Fashion Nova History – The Inside Story

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Fashion companies today seem to be on opposite sides of arguments. On one end, some industry leaders and consumers are arguing that fashion needs to offer more than fast fashion. They want brands to focus on more sustainable and ethical productions. In addition, these industry leaders want brands to advocate for less consumption and buying of secondhand. However, on the other end of the argument is the ultrafast fashion brand; Fashion Nova. This company offers new products daily at a very affordable price. Thanks to Fashion Nova, you can have designs similar to what celebrities wear for as low as $50. How did Fashion Nova grow to be so impactful in the fashion world? To answer this, a peek into Fashion Nova history is essential. Keep reading to understand how this brand came to be and the marketing strategies that work for them.

Fashion Nova History: A Peek Inside

There’s not much to say about Fashion Nova history. The company is a famous fashion brand and has been a social media phenomenon in recent years. However, this brand is famous for good reasons due to its unique marketing strategy. This company has been in Los Angeles since 2006. It only has five stores scattered around Southern California. Its popularity is due to top influencers and its ability to deliver trendy pieces in record time.

The company is owned by Richard Saghian, who started in his father’s clothing boutique in Los Angeles. However, it wasn’t till 2006 before Saghian decided to branch out and opened the first Fashion Nova store in Panorama City. The brand first started out selling affordable club-wear clothing and then built up from there. In 2013, he launched the e-commerce website, which soon became their main presence and a significant source of shoppers.

Despite Fashion Nova history and small beginnings, the brand has over 20 million follows on Instagram today. The brand’s online presence continues to grow at a rate of 600% each year. Today, Fashion never makes accessories and clothing that caters to women of all sizes. Instead, fashion Nova makes their clothing accessible to women with body measurement that doesn’t quite fit the standard sizing. Their target audience is usually women like Cardi B, Belcalis, Blac Chyna, and others. While the brand makes revealing, tight streetwear and club attire, the brand is as private as possible.

The founder, Richard Saghian, avoids the spotlight as much as possible and rarely grants interviews. He also refuses the idea of a portrait photograph when he does go for interviews. However, one piece of news he’s popular for is stating Fashion Nova is the fastest-growing women’s clothing company globally.

Fashion Nova Marketing Strategy

Understanding Fashion Nova history and the brand’s growth requires looking into their marketing strategy. To understand their inside story, you also need to understand the brand’s strategies to become the fastest growing women’s apparel company globally.

The One-Thing Strategy

Fashion Nova history has consistently shown the one-thing strategy as an integral part of the business. Understanding this strategy better is simply focusing on one thing rather than diversifying your resources. From Fashion Nova history, it’s clear that the brand believes that you can achieve everything when you focus on a single thing at a time. So, although Fashion Nova has many goals, the brand only focuses on one at a time. This strategy is successful, as proven by Fashion Nova’s founder. Keep reading to discover how Fashion Nova implements the one-thing strategy in the company.

One Distribution Channel

While the few physical stores available are not tourist destinations, a new store doesn’t seem to be in the future for Fashion Nova. Although Saghian shared he wanted to open 100 stores when he first started, he realized it took far more effort to launch a store than increase sales online. So he decided that rather than open more stores, he would use the online platform to open to more countries. Instead, the brand dedicates its energy to building its social media accounts. On Instagram, the brand is continually updating its feed every half-hour. The founder recognized the power of Instagram quite early and used it to the brand’s full advantage.

One Goal

Another part of Fashion Nova history is the one-thing strategy in achieving their goals. While most people make a profit the focus of their business, Saghian’s focus is bringing more people on their platform. He wanted a company that provides excellent products and affordable prices. Therefore, that’s the company’s focus, and that’s where they target all the resources.

Influencer Marketing Strategy

A top strategy that makes Fashion Nova history successful is the brand’s influencer marketing strategy. In 2018, the brand was named Instagram’s top-performing brand in influencer marketing. One thing contributing to Fashion Nova history as a successful brand is celebrity and influencer endorsements. They’re known for collaborating with celebrities like Amber Rose, Kylie Jenner, and even Cardi B. That’s now all; this brand doesn’t stop at mega influencers and also utilizes micro-influencers. Another way they gain ground on Instagram is through the NovaBabes, which are the brand’s fans. To understand this strategy better, let’s explore it in bits.

Mega Influencer Partnerships

This brand’s empire stands on a network of influencers. Very few fashion brands can achieve the same level of success online as Fashion Nova did. This is because the brand successfully coordinates its social influencer to promote the company. With over 3000 social media influencers, it’s clear why this company has such a vast following on Instagram. The idea behind the influencer strategy is to make the influencers create content on social media that’s quite regular. What’s different in their post is that they would be wearing a Fashion Nova outfit and might mention it in their caption.

The best part is that influencers do not take professional photos but mostly mirror selfies or unprofessional photos. The genius idea behind this strategy is to create a sense of style. It makes the advertisement look natural even if the celebrity received huge amounts for that posts. A single report of a celebrity’s post on their page usually gets up to 80,000 likes on the Fashion Nova page.

Ultra-Fast Fashion Strategy

Fashion Nova history revolves around ultra-fast fashion. In 2018, Fashion Nova beat out top luxury fashion brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dior, and many more to become the most googled fashion brand globally. Due to the slow death of retail, people are now turning to ultra-fast fashion brands like Fashion Nova. The reason is that such brands’ outfits are easier to get. We will also explore the ease at which they’re available in the business model below.

The Platform Model

Today, the business world uses two fashion models: pipeline and platform. Most fashion brands use pipelines today for running their business. They produce designs and push them out there for customers to buy. The product creates its core value, and it represents the company. TV, radios, and even fashion blogs are all pipelines throwing content at us. However, platforms operate a little differently than this. It focuses on allowing users to create the value they would consume themselves. Competition no longer determines the better product, but sales are now dependent on who provides consumers with a better platform. Like top brands like Facebook, Alibaba, and others, Fashion Nova aims at creating communities. Fashion Nova history shows that the brand markets with an effect that allows customers to interact.

The way the brand works, if you’re the only one among your pairs wearing Fashion Nova, it has little value. However, when your family and friends join the brand, then the brand becomes more valuable. So there’s a need to get many people to sign up on the platform to create such a network effect. That’s why the one goal of Fashion Nova’s founder is to get as many people as possible on the platform. To achieve this, Fashion Nova makes it easy for everyone to get the closes.

Fashion Nova History: How the Brand Gets Many People Onn The Platform

There are two main strategies that Fashion Nova employs to achieve its one goal of getting as many people on the Nova platform as possible. Below are the two of them:

Affordable Outfits

Fashion Nova has such an impressive following and broad consumer base because of its affordability. Their outfits are pretty cheap, especially when compared to designer clothes. For example, on the Fashion Nova platform, you can find a pair of jeans for as low as $40. Shoes’ prices are also relatively low, and you can find some at $30 – $60. Dresses are also quite cheap and are rarely above $50. The best part of it all is that there’s always a discount code or sales you can explore. Due to the rock bottom prices the brand offers consumers, it has grown to compete with top fashion giants like H&M, Forever 21, and many more.

Ultra-Fast Delivery of Trends

Saghian often confirms that with Fashion Nova, he was able to turn fast fashion into ultra-fast fashion. On the Fashion Nova website, designers release over 600 new pieces weekly. The CEO explained that many styles were necessary because their customers loved to post online frequently. Therefore, they needed new clothes at all times. In addition, he stated that they didn’t want girls showing up at a club all sporting the same outfit. Therefore, instead of one pair of jeans, Fashion Nova created 50.

The brand can meet the speedy supply chain due to 1000 manufacturers scattered around Los Angeles. In just 48 hours, the company designs and manufactures a new product ready to wear. After 48 hours, the new items are ready for models to wear. The constant availability of new outfits is a top reason why most people keep coming back to Fashion Nova. Most of the NovaBabes don’t want to miss a single trend. Therefore, they are on the platform, scouring through new designs every day.


Fashion Nova continues to set new trends in the fashion world. It defies most standards in the fashion industry and is known for pioneering ultra-fast fashion. Fashion Nova releases over 600 new looks each week, promoted by over 3000 Instagram influencers globally. Fashion Nova history is one of success and effective brand strategies. Additionally, the brand provides instant gratification for young men and women who fit their customer persona. Fashion Nova understands how people consume Instagram content and love to follow fashion trends. Therefore, the company uses this to its full advantage through top celebrities’ endorsements. With its size, inclusivity, and low price point, it’s easy to understand the inside story and its success.

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