Gen Z Clothing Brands – Why Are They So Popular? 

Gen Z Clothing Brands – Why Are They So Popular?

Gen Z is a generation guilty of bringing loose-fitting jeans back to fashion. It is also responsible for being the driving force of TikTok’s entrance into the social media world. Gen Zs are the new trendsetters, and for brands to remain at the top of the industry, they need to appeal to Gen Z. There are varying reasons why Gen Z favors a brand, but the cool factor seems to be one of them. This is especially true because trends can tear generations apart and bring brands back from the dead. To appeal to Gen Z, there’s a need to learn what they’re interested in: marketing and communication. This article will break down the top Gen Z clothing brands and provide you insight into why they’re so popular. 

Who is Gen Z?

There’s no way to fully understand Gen Z clothing brands without understanding who these trendsetters are. They are those who are born between 1997-2021. Gen Z or Zoomers ultimately make up 30% of the world’s population. Since they’re still young, they tend to live at home with their parents or are still in school. Gen Zs are highly digital; they grew up with social media and a Smartphone available every time. This generation never experienced a world without smartphones. 

Gen Z grew up in a changing world and is amongst the generation that cares about social issues and the environment. Gen Zs are conscious about their world and are always trying to change it for the better. They are amongst the most changing generations available and continually adapt to their world. Therefore, fashion brands need to stand up for a cause to appeal to this generation.

Gen Z Clothing Brands – Luxury Fashion Brands They Love

While Gen Z opts more for wild fashion and streetwear, the brand also favors some luxury fashion brands. This section will explore Gen Z clothing brands that fall into the luxury category.


Gucci is one of the top luxury fashion brands that make the list of Gen Z clothing brands. This brand has Alessandro Michele at his helms, so it is a design house of different generations. Over the years, the brand adopted celebrity muses like Billie Eilish, Harry Styles, and several more rockstars to portray young people’s style. The brand can explore this market while maintaining its loyal customers. It is no surprise that the brand remains number one in the luxury resale across all ages. 

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is another brand that makes the list of best Gen Z clothing brands in the Luxury category. Their iconic LV emblem is one of the most recognizable signets in the world. There are many reasons why Gen Z loves this signet. While it is easy to recognize and classy, Louis Vuitton has offered Gen Z edgy and new pieces with the help of designers like the Late Virgil Abloh. There are also celebrities chosen to represent the brand that helps to further Gen Z’s attraction to the brand, like the Supergroup BTS and the breakout star from the film series Squid Gam’ Hoyeon Jung.’ These celebrities are global ambassadors for the brand and help connect it further with Gen Z.

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne’s influence on modern fashion cannot be ignored, making her one of the top influencers of Gen Z fashion. The Gen Z clothing brands list won’t be complete without mentioning this brand. From printed corsets seen on Gen Z faves like Bella Hadid to the coveted spaceship emblem charm necklace that K-Pop girls seem to take a liking to, it’s easy to understand why Vivienne Westwood is a top choice for most Gen Zs.


This list of Gen Z clothing brands won’t be complete without a mention of Balenciaga. This brand is a favorite amongst Gen Z because it focuses on bold designs. Balenciaga is also recognizable for the innovations it is continually bringing to the fashion industry. Most Gen Zs that love to dress to impress can always count on finding unique pieces of Balenciaga clothing to make a statement. The brand also offers top-quality clothing items that Gen Z can proudly wear. The brand allows Gen Z to explore its style through its different collections.


This brand makes the list of Gen Z luxury fashion brands because they offer this generation everything they’re looking for. Burberry offers modern and fashionable clothes which the brand models using models of different ages and sizes. Being a generation that promotes diversity, Burberry offers a unique look opportunity. The brand’s collection consists of fun and lively pieces of clothing. With Burberry, Gen Zs can wear luxurious clothes that fit their styling preference and their various interests. 

Top Gen Z Clothing Brands

Some brands grow their popularity by going viral, while some work with fashion influencers to develop a buzz amongst potential shoppers. However, there are few brands that shoppers are willing to spend their money on with little to no influence. This section will explore the top Gen Z clothing brands and why this generation picked them. 


Rue21 is not to be confused with Forever 21 and is the best brand to turn to when you’re feeling nostalgic. Rue 21 offers Gen Z an experience that’s as close to connecting with the past as they’re ever going to be. Zoomers love this brand because of its band tees, throwback graphic, and all styles of denim they can find. The brand is size inclusive and offers new arrivals in line with fast fashion that’s common amongst Gen Zs.

Brandy Melville

Another brand that seems to have to have stolen the heart of Gen Z’s female population is Brandy Melville. The brand first started in the USA five years ago and appealed to Gen Z without its unique design. The brand is set to outperform American Eagle and is on its way to becoming the most popular clothing in the Gen Z market. The founder created the brand from a fictional character that embodied the vibe of a brandy girl. In line with their image, the brand creates one-size-fits-all clothes. The female Gen Zs love Brandy Melville because of the exclusivity of a clothing brand that fits everyone. The brand offers inclusivity of being part of a culture and cultivates a positive identity amongst Gen Z.

Forever 21

Forever 21 has topped the Gen Z market for quite a while, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Forever 21’s clothes are perfect for Gen Z looking for outfits that reflect individuality. The brand offers affordable pricing for its outfits. What they lack in packaging, the brand mostly makes up their products. Although they mostly have a limited selection of online clothing items for girls and tweens, most Gen Zs would still mention Forever 21 as their favorite. 

Five Below

When it comes to the Zoomers market, Five Below seem to be topping the charts. This brand offers a vast collection of fun and cost-effective clothing. Its affordability makes up most of the brand’s attraction to Gen Z. Gen Zs are unwilling to spend as much as Millenials usually do on an outfit. However, with everything under $5, Gen Zs can shop for everything they need and still have money left.


H&M is a top choice for Gen Z because of its fast supply chain. The brand’s ability to make its supply chain faster and more accessible is why it is popular amongst Gen Zs. H&M’s clothing pieces are diverse and capture fun and diversity in their collection.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a number 1 destination for most Gen Zs and are invited to festivals to sell their tees, shirts, and shawls. This brand is also a massive success in the Gen Z marketplace because it releases new trends. Although everything about the brand is a paradox, it holds a certain appeal to the generation. Although the brand is associated with many controversies, Gen Z seems to love them despite these controversies. The brand releases many edge-centered collections to stay cool and relevant to Gen Z. Most Gen Zs looking to purchase quirky pop-culture t-shirts turn to Urban Outfitters. 

Off White

For Gen Z to associate with a brand, it needs to cultivate a culture and build an identity they can relate to. Off White doesn’t see itself as a brand that provides clothes. Instead, the brand views itself as the founder of a new culture movement of the Gen Zs. Off White sees its clothes as part of an art movement. They’re famous for their distinguishing emblem that features thick lines signatures and words in inverted commas. The brand used this consistent design to build a distinct brand identity and portray a rebellious persona. This trait is one that defiant Gen Zs in their adolescent years can resonate with. Furthermore, Off White uses Kanye West as a brand ambassador, creating a culture of Gen Zs who are expressive and confident. 


Supreme’s defining feature is that id rejects convention, making it one of the top Gen Z clothing brands. The brand indulges in diverse collections and is a pioneer of scarcity and exclusivity. The brand, however, still maintains accessibility to its shoppers. Although the price tag on some of Supreme’s collaborations exceeds mode people’s budget, the brand best-sellers like their hoodie and the Supreme plain white tees continue to be a Gen Z favorite.

Final Thoughts

Gen Z is the largest generation globally and comprises individualistic confident decision-makers. This generation is responsible for the latest trends in fashion and social media. They are quite the tricky customer, but there are some features that the brand considers when picking their top clothing brands. In this article, we explore Gen Z clothing brands by categories. You will find that these Gen Z clothing brands promote individualism and are pretty affordable. Although Luxury seems to be losing its appeal to these brands, we also reviewed some luxury brands that still appeal to this generation.

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Gen Z Clothing Brands – Why Are They So Popular?  There are many reasons why Gen Z favors a brand. Below is a breakdown of Gen Z clothing brands and why they’re so popular.
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