Fashion Photography Styles – The Ultimate Guide

Fashion Photography Styles - The Ultimate Guide


Since fashion is everywhere these days, something is needed to capture it visually. Fashion photography has become so popular that you can hardly walk a distance without seeing something it represents. Daily, you see hundreds of images of men and women dressed up or down in a stylish manner. Fashion images like that are either representing or showcasing accessories, clothing, or footwear.

Photography is a high-demand profession in our world today. When it comes to photography, the first impression sure lasts long. Fashion photography styles put the lens on accessories, shoes, bags, clothing, and other items. Displaying these products through photography creates a lasting impression on the audience.

Fashion photographers also tend to be creative to create memorable photoshoots. Fine art photography, for instance, can be sprinkled in with a fashion portrait to create amazing photos for posters and magazines.

Read through this article if you’re interested in knowing more about fashion photography and the styles that distinguish models and create an experience.

  • What Is Fashion Photography? 
  • What are the types of Fashion Photography? 
  • Guides to Fashion Photography Styles

What Is Fashion Photography? 

Fashion photography has grown into a big part of the art world. It is one of the biggest and the most profitable sectors of photography. Everywhere in the world, major fashion houses and fashion magazines are looking for competent fashion photographers to bring out the beauty in their brand.

The fashion industry is a global multi-billion dollar sector. It covers production, design, and sales on many different levels. Almost all of the fashion industry makes use of photography in one way or another. You think of a model walking a runway in surreal costumes when you hear fashion photography.

Fashion photography is one of the most extensive and most diverse areas of photography. This diversity explains why it has different sub-genres. Each genre requires various equipment, skills, and budget—these range from fashion products for ad campaigns to high fashion images. 

What Are the Types of Fashion Photography

Since photography is broad in scope, fashion photography has different areas of focus. A fashion photographer can decide to focus on any of the types of fashion photography. It is essential to focus on an aspect because each area has a different scope. Your focus will determine the fashion photography style to use and how you will go about it. 

Below are the notable types of fashion photography

High Fashion Photography

This type of photography is the most notorious of all other types of commercial photography. When it comes to high fashion photography, it is about selling or showcasing the products and the creative style and vision from fashion houses. 

High fashion photography often stars top models, famous actors and actresses, and football stars. The main idea is to showcase the skills of all the creative minds involved. The work of the fashion designer, the make-up artist, hairstylist, and of course, the photographer will be enunciated. 

Use a full-frame camera to shoot this type of fashion photography or possibly, a medium format. Remember that it is a high-budget production; hence the quality has to be top-notch. 

Editorial Fashion Photography

Style, make-up, hair, and location are essential to editorial photography. Editorial fashion photography is almost the same as high fashion photography because both require unique styling for storytelling. 

Remember, every photography is to relate a story, to pass across an idea. Just like lifestyle photography, an editorial is often aspirational. The model wears a fashion that is not for everyday use. However, the outfit would be something you might want to own. 

They call it editorial because it is the photography feature in books and fashion magazines. Editorial shoots can provide a narrative, tell the story of a product or brand, or illustrate a popular trend.

Street Fashion Photography

This type of photography focuses on real people and their way of life when it comes to fashion. It is an exciting area of photography. It tells the story of what ordinary people wear and how they style it. 

If your interest lies in shooting street fashion photography, you will need to be candid to yourself. Will you focus on natural and sincere shots of actual people on the streets or the staged ones that only imitate the real scenarios. Either way, it is an interesting though demanding genre to venture into.

Catalog Fashion Photography

In catalog photography, the idea is to showcase products. The purpose is to showcase fashion items clearly in an attractive way. The brand will use the model to show the people how their products look to get them to buy.

You do this kind of Photoshoot in a studio with a neutral background. They use a neutral background so that nothing distracts people’s attention from the fashion and product on display.

Runway Fashion Photography

Runway photography has to do with capturing the models’ products, location, and style in a fast-paced environment.

Lookbook Photography

A look book is a small book that portrays the latest collection from a designer. It will present the brand’s new items to potential buyers.

Advertising Fashion Photography

Advertising fashion in photography is just as the name implies.

Glamour Photography

This type of photography sits in between fashion and portrait photography. Glamour photography highlights the beauty of the model. Make-up, hair, and style are critical to bringing out the beauty of the model. Posing is crucial when it comes to glamour photography.

Step by Step Guide to Fashion Photography Styles

Get a professional fashion photography stylist.

As much as DIY is cost-effective, getting a professional fashion stylist will save you a lot of stress. A fashion stylist with experience can take your photography to the next level. Their main task is to put together garments and outfits that match the concept and story you set out to display.

Remember, it is important to conceptualize the outfits for the shoot. A stylist will collaborate with you from the shooting of the story to the presentation.

Be sure of what you want to depict.

Getting the right style for your fashion shoot solely depends on what you want your image to depict. You will first of all need to create an atmosphere that will portray whatever mood you’re trying to express. You can’t choose a relaxed pose if you’re trying to show a sporting and active atmosphere.

Perfect the hand placement

Hands are an exciting area of focus. The hand shouldn’t just be placed anywhere or be left hanging almost lifeless. As a fashion photographer, you must be deliberate about hand placement. There should be a difference between stiff, lifeless, and relaxed. The hands should be relaxed, bent a bit at the joints, and fingers slightly apart. Posing hands is one of the most complex parts of fashion photography. Professional and confident models know where to put their hands to look amazing.

A model with less experience and no confidence will have a hard time posing her hands. At this point, you will have to use your directing skills to perfect the image. They can put their hand gently on the sides of their face. Instead of putting hands on a body part and having it look squishy, they can position it on a body part to attract its attractiveness. 

Focus on the chin

For women, their faces are the selling point. The chin is an important area to focus on. On the other hand, a defined and clear jawline is considered necessary in fashion and portrait photography. Make sure not to add extra weight to the model. Your image should not have something unattractive that can distract the viewer.

Make sure the outfit is fitting.

Now, this is a game-changer when it comes to fashion photography. Make sure the model is wearing the outfit which suits the occasion. Outfits and costumes are essential because an image will not come out right if the model is wrongly dressed.

Also, be mindful of the color of the outfit. Colors have a mind of their own. They pass a personal message irrespective of what you have in mind. What you should do is that you should choose the color that speaks the same language as your mood. Some colors don’t fit into certain atmospheres; they don’t go with some products. All in all, ensure the correctness of your outfit.

Use the suitable model.

Every individual has some unique characteristics that are peculiar to them. However, everyone cannot suit every purpose. Your fashion photography style can only be perfect when you have a suitable model on set. Some fashion models are not wrong. They might not suit your purpose. Decide how many models you want, their age, their gender, and physical outlook.

Get necessary equipment 

Ensure the availability of necessary equipment as well as the spares in case of a catastrophic technical mishap. I would suggest you go with some extra rolls, among other things.

Aside from focusing on the fashion photography styles, the following will also aid your fashion photography career. So take note.

  • Respect the Model
  • Communication Is Key
  • Get Releases
  • Stay Updated
  • Renew Your 
  • Don’t Obsess About The Gear
  • Be A Good Team Player
  • Practice


Fashion photography is fun, engaging, and competitive. Hence, you have to have something that stands you out from the crowd of professional and aspiring photographers. Everyone seeks the fame that comes with the fashion world.

However, the high pressure that comes with the fashion world is what most people don’t consider. No matter how good you are, make sure you’re exposed and informed. The world is gradually changing, and as a fashion photographer, you must follow the revolving fashion trend.

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