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In this first class, we’ll discuss what it means to run a fashion business in 2021, by understanding the value that fashion companies bring to market and what it is that customers expect from the relationship they build with their favourite brands.

The starting point of any business, is understanding what are the benefits that you are going to bing to market to help your customers. In this class we’re going to look into market analysis, customer segmentation and value proposition design.

In order to effectively plan your online presence, you need to first map your customer journey. This will help you to identify the different stages of purchase behaviour your customers will go through and how you can then intercept their intention to buy.  In this class we’ll see how online markets work and how you can use the digital environment to your full advantage.

Designing your website is hard, however there are a few things you can learn to help you make your user’s experience more smooth and engaging. In this class we’re going to look into a few tips and tricks to design your app and site pages to optimise conversion.

Social commerce and mobile commerce follow their own unique rules. This is why it’s important to understand what are the forces that shape online behaviour when designing your social media strategy. In this class we’re going to look into social media marketing and community validation.

With no intent to offer any type of financial advice, in this class we’ll delve into the world of startup funding. If your business is growing and you are looking to support this growth by attracting capital, in this class we’re going to talk all about it.

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CEO @ 440 Industries

Prof. Thomas Brownlees is a university lecturer and business consultant specialised in fashion business, intellectual property and lean management. Prof. Brownlees is here to help you learn the fashion business you need to push your creative vision to the next level.

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