affordability comparison.

Eddie Bauer vs North Face – Ethics & Sustainability

For most outdoor enthusiasts, their favorite outdoor brand’s environmental and social impact is essential. That’s why we’ll be reviewing how both brands compare in this section of the Eddie Bauer vs North Face comparison. Both brands have shown consistent commitment to sustainability over the years. In addition, they’re both Responsible Down Standard-Certified, which means they source for down sustainably. 

Additionally, these two companies work with several sustainable organizations like the Conservation Alliance and American Forest to find new ways to promote environmental initiatives. They continue to make moves to support justice, diversity, inclusion, and equity. So, in this category, both brands seem to win as they both take excellent strides towards becoming sustainable and environmentally friendly brands.

Final Thoughts

Comparing Eddie Bauer and North Face isn’t always easy. This is because the two brands offer something unique to outdoor enthusiasts. At the end of the day, their quality is excellent, and they also offer a diverse range, although North Face seems to be more diversified. The best option for you depends on what you’re looking for. Are you looking for top-quality technical jackets or something more casual? Eddie Bauer also offers more affordability, but they’re both sustainable brands. Scale your preference, and you’d be able to find the right brand for you in this Eddie Bauer vs North Face comparison.

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