Fashion Nova Case Study – Insights and Marketing Strategy

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Fashion Nova is an American fast-fashion company that was founded in 2006. The owner of Fashion Nova is Richard Saghian, who was also the original founder. The company is based and headquartered in Los Angeles, California in the United States. Fashion Nova was created as an e-commerce business hoping to open stores, but as Saghian realized staying as an e-commerce brand was more profitable, the strategy shifted. It also has five physical locations in Southern California. Fashion Nova is mostly an e-commerce brand, that utilizes its website for most of its sales and is able to sell its products to most of the world through its website.

Fashion Nova is known for keeping up with the high demand for trendy clothes and utilizing influencers and celebrities as their marketing strategy. This brand offers ultra-fast fashion for an affordable price. For those who like to wear what celebrities have on, Fashion Nova allows you to purchase the products for under $50. Fashion Nova is quite impactful as it releases over 1000 new styles every week. If you wish to excel in the fashion industry, you need to learn more about Fashion Nova’s marketing and the inside secrets that led it to its position today.

Fashion Nova gets an astounding number of website traffic each month. At 15 million visits each month, it generates more website traffic than every luxurious fashion brand. Surprisingly, Fashion Nova achieves all of this without any traditional marketing. To figure out how Fashion Nova grew relatively fast and beat the biggest names in the fashion industry, you have to study Fashion Nova’s marketing strategy. This article covers an analysis of Fashion Nova’s marketing strategy as a case study.

Fashion Nova is a fast fashion brand that focuses on e-commerce sales and creating trendy pieces that make their consumers look and feel confident every day. They use Instagram as their main marketing platform, with a strategy of utilizing their consumers, influencers, and celebrities to build their brand and success. Their clothes are priced at a reasonable price point and with releasing over 1000 new products every week, there will always be a perfect new item for their consumers to fall in love with and wear to events. 

What is Fashion Nova?

It’s rare to meet anyone today who hasn’t heard of Fashion Nova. It is a clothing brand that went viral over the years and became a social media phenomenon. Fashion Nova gained insane popularity over the years, as of November 30, 2022, Fashion Nova has 21.4 million followers on their Instagram profile. Its growth rate is at 600% every year that passes. Fashion Nova’s Instagram success has been a result of its trendy posting strategies that include celebrities and social media influencers. 

Fashion Nova offers trendy accessories, apparel, shoes, and many more pieces. Their clothing pieces are revealing, tight, and barely there. They cover streetwear and club attire with these features. Fashion Nova’s target audience includes people of all genders that have a passion for trendy and sexy clothes, they market their products to all kinds of people who are interested in fashion, but mostly from the teenage to young adult ages. 

Fashion Nova’s slogan is “Unapologetically sexy. Obsessed with being the forefront of fashion” (source). The brand’s slogan highlights the goal of its clothing very honestly. Their products are meant to make people feel sexy and confident while remaining innovative and trendy. Fashion Nova prides itself on the speed and style of its designs and collections. They release up-to-date and the latest fashionable designs as soon as they become popular and sometimes even before, making their products a new trend with their own innovation. 

Fashion Nova’s mission statement is all about providing their customers with the ‘hottest’ and newest styles week after week at an affordable and reasonable price. The company forecasts fashion trends that will become popular in the future so they can make the products available before any other fashion company. They also prioritize the prices of their clothing because they want everyone to be able to access trendy fashion. Regardless of your shape, size, style, and gender Fashion Nova attempts to make clothes to fit and please anyone and everyone. 

Fashion Nova’s Instagram Marketing Strategy

When creating the Fashion Nova business, Richard Saghian and his team focused their energy on building a social media presence for the brand to increase its e-commerce success. 

Their chosen platform to thrive is Instagram, and they did extremely well. In order for Fashion Nova to build their following on Instagram it posted many times a day, sometimes even every 30 minutes, and utilized pictures from its everyday customers as well as its influencers and celebrities. The Instagram account to this day posts around 20-30 posts daily to keep its Instagram presence as best it can be. The brand also gained its following by creating a hashtag for their customers to tag their pictures in Fashion Nova products to, #NovaBabes. This causes their following to increase when people’s trusted friends and family are promoting Fashion Nova on their personal Instagrams. 

By focusing on social media, Fashion Nova became the Instagram success that every fashion brand wanted to be. Fashion Nova even only has ads on social media platforms. Most of the brand’s ads are made by their influencers and celebrities, and even ordinary customers who post to the #NovaBabe hashtag. After reaching a multitude of successes on Instagram, they began to increase their social media presence by expanding on the platforms they used. Fashion Nova now has successful social media accounts on Instagram, Youtube, Tik Tok, and Twitter.

Additionally, Fashion Nova is very successful at using Instagram to directly increase its sales. Fashion Nova achieves massive sales on Instagram by linking all the products on their posts directly to their website for a very convenient shopping experience. They also post about all of their ongoing discounts, which motivates consumers who are scrolling to shop and take advantage of the reduced prices. 

Fashion Nova’s Influencer Marketing Strategy

Fashion Nova’s marketing strategy revolves around collaborating with high-profile celebrities. However, their focus isn’t only on the top influencers as they also join hands with several micro-influencers and their customers. Below is a breakdown of the influencer marketing strategy by Fashion Nova.

Fashion Nova’s Close Partnership With Top Influencers & Celebrities

Fashion Nova’s marketing strategy is built around an extensive network of influencers. Not a lot of brands utilize this marketing strategy like Fashion Nova does. Understandably, achieving this is quite tricky. Getting several social media influencers to work with the same brand and towards a single goal is difficult. However, Fashion Nova achieves this seamlessly and has a network of thousands of social media influencers. These mega influencers usually have a large following and make Fashion Nova posts that look no different from their daily content. The only thing that distinguishes the content they create for Fashion Nova is the outfit they wear and the fact that they tag the items and brand. Sometimes, these influencers provide a discount code in their caption for followers to use, which helps track how many sales they are influencing. 

One of their popular influencers is Kylie Jenner, whose family is made up of other celebrities. With a single post from Kylie on her Instagram page, Fashion Nova made $50,000 extra sales in just a few days, which proves how effective celebrity and influencer marketing truly is. One of Fashion Nova’s marketing strategies while using these celebrities is to make sure the photos are never professional. Instead, they’re always unprofessional or mirror selfies. The goal is to show an authentic style and make the post look more natural and relatable to people. 

Breaking down Fashion Nova’s Consumer and Influencer Marketing Pyramid

Fashion Nova’s marketing strategy views the influencer industry as a pyramid. There are four tiers in the pyramid, and it divides influencers into these categories. 

Brands like Fashion Nova gain attention in many ways, and a lot of this attention comes from their everyday consumers. Consumers even have the opportunity to become an influencer if they post fashion content and their posts do well. It is possible for people to climb the marketing pyramid, especially if they use social media to their advantage. Consumers are always influenced by celebrities and influencers they follow on social media, but every day posts from family and friends or word of mouth are also very effective marketing tools. It is much more common for consumers to trust their friends and family when they rave about Fashion Nova’s products than an A-list celebrity that is getting paid to say these things. Therefore, it is very important for Fashion Nova to utilize people from all levels of the pyramid to maximize their marketing strategy and demographic reach. 

Below is a breakdown of the influencer marketing pyramid that’s part of the Fashion Nova marketing strategy.

I Know it – Lowest Level of Fashion Nova’s Consumers

At the bottom of the pyramid, the first level is the “I know it” group. This group is the largest. They are the followers who only buy Fashion Nova’s pieces because they know it. They also don’t follow trends, and their fashion style revolves around simply owning a piece rather than jumping on a trend.

I Like it – Second Level of Fashion Nova’s Consumers

The next level is the “I like it” group, the second-largest group on the pyramid. They’re fans of the brand and continually post pictures depicting them wearing Fashion Nova items. The ‘I like it’ group aims to gain a feature on Fashion Nova’s platform. Fashion Nova’s marketing strategy revolves around knowing that people need to be seen and validated. Therefore, they utilize this by allowing their consumers to share posts and get attention from millions of people. They also encourage consumers to tag the brand on their photos and get featured on their page. Doing this helped Fashion Nova gain a group of loyal ambassadors for free. 

I Love It – Third Level of Fashion Nova’s Consumers, the Transition Into Being an Influencer

The third group is the “I love it” group, which covers micro-influencers. These influencers showcase fashion as their passion and wear Fashion Nova pieces to stand out. They usually have expertise in the topic and spend a lot of time promoting the brand, especially on social media. These groups typically receive free items from Fashion Nova in exchange for promotion.

I Live It – Highest Level of Fashion Nova’s Influencers

Lastly, we have the “I live it” group who are simply the experts on Fashion Nova’s style. These are the mega influencers, and they best illustrate the brand’s image. One person who belongs to this group is Cardi B, one of the top driving forces for Fashion Nova’s organic mentions. One of her famous quotes is ‘I could buy designer but that #FashionNova fit.’

Final Thoughts on Fashion Nova’s Rapid Growth

Fashion Nova defies all odds and is quickly turning the fashion industry around with ultra-fast fashion. They release 1000 new looks every other week and work with thousands of influencers. If you wish to excel in the fashion industry, reviewing the Fashion Nova marketing case study is vital. This article reveals the untold inside secrets you need to succeed as this brand has. You can use Fashion Nova as your inspiration and achieve that goal you’ve been working towards.

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