Fashion Nova Case Study – Insights and Marketing Strategy

Fashion Nova Case Study - Insights and Marketing Strategy

Most of the top fashion companies today are on opposite sides. Most consumers and industry leaders believe that fashion industries should move faster than fast fashion. While they want fashion brands to produce more sustainably, they’re advocating for the benefits of renting clothes and buying second-hand. If you need to shop for clothes, it is vital that you look for quality and not quantity. Meeting up with this demand is Fashion Nova. This brand offers ultra-fast fashion and for quite an affordable price. For those who like to wear what celebrities have on, Fashion Nova allows you to purchase the products for under $50. Fashion Nova is quite impactful as it releases over 600 new styles every week. If you wish to excel in the fashion industry, you need to learn more about Fashion Nova marketing and the untold inside secrets that led it to its position today.

Fashion Nova stands higher than timeless classics like Versace, Louis Vuitton, and many more on the list of top fashion brands. Fashion Nova gets an astounding number of website traffic each month. At 15 million visits each month, it stands higher than every other luxurious fashion brand. However, Fashion Nova achieves all of this without any traditional marketing. To figure out how Fashion Nova grew relatively fast and beat the biggest names in the fashion industry, you have to study Fashion Nova’s marketing strategy. This article covers an analysis of Fashion Nova’s marketing strategy as a case study; let’s begin.

What is Fashion Nova?

It’s rare to meet anyone today who hasn’t heard of Fashion Nova. It is a clothing brand that went viral over the years and became a social media phenomenon. This brand has continued to be the most talked-about brand for years, and with good reasons. Fashion Nova starts in 2006 n Los Angeles. However, it gained insane popularity over the years, and many believe it is due to the high-profile influencers it works with. However, another reason could be the speed with which Fashion Nova delivers top trendy pieces. Presently, Fashion Nova has over 20 million followers on the Instagram platform. Its growth rate is at 600% every year that passes. 

Fashion Nova offers accessories, bonafide apparel, and many more pieces. It continues to attract women that have body measurements that don’t fit into the typical sizing. Its target audience is women with bulbous hips, spindle-like waist, and round butts. Their clothing pieces are revealing, tight, and barely there. They cover streetwear and club attire with these features, but Fashion Nova’s founder is anything but revealing. Richard Saghian, who is the owner of Fashion Nova, avoids the spotlight when he can. He rarely grants interviews because interviews make him uncomfortable. Despite his privacy, Saghian once boasted that Fashion Nova is the fastest-developing women’s apparel company globally.

The One-Thing Strategy

This strategy is the ideal strategy and is behind all methods at Fashion Nova. It simply states that you can achieve anything if you focus on one thing. The one-thing approach by Fashion Nova is one that we can all relate to. Most times, we pursue new stuff before we achieve old goals. However, Fashion Nova’s marketing strategy is all about the one-thing plan, and it shows in every aspect of the business. That includes the distribution channel, business goal, marketing, and more. Below are ways that you can implement a one-thing strategy like Fashion Nova.

Focus on a Single Distribution Channel

Although Fashion Nova’s physical stores have become tourist destinations, Saghian has no interest in opening a big flashy store anywhere. Saghian stated that he had the goal of opening stores at the beginning of the business. However, it required too much effort than it did, increasing revenue online. Therefore, he and his team focused their energy on building a social media presence for the brand. Their chosen platform to thrive is Instagram, and they did excellently well. Fashion Nova’s marketing team updated the Instagram feed every 30 minutes and executed influencer marketing expertly. By focusing on a single distribution channel, Fashion Nova became an Instagram success that every fashion brand wanted to be.

Focus on a Single Goal

Another untold inside secret of Fashion Nova’s marketing strategy is focusing on one goal at a time. Saghian believed that even though his competitors focused on profit margins, he cared more about providing people with the best product and best price. As long as he could get the products to the customers, he believed Fashion Nova would keep growing. He was more interested in getting as many people on the Fashion Nova platform despite the costs. 

The Influencer Marketing Strategy

2018 charts showed Fashion Nova is the top-performing brand when it comes to influencer marketing. On the Earned-Media Value chart, Fashion Nova was at the top with $125 million, while Zara and other brands came afterward. One salient factor contributing to the success of Fashion Nova is mega influencer endorsements. Fashion Nova’s marketing strategy revolved around collaborating with high-profile celebrities. However, their focus isn’t only on the top influencers as they also join hands with several micro-influencers and their fans. Below is a breakdown of the influencer marketing strategy by Fashion Nova.

Close Partnership With Top Influencers

Fashion Nova’s marketing strategy is built around an extensive network of influencers. Not a lot of brand utilizes this marketing strategy like Fashion Nova does. Understandably, achieving this is quite tricky. Getting several social media influencers to work with the same brand and towards a single goal is difficult. However, Fashion Nova achieves this seamless and has a network of over 5000 social media influencers. These mega influencers usually have a large following and make Fashion Nova posts that look no different from their daily content. The only thing that distinguishes the content they create for Fashion Nova is the outfit they wear. Sometimes, these influencers provide a discount code in their caption for followers to use. 

One of their popular influencers is Kylie Jenner, whose family is made up of other celebrities. With a single post from Kylie on her Instagram page, Fashion Nova made $50,000 extra sales in just a few days. With these numbers, imagine thousands of influencers creating content for the brand each month. It’s no surprise that Fashion Nova is a social media phenomenon. One of Fashion Nova’s marketing strategies while using these celebrities is to make sure the photos are never professional. Instead, they’re always unprofessional or mirror selfies. The goal is to show authentic style and make the post look more natural and relatable to people. 

Fashion Nova reposts these pictures and gets over 70K likes on each of their single posts. Although most will think they don’t have thousands of dollars to pay celebrities like Fashion Nova, you should think of the influencer industry as a pyramid.

Breaking down the Influencer Marketing Pyramid

Fashion Nova’s marketing strategy views the influencer industry as a pyramid. There are four tiers in the pyramid, and it divides influencers into these categories. This model showcases a method to target content and media effort. Below is a breakdown of the influencer marketing pyramid that’s part of the Fashion Nova marketing strategy.

I Know it – Lowest Level

At the end of the pyramid, the first level is the ‘I know it’ group. This group is the largest. They are the followers who only buy Fashion Nova’s pieces because they know it. They also don’t follow trends, and their fashion style revolves around simply owning a piece rather than jumping on a trend.

I Like it – Second Level

The next level is the ‘I like it’ group, the second-largest group on the pyramid. They’re fans of the brand and continually posts pictures depicting them wearing Fashion Nova’s items. The ‘I like it’ group aims to gain a feature on Fashion Nova’s platform. Fashion Nova’s marketing strategy revolves around knowing people need to be seen and validated. Therefore, they utilize this by allowing their fans to share posts and get attention from millions of people. They also encourage fans to tag the brand on their photos and get featured on their page. Doing this helped Fashion Nova gain a group of loyal ambassadors for free. 

I Love It – Third Level

The third group is the ‘I love it’ group, and they cover the micro-influencers. These influencers showcase fashion as their passion and wear Fashion Nova pieces to stand out. They usually have expertise in the topic and spend a lot of time promoting the brand. These groups typically receive free items from Fashion Nova in exchange for promotion.

I Live It – Highest Level 

Lastly, we have the ‘I live it’ group who are simply the experts on Fashion Nova’s style. These are the mega influencers, and they best illustrate the brand’s visual. One person who belongs to this group is Cardi B, one of the top driving forces for Fashion Nova’s organic mentions. One of her famous quotes is ‘I could buy designer but that #FashionNova fit.’

Ultra-Fast Fashion Over Over-Priced Fashion Strategy

A famous comment by Saghian is that over-priced fashion is dead. Fashion Nova became the most googled fashion brand globally, beating out every top brand. With the advent of eCommerce, retail is slowly dying out. Due to this, people are more interested in ultra-fast fashion like Fashion Nova because they’re easy to get. With competition becoming more about who builds a better platform, who makes a better product no longer matters. Fashion Nova created a community where consumers can interact and transact. To achieve this, you have to make it possible for most people to sign up on the platform. Fashion Nova achieves this by making their items so cheap that anyone can afford them. You can get a pair of jeans for around $40 on their platform and dresses for as low as $30. The best part is that there’s always a discount for you to take advantage of.

Another marketing strategy executed by Fashion Nova is the provision of fast trends. Fashion Nova is an ultra-fast fashion brand because they provide over 600 new items every week. They have many styles to offer because most customers post a lot online and always need new clothes. Fashion Nova works with over 1000 manufacturers. Saghian stated that it only takes 48 hours for the company to design and manufacture a new piece. Customers will keep returning to Fashion Nova by offering constant new pieces to avoid missing a new trend. 

Final Thoughts

Fashion Nova defies all odds and is quickly turning the fashion industry around with ultra-fast fashion. They release 600 new looks every other week and work with thousands of influencers. If you wish to excel in the fashion industry, reviewing the Fashion Nova marketing case study is vital. This article reveals the untold inside secrets you need to succeed as this brand has. You can use Fashion Nova as your inspiration and achieve that goal you’ve been working towards.

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