How To Become A Virtual Stylist- A Step By Step Guide

How To Become A Virtual Stylist- A Step By Step Guide

In the 2000s, Fashionistas viewed shopping as cardio. However, with recent developments, we have learned how to do cardio at home. With 2021 came new ways to keep your wardrobe in shape despite restrictions. With the fashion industry moving to online platforms, stylists move to eCommerce mediums to keep up with their customers. Virtual styling is a game-changer for the fashion industry. While online shopping is excellent, it doesn’t tell you exactly what to buy or which color makes you look better. If you love fashion and especially enjoy helping people discover their style, then the right job for you might be a virtual stylist. In this article, we’ll break down in careful steps how you can become a virtual stylist; let’s begin. 

Who is a Virtual Stylist?

A stylist is someone who defines your style. They identify your body type and guide you through different processes of building your wardrobe. A stylist selects clothes and accessories that are ideal for you. That’s precisely what a virtual stylist does for you but through the internet. Virtual styling is far ahead of virtual shopping. It helps you get a fitting experience without ever meeting in person. Although shopping is fun, it is even more exciting when someone with your best interest does it for you. Some people call a virtual stylist a virtual fashion stylist or a digital fashion stylist. Although it comes in many names, it is all the same function. The job of a virtual stylist is always to help clients define their style. They do this by picking the ideal clothes that flatter clients without straying far from their taste or overreaching their budget.

What a Virtual Stylist Does

In some respect, working as a virtual stylist is similar to working as a stylist in person. Your job is to find dresses that flatter your client’s body type and makes them feel comfortable. Most times, it depends on the goal of the client. Sometimes, your client is looking to build a professional wardrobe, and your job is to help them refine their look. The stylist doesn’t impose styles on the client. They don’t force the client to wear things. Instead, they pull together looks for the client and might create a book with various suggestions for the client. Some virtual stylists prefer to shop for the client and send complete outfits to the client. When they do this, the client tries the items and provides feedback to ensure the following set fits. 

A virtual stylist never meets the client physically. This feature might make the styling job more difficult. Therefore, most stylists get acquainted with online tools designed to help them understand the client’s needs. Most stylists start by asking clients to fill questionnaires. These questionnaires usually feature the clothes they wear, their budget, where they shop, and if they enjoy shopping. This questionnaire helps the digital fashion stylist to understand the client’s parameters. This way, they can define how to approach a client’s styling needs. Digital stylists also follow up on their clients, help with special occasions, and advise on putting outfits together. The stylist might ask clients to send pictures to help them get a better idea of what’s more appealing to them. It also provides them a view of what the client dislikes and what you can accomplish for them. 

Skills You Need to Become a Virtual Stylist?

When you dabble into the world of virtual styling, you need to gain some interest in fashion. However, that’s not all becoming a virtual stylist entails. Below are some skills you need, and they go beyond loving the new trends.

Excellent Listening Skills

To become a digital stylist, you need to possess excellent listening skills. The ability to listen helps you understand the client, what they want, and their desires. If the client stated that they prefer a classic look over trendy looks, it would look bad on you as a stylist. If a client isn’t comfortable revealing clothes, you should learn to listen to their preference and avoid such clothing. Such a client won’t appreciate the idea of sheer sleeveless tops. 

Stellar Communication Skills

A virtual stylist must possess communication skills. You should be able to communicate the reason you pick certain outfits for your clients. If you select a specific shirt with stripes, you should briefly explain why you chose it and why you think it’s a fitting choice. When you explain why you made this decision, it helps the client understand your preferences, and they will be more receptive to your decision. When you pick clothes for your client, ensure you communicate how it enhances their personality and benefits them. Learn how to sound like a pro while still displaying your personality to your client through your attitude. 

Stay Trend-Relevant

Being trendy and being aware of recent trends are two distinct concepts you need to be mindful of. It goes without saying that when you become a virtual stylist, you should be aware of the latest fashion trends. If skinny jeans are out of fashion, you should be well aware of that before making suggestions to your client. You shouldn’t make your clients invest in outdated fashion styles because you’re unaware of new trends. However, if your client prefers a fashion piece even if they’re out of trend, you can help them combine it with recent fashion trends that suit your client. However, you should also note when your client isn’t interested in a new fashion trend, don’t force it on them. 

Understand Body Types

An essential part of being a virtual stylist is understanding various cuts, fabrics, and clothing. If your client does not like clingy fabrics, then avoid fabrics like silk and satin. You should also understand the clothing type that works with body types. There are various body styles out there, and as a virtual stylist, you should know what fits each body type better. When you understand your clients’ body type, it will help you choose the ideal style for them. If your client has a short waist, knowing body types will ensure you don’t suggest high-waisted pants to them. If you have a short-height client, you should note that vertical stripes are always a better option. Clients who are on the heavy side would appear leaner in dark pieces of clothing.


A stylist needs to focus on the client. However, this goes beyond providing them with the best style ever. Being a virtual stylist helps clients find and define their styles. It means picking the right outfits for your client irrespective of what’s trendy or not. Also, being client-centered means not forcing your taste on the client. You should also hone your listening skills and let the client always lead the styling.   

How to Become a Virtual Stylist

Now that you know the skills required to become a virtual stylist beyond having a keen fashion sense, the steps to become a virtual stylist are below.

Take Styling Courses

Styling is a fantastic opportunity to earn money doing what you love. To tap into the market, you need to hone your skills, and the best way to do this is by taking virtual styling courses. These courses teach you how you can tap into a market of people who want to spend on clothing but don’t know-how. These courses also help you determine the right field for you. You will connect with top virtual stylists with experience in the job, and you can learn from the top players in the industry.

Connect with Direct Sales Clothing Companies

Another step after completing your virtual styling course is to connect with direct sales clothing companies. Facebook is a great way to explore direct online sales. It allows you to supply your clients with clothes straight from the company. There are many salespeople on this platform who are excelling in this category. Share their fashion pieces and explain to your audience how they can pair them up. You should be excited to share these outfits, your audience will be able to tell, and it will show in your sales.

Additionally, if your virtual styling career involves accessories, you can also explore direct sales jewelry companies. You can work in the best jewelry into outfits for your clients. While you’re earning money from styling clients, you can also earn commission from these sales companies. 

Apply at Fashion Companies

Many fashion companies hire virtual stylists. These companies have clients that fill profiles and then request a fix. As a virtual stylist, you would send them fitting items which you think would work for them. The client will then try the outfits, decide which they prefer and send feedbacks. The more clients accept your suggestions, the more commissions you would earn. You can choose to apply full-time or part-time as a virtual stylist for these fashion companies. Some fashion companies to explore are Keaton RowBombfell, and Trunk Club.

You can also work with designer jewelry companies as a virtual stylist. If your expertise lies in perfecting looks with the right accessories for people, then your ideal job would be working as a virtual stylist for jewelry companies. 

Showcase Your Work Online

Being a virtual stylist allows you to work with clients beyond your locality, city, or country. That’s why you should showcase your talent using online platforms. Creating an online presence helps to place you in front of potential clients. You can start by giving styling tips to your audience. Continually post free outfit suggestions that people can try out. The more people are drawn to your style, the higher the chance of hiring you as a virtual personal stylist. 

Final Thoughts

Virtual styling is not just the future; it has become the present trend. Becoming a virtual stylist can be confusing if you don’t know the resources required or go about it. This article explains in detail the skills you need to excel as a virtual stylist and the steps to help you begin work as a stylist. With these tips, you can start using your creativity to style people online today. 

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