Fashion Sustainability Explained [VIDEO]

fashion sustainability explained

Understanding Sustainability in Fashion [Video Transcript]

In this whiteboard animation, we’re going to see why sustainability is such a relevant topic for the fashion industry. It’s well known that the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, second only to the energy industry. During its lifecycle there are multiple ways in which a garment impacts the environment: broadly speaking;  some involve the sourcing of raw materials, some involve the dying and processing of fabrics, some involve the life span of a garment and its disposal. Sustainable fashion is an approach to fashion design, production and use, which focuses on reducing clothing’s environmental impact and its toll on natural resources. This is a problem affecting all of us, and we are all accountable for solving this issue.

There are three main categories of players involved in making fashion sustainable, reducing its environmental footprint. First of all, designers are able to create clothing which makes use of recyclable and recycled materials, that can be worn multiple times without inducing excessive washing, that can be worn in different seasons or that can be adapted to suit different occasions and situations. Managers can make environmentally sustainable production decisions, working with fair-trade certified partners, taking into account the social responsibility involved in global supply chains and by scaling their companies while keeping their carbon footprint in check. but also Consumers need to purchase fashion items more responsibly, making sure the life of a piece of clothing can be extended for as long as possible, by wearing it multiple times. end-users should develop the habit of repairing their clothing and appreciate the story that a garment develops through its use and reuse process.

Sustainability in Fashion is a complex topic requiring us to act on a variety of fronts. Implementing sustainable fashion strategies may entail for seismic changes in our habits, tastes and even perceptions of cleanliness. This, however, is no reason to hesitate, every act counts. If you are a creative professional wishing to learn more about sustainability in fashion, follow 440 industries, a blog dedicated to the business in the creative industries, and learn how you can make a difference.

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Fashion Sustainability Explained [VIDEO] Fashion Sustainability is a complex topic so we try to clarify what we mean with it. Through the whiteboard animation we explain who its accountability.
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