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440 Industries can provide you with expert advice and network connections to help you offer innovative learning opportunities to your students in Florence, Italy.

Our Services

Academic Consulting

Starting or running a study abroad program is no simple task. In order to deal with a constantly shifting industry, it's important to access expert consultants to bypass the trial-and-error stage that can arise with new ventures.

Accounting and Legal

It's not easy to navigate a foreign legal and financial system without the expert advice of seasoned professionals. At 440 Industries we are lucky to have access to experienced professionals working with international citizen and institutions.

Extra-Curricular Consulting

Florence has become an over-touristed location, and it is useful to connect with a local partner to find those activities that can really make you program gain a sense of authenticity. We can help you bring to class a real sense of Italy.

Some of Our Services

Study Abroad Program Start-Up and Development

If you are an academic institution wishing to start or grow a Study-Abroad program in Florence or Tuscany, we are here to assist. 440 Industries is a consulting company which focuses on creating connections and opportunities to merge the local and international communities in Italy.

Course Design, Curriculum Development and Faculty Recruitment

Attracting talent is a hard challenge in business. When starting a study abroad program one of the most difficult tasks is to create a team of faculty members capable of bringing to class the academic standards that a foreign university is able to deliver at home.

Internships, Volunteering and Professional Development

As university fees increase it's now mandatory to provide students with real-life professional experience so as to inform their future career decision and provide them with that 'global' factor. If you are planning on offering internship opportunities, look no further.

Out-of-Class and Experiential Learning Activities

If you are planning a faculty-led program in Florence and Tuscany and you are looking for opportunities to offer your students something unique and authentic, we are happy to assist in selecting the activities and services that will best fit with your program.

Online Education Consulting

The future of education features an online component. Schools need to make sure that the courses they are offering to their students are able to deal with the steep innovation curve that the internet is bringing to academia. Creating the perfect overlap between physical and digital learning is a challenge, we'll help you meet your goals!

Signature Career-Acceleration Program

Drawing both from our experience as an educational partner and our vibrant network of connections we created a bespoke career acceleration program aimed at providing students with the perfect mix of formal and informal learning. A career acceleration is a new way to take advantage of the new exciting opportunities that business has to offer.

Join our Community

Leila Mansour
Leila Mansour
UC Berkley, Fall 2017
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I interned with 440 Industries in the very early stages of it and I learned so much about the music industry both from a domestic and international perspective. Being able to intern with Thomas affirmed me in my own career path of wanting to pursue the arts and being a part of this internship showed me the business aspect of what it means to pursue art full time and be successful. I would intern with 440 industries again and I would recommend to anybody who is interested in business consulting.
Kiana Parker
Kiana ParkerUC Berkley, Fall 2017
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Working with 440 Industries brought my love of the entertainment industry in the U.S to Florence. Thomas is one of the most creative, smart and kind people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He challenged us to think about creative industries in ways that applied both domestic and international perspectives. I highly suggest this internship program to anyone studying abroad in Florence, Italy.
Samuel Sever
Samuel Sever
UC Davis, Fall 2017
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Working at 440 Industries added a tremendous amount to my experience abroad. I was initially hesitant to take on an internship as I thought it might take up all my time, but I couldn't have been more wrong. Every moment working with, and learning about, the perspectives of Italians reminded me of the reason I came to study there - to experience their amazing culture. This internship provides such amazing insight into the lives of Italians and even now, a year later, every interview I've had has started with: "Tell me about this internship you had in Italy''.
Alexander Schull
Alexander SchullUniversity of Minnesota, Spring 2018
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I couldn’t have asked for a more immersive internship experience. Not only was I able to help small businesses in florence, but I was able to dive into the Italian culture in ways I never would have imagined. I was able to bring skills that I learned back at home to make a tangible impact on small businesses in Italy.
Alexander Dillon
Alexander DillonUniversity of Connecticut, Spring 2019
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During my time at 440 Industries I was able to meet many interesting people and gain valuable experience that I’ll be able to take with me wherever I decide to go in my career. I would suggest that any student interested in pursuing a career in business apply for this internship. It provides students with an excellent opportunity to gain real world experience and learn business techniques that simply cannot be taught in a classroom.

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Thomas Brownlees

Thomas Brownlees

CEO and Founder,
440 Industries

Meet the Founder

Thomas Brownlees is an anglo-Italian business consultant passionate about international education and the creative industries. Local to Florence, Italy Thomas is a hard-working and focused professional, working with a variety of international education institutions, and helping them deliver innovative learning opportunities to their students.

Aside from his activity as a consultant, Thomas also lectures for ISI Florence, Capa International and the European School of Economics in marketing, management and finance

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