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Marketing Plan Development

More and more of a company's budget is going into marketing efforts to attract and convert customers. All of this money however is not necessarily well spent, unless is focused on a bigger vision of what the company needs to be for its customers. A company needs to create a narrative, and every cent spent should be part of the story. Let us help you understand where you resources are better spent to maximise the value you are bringing to your consumer community and position your brand so as to find new niches and user communities for your products and services.

International Strategy Development

A company can be pushed to seek new markets and new customers either for reactive or proactive reasons. In both cases however, before spending any money, time or talent, it's necessary to collect valuable information and not only rely on our instincts. We can help you design a plan, which will allow you to approach international growth by managing the risks which are inherently associated with global growth. A well designed marketing plans is a necessary compass to overcome any uncertainty during your expansion operations and make sure you can double down on your 80\20 rule.

Fashion Marketing and Advertising

Web Design & E-Commerce Development

In a stage where technologies have been able to allow everyone to create an online store, it's very easy to focus on the technical aspects of delivering your merchandise, and very little on the shopping experience you are actually delivering to your customers. This requires much reflection and attention to detail. Of course, then managing promotions, sales plans, advertising and shipping, are not small details to get right as well. Developing an e-commerce therefore needs careful planning, if it is going to become profitable.

Content Marketing

In order to create a community around your product or service it's essential to create compelling and engaging content. But this is most times not enough, you need to be helpful and deliver a value which really assist your clients by informing them and advising them. Content follows strict rules, not to be taken lightly and most of all needs to offer real transformational help, in order to be shared organically. This is what inbound marketing is all about, and the creation of quality content is always rewarded by conversions and sales.

Media Production

The value of video is increasing daily not only to engage your visitors but also to create a community and a narrative made of people, places and processes. These are 3 additional 'P's that video helps you to add at your marketing mix, creating a narrative which expands on the 'what' of your company, and adds a 'how' or a 'why'. A video allows you to delve into deeper questions and finding greater meaning in your business. Media production can be done at a variety of budgets, but the ideas behind it need to have a clear focus.

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