Fashion vs Style – What Is The Difference? 

Fashion and style are two terms that are more common among youngsters. However, most people today are still confused about it or think they’re two terms used interchangeably. This doesn’t just cover the younger generation but many others who still can tell how fashion differs from style. However, this fashion vs style comparison sheds light on how both terms vary and how you can use them. 

Fashion is more about wearing what’s fashionable, while style is choosing what suits you. This article will provide insight into what both terms mean and the notable differences between them. On that note, let’s take a look. 

What is Style?

Style is the method a person expresses themselves. It could be through an architectural style, clothing, or writing pattern. In the fashion industry, style is just a shorter word for style. It covers the way people express themselves through aesthetic choices like their clothing, hairstyle, and accessory. It entails the way a person puts an outfit together.

What is Fashion?

Fashion is a dominant style in a culture and at a specific time. It has more to do with new trends and refers to the mode of dressing during a specific time. The fashion industry sometimes dictates the style of the present. Usually, fashion houses also hose fashion events that highlight clothing that they believe expresses a vision for the future of fashion. Fashion influencers and bloggers then respond to this vision with their ideas. 

Next, retailers use the information from influencers and bloggers to sell fashion items to the public. An essential part of fashion is the dissemination of the latest trends.

Fashion vs Style Comparison – What are the Differences?

There is an overlap between fashion and style; this makes it hard to tell the difference between both terms. However, one way to separate them is to note that fashion is for the collective people while style is personalized. In this section of the fashion vs style comparison, you’ll find some salient differences that show that fashion and style are two different terms. 

Fashion vs Style – Collective vs Individualism

Style is more of individual interest. It requires dressing or picking fashion interests that appeal more to you. That’s why style is a method of expressing your individualism and interest. It isn’t always about what’s fashionable. Most times, style is about what’s comfortable for you. Most people dress based on what attracts them and what they find comforting. 

On the other hand, fashion is about the fashion industry involving many people. It constitutes what is in vogue and choosing what everyone’s interest is. Sometimes, people sell their fashion style to other people.

The lines between fashion and style are so easily blurred. A model is just a part of the fashion world on the runway, and what they wear is simply fashion. However, how they dress at home is their style. Most influencers turn their style into fashion.

Fashion vs Style – Timeless vs Trendy

The style differs from fashion in this fashion vs style comparison based on trends. Style is more of a timeless concept and won’t disappear after a short period. Many people have followed the same style for many years. This is because style is personal and is owned by only you. This part is where you give priority to your ideas instead of considering other people’s ideas. If it works for your body and personality, you will be consistent with it for many years. A stylish person doesn’t follow trends but remains true to their preference. This is because personal style is about a sense of self and not the act of absorbing trends.

However, fashion is all about trends. Therefore, people will no longer follow the old fashionable items and adapt to the trendy options after some years or months. While fashion only stays in the market for a short while, style stays with you for quite a long time. Therefore, being stylish is being able to maintain your choice through different trends. This is because what is fashionable today might not be tomorrow. 

Fashion vs Style – External vs Internal

Fashion focuses on what’s available and what people are interested in. The main focus of fashion is to provide what people prefer instead of focusing on what you prefer. Therefore, the idea behind being fashionable matches the public choice. Fashion usually takes the attention from us, drawing focus on what’s trendy.

Style is entirely different in this regard, as your focus is what you find interesting and your preference. It is more about your identity and perception, making it an internal dealing. Your style usually defines you and doesn’t necessarily match the present trend. Most people’s clothing defines them and tells a lot of people about them. Style usually works to draw attention to you and what you represent.

Fashion vs Style – Fashionable vs Uniqueness

It depends on the public’s perception, while style is your unique choice when it comes to fashion. When you choose what the fashion world finds trendy at a point, you’re choosing fashion over your style. Some fashionable choices are only desirable to particular people at some point. However, style mainly depends on your orientation and concentration. Your personality is reflected through your style. Therefore, when people think of you, they already know what you will be wearing. 

On the other hand, fashion continually reinvents itself and is a form of expression for most people. In addition, most artists express themselves through fashion, and it is a way of making a statement.

How to Discover your Style

Most people don’t know their style and how they can determine what works for them. In this article, we’ll walk you through various steps you can take to determine the style that works for you.

Look for Fashion Inspiration

You can start by looking for inspiration in people whose style you admire. You can either start with your friends and family or broaden your search to social media. Look through the pages of celebrities and influencers who are constantly putting out content. Look out for what attracts you and the trend you’re interested in. It is easier to identify which appeals to you more when you expose yourself to different style types.

Create a Wardrobe

After figuring out which style type appeals to you more, you can create a wardrobe. Then, add pieces you can easily mix and match to create an effortless look. Some essential items that should appear in your closet include a denim jacket, a little black dress, t-shirts, plain blue jeans, and black jeans. Once you create a wardrobe, you can move to the next step of discovering your unique style.

Experiment with Different Styles

There’s a need to experiment with different styles to learn your style. While experimenting, pay attention to how you feel in these styles. At this point, you can also invest in some unique fashion apparel that appeals to you. For example, if you’re into faux jackets, you should make a purchase. Choose the style that truly makes you stand out. 

If every other strategy fails in helping you discover your style, you can take a close look at your closet. Simply take note of the outfits you enjoy wearing and take note of their similarities. By figuring out what makes them ideal for you and what they have in common, you will find your style. The next step is investing in similar outfits. The goal is finding a style that makes you feel confident; therefore, that should be your ultimate goal.

Fashion vs Style – Who is a Personal Stylist?

Personal styling is a booming industry that seems to be continually growing. More people are choosing to invest in themselves and discover their style; that’s where a personal stylist enters the picture. They work with people to create wardrobes that bring out the very best in you. The goal is to pick outfits that complement their personality, taste, body shape, lifestyle, and physic. In addition, they guide a client through a personal journey on inner and outer growth.

You can often find personal stylists on the internet or through recommendations from friends. The process always begins with a meeting where the stylist gets to know you better. They focus on information like your career, passion, taste, favorite colors, dislikes, and what is present in your current wardrobe. Afterward, the stylist offers a wardrobe reset or a personal shopping experience. A wardrobe reset is reorganizing your wardrobe and leaving only items that work. The stylist could start with a physique analysis to determine what works best for your shape.

The personal shopping experience involved pulling together different looks in a fitting room and asking you to try them on. Then, you can choose the outfits that make you feel good and most confident about yourself. Personal styling is separate from fashion styling because it focuses on an individual alone. The stylist carries out careful research and then creates a plan to help you dress to reflect who you truly are.

Fashion vs Style – Who is a Fashion Stylist

On the other hand, fashion stylist works with models. This could be for photoshoots, video campaigns, glossy magazines, etc. A fashion stylist could be in charge of choosing the wardrobe of an entire set or campaign. The primary duty of a fashion stylist is pulling together outfits for models to wear that fit the present themes. A fashion stylist is either editorial or commercial. Some of them, however, work on personal styling projects. A fashion stylist often hones their styling skills for many years before being considered a fashion stylist. Therefore, there’s a need for years of experience before taking on high-profile projects. 

Fashion vs Style: Final Thoughts

Fashion and style are two varying terms, as the article clearly shows. Fashion is continually shifting while style is more dynamic and timeless. Fashion doesn’t consider your comfort, but style is about what suits you and what you find most comfortable. That’s why fashion continues to change, but a person’s style can last forever. We hope this article helps you distinguish between style and fashion and helps you discover your style. 

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