How the “Street Aesthetic” Clothing Target Market Works

Street aesthetic clothing is amongst the most striking fashion trend to emerge in recent years. It involves producing, promoting, and selling casual fashion in a new method that surpasses traditional retail channels. Generally, when it comes to street aesthetic clothing, customers mostly rally on social media to buy products from the brand. The streetwear market is quite a huge one, and it continues to grow, catching the attention of some of the leading established brands in the fashion industry. Despite its iconic growth, it’s unclear what the street aesthetic clothing target market is most of the time. This article reveals who the streetwear target market is and tips on how you can quickly discover your target market. 

Who’s Street Aesthetic Clothing Target Market?

Figuring out who you should focus on when going into streetwear isn’t always straightforward. However, with ample research, we have figured out the ideal target market for street aesthetic clothing. This set of people are who you need to target if you want to wear streetwear successfully. Our research showed that street aesthetic clothing consumers are primarily young people who fall within 25 and below. The street aesthetic clothing target market is also not the wealthiest set of people. They’re people who earn about $40,000 annually or less. However, this doesn’t mean they do not have money to spend on their top brands. 

Social media mainly influence the street aesthetic clothing target market. Therefore, you want to showcase your product appropriately on the platform. However, you can still connect with the consumers online and offline. Most of them are most likely to purchase products from the brand’s store. To figure out your street aesthetic clothing target market, you should look out for those who believe they’re socially conscious. Therefore, brand activism should be an integral part of your streetwear brand to succeed.

Five Factors That Determines Success in the Street Aesthetic Clothing Market

Knowing your target market is one way to determine success. However, there are ways you can stand out and succeed in the streetwear market. Five factors could determine your success in this market, and understanding them is key to success in the fashion industry. Below are the five factors that determine success in the street aesthetic clothing market; let’s begin.


Most labels can only stay relevant when they continue to redefine themselves. However, authenticity is key to succeeding in the street aesthetic clothing market. The ability to remain true to your origins is how to build loyal customers. Most people within the streetwear target market believe streetwear is always in style. However, to indeed survive the cycles of the fashion industry, it is vital to achieving timeless appeal. Your target market has a very high standard for this fashion label, and authenticity is the best way to meet those standards. To stand out for your target market, your brand activism is essential. 

One way to show authenticity is by emphasizing your heritage as a brand. Always tell your story and continually build on what you stand for. In today’s digital world, an authentic brand purpose is ideal for reaching the target audience. Authenticity also involves listening to your consumers and ensuring that new products fit your root and brand image. Street aesthetic clothing has cultural roots in hip hop. Therefore, there’s also a need to build relationships with music, art, and fashion innovators.


In most parts of the fashion industry, exclusivity is driven by top prices, but it’s different from streetwear. Success in the street aesthetic market is dependent on limited availability. Although most fashion brands show new products through runways, it is different from street aesthetic clothing. This fashion market best introduces new products through another method. One option is to give it to celebrities ahead of the official release to showcase. You can also use the drop method, where consumers come to the store at a particular time to purchase a limited number of items. By making your new products scarce, the desirability of the product increases. It also helps the brand and the consumers connect, which is vital for any fashion brand. Also, you must understand the dynamics of resale as it could affect your overall supply and pricing model.


Democratization is an essential feature of the street aesthetic clothing market. Most brands under this label continually take directions for the consumers directly. A regular supply of products, aesthetics not based on the runway, and affordability are why street aesthetic clothing is ideal for social media. This fashion industry segment has been around for a while and used to create online forums to discuss style. In this forum, fans also discussed brands that a top fashion magazine didn’t cover. Today, most of the street aesthetic clothing market searches for information on platforms like Instagram. This target market doesn’t rely on what magazines tell them to wear and listens to peer opinion. The impact of social media on this target market is excellent. Therefore for new brands in the street aesthetic clothing market, it can be difficult gaining the consumer’s acceptance. 

One way to encourage democratization in your brand is by involving consumers in the creation. Instead of telling them what to wear, involving them in the process helps them connect more. Also, continually utilize new methods to interact with consumers so that there’s a constant dialogue. Another top way to move up in the streetwear market is to partner with an authentic streetwear brand. Doing this helps to establish your credibility and also creates more awareness for your brand. 


Although scarcity is vital for success in the street aesthetic clothing market, affordability guarantees sales. Our research shows that your target audience is usually young adults who aren’t so wealthy for a brand in the streetwear market. This set of people prioritize brands they love, but it needs to be affordable enough to purchase. While being affordable, versatility is also crucial. Therefore, there is a need to be versatile in your products. Explore products like footwear as they have a longer lifespan in the streetwear market. Understand that while making your products affordable, it doesn’t become any less of an art. To successfully navigate affordability for your brand, it is vital to understand the spending pattern of your target audience. Also, take note of the geographical differences in spending. Asian consumers are likely to spend more on fashion items than Europeans. 

You should create a loyalty program that rewards your loyal target market. This action can drive sales faster than targeting those with deep pockets. When your potential consumers view your product pricing as far, it will encourage future sales. It also significantly increases the likelihood of them purchasing your products directly rather than through resales. Instead of trying to offer a broad style range, focus on providing versatile products. 

Seamless Link Between Online and Offline Activities

Street aesthetic clothing and social media’s growth are intricately linked. That’s why every streetwear brand needs to have an online presence. It is excellent for marketing and makes it relatively easy to complete a purchase. Your target market is continually looking to purchase from the brand directly. Two ways you can ensure this is with either a physical store or an eCommerce website. The reason most consumers wanting to buy from an offline store is because of the scarcity. To ensure your products are open to a broader audience, you need to provide a seamless link between your online and offline channels.

Although customers want to visit the store in person, they also want to engage with the brand. If you achieve a seamless interaction between your online and offline channels, it can cut down the cost of traditional marketing activities. It will help street aesthetic clothing brands focus more on growing their organic following. 

You can ensure a seamless link between both channels by driving customer-centricity on both channels. Ensure you establish a personal connection with consumers online and gather information. You can then use this information and connection to improve the experience in the physical space. You should also invest in top IT to have access to the data required to stay relevant. Continually rethink your design and approach, exploring new ways to build a connection with consumers. Another part of your business that ensures seamless interaction between offline and online activities is marketing. Continually evaluate your marketing operations and how interactions take place with the target market. This section of your brand should always be open to ideas and should constantly evolve using data collected.

Top Street Aesthetic Clothing Trends to Hop On

With fashion continually evolving, it’s crucial to monitor the top street aesthetic clothing trends. It will help you discover what new trends would work for your consumers and increase sales. Below are some of the foremost vital trends to hop on.

Plaid Shackets

A new trend that has quickly become popular is the plaid shacket. It is a shirt and jacket hybrid, and it is pretty popular in the streetwear market. This trend is significant because it serves cultural aesthetics excellently. It looks incredible when paired with a hoodie or a graphic t-shirt.

Printed Loungewear

Loungewear is one of the timeless trends in street aesthetic clothing. It became even more popular during the lockdown, and printed loungewear is a step-up from the norms. It gives loungewear a unique feel and is an excellent trend for streetwear brands to hop on.

Varsity Jacket

Another trend that doesn’t seem to be going away is the varsity jacket. Top influencers and celebrities are leading the trend, and with many reboots like Gossip Girl, there is more spotlight on varsity looks. 


Street aesthetic clothing is a fashion category that continually disrupts the market. It is known for brand activism and is a platform for social causes. When breaking into this market, you must understand your target market. This article explains potential consumers to focus on. It also describes factors that play a role in the success of a street aesthetic clothing brand. Armed with information about the top trends and what you need to succeed as a streetwear brand, succeeding with your streetwear aesthetic clothing line is easy.

Social Commerce in Fashion
Social Commerce in Fashion

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