How to Sell Store Cards to Customers? Top Ten Proven Ways

How to Sell Store Cards to Customers? Top Ten Proven Ways


It does not matter what type of store you have or how big your business is; you can get benefits from selling store cards to customers.

Store cards (prepaid cards) are getting popular day by day due to various good reasons. These store cards are quite different from regular prepaid or credit cards. These store cards are equally beneficial for business owners and consumers. Customers can use them for shopping, money management, to get discounts to form their favorite store, etc.

On the other hand, Business owners acquire and retain customers by giving them store cards to visit and revisit their business. Store cards are a big boon for business, so you can miss many customers and sales if you are not offering them. But if you are a store cards vendor and want to increase sales, then the following are some ways to help you sell these cards to customers. Let’s dive into the depth of these ways to get some insight.

Here’s a breakdown of our 10 tips:

1. Know Your Customers or Target Audience
2. Offer a Variety of Store Cards
3. Increase Their Visibility and Draw the Attention of Customers
4. Pay Attention to Marketing Strategies
5. Utilize Social Media Platforms Proactively
6. Engage Other Retailers and Stores Too
7. Offer Discounts and Incentives
8. Special Offers on Special Events and Occasion
9. Take Benefit from Popular Nearby Businesses
10. Show Some Social Responsibility
11. Conclusions

1. Know Your Customers or Target Audience

First of all, know your customers to whom you want to sell these prepaid store cards. This technique can immensely help you to design the right strategies to increase store card sales. Moreover in this way you can increase foot traffic into your store. Nowadays, increased foot traffic means more sales and exploring new opportunities for your business. Ultimately you can earn more money for your business. You can offer store cards for one category or more than one category; this may help you to attract more genuine customers.

Moreover, according to your customer’s wants, you can tell them the benefits which they can enjoy by utilizing these cards. So it is a better idea to know your target audience and their expectations from your business. Moreover, it also depends upon what stuff you are offering in your store. So design your store cards according to the target audience and stuff you are selling. It is also essential to keep your customers’ wants and expectations in your mind. Use all possible ways to aware your customers of all potential benefits which they can get by utilizing your store cards.

2. Offer a Variety of Store Cards

Nowadays, store cards are a popular and convenient way to make your store a shopping destination for customers. These days customers are looking for a one-stop brand shop to cater to all their needs. Store cards allow you to make it easy for them to choose your store as their preferred choice. Offering a variety of store cards supports your customer’s changing and demanding desires. You can offer different store cards which cater to the different fields of life, such as restaurants, entertainment, clothing, shoes, grocery, and retail stores. In this way, you can attract a large number of customers with different choices and interests.

3. Increase Their Visibility and Draw the Attention of Customers

Display store cards in your stores to make sure customers actually see them. You can opt for many ways to increase their visibility. You can put them near checkout counters or put them near the grocery section or any other high customer section. You can increase their visibility and accessibility by putting them into easy pull–off card racks or holders. Sometimes customers who are not aiming to buy these cards, but their visibility help them change their minds. Trust me; this tip can work wonders to increase the sale of store cards.

You can adopt different marketing techniques and creative ideas to draw the attention of customers towards store cards. Your sales team can help you immensely in this matter. You can make an attractive theme corner in your store and put store cards there.

4. Pay Attention to Marketing Strategies

Marketing plays an important role in increasing your store card sales. Utilize all marketing channels to promote and spreading awareness about your store cards. Put your flyers and store cards not only in your stores but put them in nearby businesses’ locations. Utilize all marketing channels include physical channels, e-mail, and social media platforms. You can advertise your store cards on billboards, flyers, and even on advertisements on TV.

  • You can put advertisements for your store cards on any of the famous e-commerce websites, or you can sell them on e-commerce websites too. Nowadays, people love to do things online, so this can go in your favor.
  • Moreover, you can invest in creating store card-centric banners on your website so people may know that you’re selling them.
  • You can use e-mail marketing for this purpose. You can send store card-centric content in your e-mails and newsletters. Many retailers add permanent links in their e-mails. You can do similar in your e-mail marketing strategy so customers can quickly get them. There are thousands of ways to use these marketing tactics in your favor. Send special offers regarding the purchase of store cards and make sure these offers can redeem in-store only.

5. Utilize Social Media Platforms Proactively

The social media platform has revolutionized the marketing and sales of any product. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram can serve you well for this purpose. Use all platforms actively and efficiently, such as pin interest and Instagram.

  • Talk more about your store cards on social media platforms by taking proper marketing initiatives. Post stories and images related to your store cards. You can make Facebook posts with inspiring stories to attract more and more customers.
  • Post stories on Instagram about how your customers are getting benefits from your store cards. High-quality images can serve best for this purpose. You can ask customers to take photos while using your store cards and post on their stories. These customers can avail of some special discounts on further shopping, in this way you can urge more customers to purchase and use your store cards.
  • Use store card hashtag to make it trending. Hashtags are indeed game changers and really make a difference in promoting a business.
  • Another strategy you can adopt is to collaborate with local social media influencers to attract customers. A social media influencer can influence your target customers and urge them to buy your store cards. In this way, you can drive more customers to your store and increase the sale of your store cards. Many stores and business owners are adopting this strategy so effectively.
  • Moreover, you can go for paid marketing on Facebook and other social media platforms. In this way, you can reach more and more but targeted audiences. Paid ads on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram real work wonders.
  • You just need to be proactive while using all these social media platforms and tools. These can bring a more targeted audience to your store or a brand. Don’t overdo the things and be realistic while making posts and uploading stories as nowadays. You can’t make people fool by posting fake things.

6. Engage Other Retailers and Stores Too

 If you want to attract more customers, you can engage other retailers and non-competing business stores for this purpose. You can contact some other local retailers to get some shelf space at other locations.

You can offer some business deals to them such as they’ll display your store cards and you will display theirs. You can adopt any other strategy to engage other retailers for this purpose too. Also, consider getting in touch with some chain stores such as famous grocery or retail stores in your area for this purpose.

Take this step (involving other stores and retailers) carefully and if it makes sense for your business. There is also the possibility that other parties can take a significant chunk from sales or may get more benefits, so be careful. Do proper homework before going for this option.

7. Offer Discounts and Incentives

Incentives and discounts always attract customers. You can offer some discounts on the purchase of these prepaid store cards as discounts always attract customers.

Moreover, you can Offer store cards for spending a certain amount of money on shopping. Sometimes cross-merchandising also helps. Provide buy-one-get-one-free options or other offers for loyal and repeat customers. Incentive programs have become quite common for retailers. People love to get discounts to form their favorite brands or shops. You can offer free gift cards to purchase a store card of a particular value. This can be enough to entice passersby in your store.

Give customers special discounts for posting their photos or videos with your store cards on social media and tagging your store. Sometimes you can offer a flash sale or ten percent discount on the purchase of two or more than two store cards simultaneously. This offer should be for a limited time.

8. Special Offers on Special Events and Occasion

Many people like to go shopping on special occasions or events, so don’t miss the chance to utilize the special events and occasions to advertise your store cards. Festive occasions like Christmas ester or New Year may help you out to bring more customers to your store cards. Depending on your store, there are some occasions that you should pay more attention to than others. For example, if you’re selling babies and mom stuff, then you could create store cards for baby showers or shopping for mom-to-be.

If your store has women’s stuff, then you can attract customers for mother’s day or women’s day. You can give gift cards of some value on the purchase of two or more than two store cards. Users have to come back into your store if they want to use these cards.

9. Take Benefit from Popular Nearby Businesses

This is a very old marketing strategy to attract more customers and increase your sales by utilizing the popularity of other businesses. You can take benefit from popular nearby businesses and stores, such as movie theaters, restaurants, shopping malls, pubs, and non-competing stores. As these popular businesses have many loyal customers, by handing out your store cards and flyers to some popular stores, you can attract more customers. You can also give them some incentives too in the form of monetary terms, so they take more interest in promoting your business.

10. Show Some Social Responsibility

All businesses should be socially responsible as attracting customers through social responsibility is one of the new smart ways. Being socially responsible can help you increase your sales as now day’s customers believe in recycling, environment-friendly products and donating to charities, etc. You can take some straightforward steps to make it obvious to your consumers that you are also socially responsible.

By offering e-statements instead of paper statements or bills, making donations to charities and nursing homes or hosting community engagement programs, etc. moreover you can tell them your cards are made of eco-friendly material, and there are several other things which you can do. You can tell your customer with every purchase of store card; they donate some money to local charities or some good cause. In this way, you can attract a large number of people who believe in contributing to charities, recycling, and environment-friendly things.

11. Conclusions

Last but not least. In this competitive environment, you have to think out of the box to increase your store cards sale. Undoubtedly, store cards have become a great way to engage your customer and make them come back to your store. So you have to be proactive and have to make clever marketing strategies to sell these store cards to customers. You have to engage your sales and marketing team efficiently for this purpose.

One of the biggest mistakes that people really make when it comes to selling prepaid store cards is adopting the wrong marketing strategy or failing to market them properly. Remember, customers won’t automatically buy store cards just because you are selling them. To really sell them, you have to be more proactive about putting them in a visible place and continuously refine your marketing efforts. Moreover, it is a team effort, so engage your marketing and sales team more efficiently for this purpose.

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