Kate Spade vs Coach – A Brand Comparison

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Which leather goods brand is more suitable for you?


The luxury leather goods category is amongst one of the largest and fastest growing in the world, amounting to a whopping USD $66.21 Billion in 2022 and an expected annual growth rate of 6.08% (CAGR 2022-2027). In global comparison, the USA alone amounts to over USD $17.16 Million in 2022.

When considering which luxury bag to purchase, the possibilities are endless as brands across the globe aggressively work to immerse their target audiences into a marketing trance. Two extremely popular brands currently at par with one another are Coach and Kate Spade. With both brands bringing vastly different brand experiences, clients continuously dance the line of which to choose. Although a remotely similar product range, the brands differ in many ways. In this article, we plan to explore these differences. 


Coach: History

In 1941, Coach was founded as a family-run business in which six artists collaborated in a Manhattan loft to design a collection of leather goods focused on wallets and blindfolds. Throughout the generations, the group has used skills that have been passed down from generation to generation. Since Coach’s products were introduced to the market, consumers have been seeking more handbags that feature Coach’s signature craftsmanship and quality, contributing to the brand’s success. 

In addition to modern accessories, Coach has grown into a leading fashion brand. Their product offerings go beyond handbags as they now provide beautiful accessories and gifts for both genders. They offer a wide range of products, including men’s bags, footwear, travel accessories, small leather goods, fragrance, handbags, watches, and other related items.

Coach: Designs

As a luxury goods company, Coach provides classic, durable, and dependable products paired with the brand’s rich New Yorker DNA. By maintaining the iconic and classic American style for over 80 years, it is the spirit and character of the brand that keeps customers coming back for more. The brand offers a vast range of lifestyle accessories in different categories, fabrics, and styles. Despite going through a light decline, the company’s rebrand over the past few years has led to positive changes, leading to a younger and fresh target audience. 

Coach: Material and Durability

Coach is amongst the longest-running handbag brands in the US. Additionally, they’re known for their top-quality leather goods and handbags. Most people would describe Coach products as timeless. Their craftsmanship and quality are extremely high, therefore, you can expect the quality of the materials used to be very high. The brand’s longevity proves its staying power in the fashion industry

Coach believes that “better-made things can help create a better-made future—and this starts with the materials we use in our products. Though we’ve always prided ourselves on using high quality leathers and textiles, we’re working hard to transition to environmentally responsible materials throughout our collections.”

Coach: Popular Styles

Rowan Satchel in Signature Canvas

With its signature coated canvas and smooth leather, this Coach handbag is a total conversation starter. This bag is available in over 20 colors for your preference, and features multiple pockets for all your essential items, as well as a detachable shoulder strap. Also available is a detachable shoulder strap for crossbody wear. 

Gallery Tote Shoulder Bag

As well as the brand’s signature coated canvas, it also comes in cross-grain leather for a chic look. It is available in 17 colors and has several multifunctional pockets.

Women’s Corner Zip Wristlet

With a wrist strap and premium perforated leather, this bag is perfect for those who do not want huge bags. It is available in five colors and can be customized.

Kate Spade

Kate Spade: Fresh Beginnings

Kate Spade launched her namesake brand in 1993 after utilizing her extensive accessories knowledge to follow her passion. With the launch of her iconic rainbow collection, Spade quickly gained widespread popularity among fashionistas. This brand represents positive femininity in its purest sense. In today’s world, the company is a global lifestyle and style house that offers handbags, clothes, shoes, jewelry, home décor, tech accessories, as well as a few other products that represent the brand’s philosophy of polished ease. As a result of putting a high value on details, Kate Spade maintains these principles that define the brand.

As a global lifestyle brand, Kate Spade has opened several retail outlets over the years in all major cities around the world. Spade’s vision was to inspire colorful living through her designs and the brand’s product offerings have held high to this standard throughout the years.

Kate Spade: Designs

The brand’s vibrant colors, designs, and silhouettes reflect the personality of Spade, a truly unique individual. As a result of her original line of nylon, linen and straw garments, the brand became essential for every working woman and elite celebrity alike. Kate Spade has become a great entry point into the world of luxury for young women due to its wide variety of designs appealing to a wide variety of tastes. 

Kate Spade: Material and Durability

Even though Kate Spade bags are made with excellent craftsmanship, they remain quite affordable. The style and materials used in the production of the brand are indicative of Spade’s desire to create a brand with longevity in mind. The material used in the manufacture of Kate Spade leather goods is of very high quality. This brand uses a variety of materials in the creation of its products, such as canvas, nylon, crosshatched leather, smooth Italian leather, and pebbled leather. Crosshatched leather trim is usually found on the nylon and canvas totes produced by the brand. Some of Kate Spade’s newer collections also feature vegan leather. 

Kate Spade: Popular Styles

Knott Mini Satchel Bag

As the name implies, this bag features knotted sides that make it a perfect day-to-day chic option for the modern woman. The bag is small but just roomy enough to fit your essential items, with internal pockets that make it easy to organize. There are three accessible pockets on this bag, as well as a lobster clasp that secures your items. Furthermore, this bag can be purchased in a variety of vibrant colors, so that it matches any outfit.

Locket Canvas and Leather Shoulder Bag

Adding a colorful touch to your outfits are easy with this Locket Canvas and Leather Shoulder Bag. In addition to the soft leather, it comes with canvas panels which feature a classic jacquard fabric displaying beautiful flowers across the body. As a result, it is easily recognized because of its unique design, which allows the bag to be closed with a delicate navy-gold padlock. Additionally, it has slip pockets, zipped pockets, and more to organize your items. 

All Day Large Canvas Tote

It comes in a durable coated canvas and is excellent for everyday use. If you like floral jacquards, you will love this bag. It is also roomy to hold all your essentials and even your laptop. It is a durable option that will last through different seasons and conditions. Additionally, it is equipped with a detachable pouch which can be used for storing smaller items. 

Coach vs. Kate spade: Main Differences

As a result of knowing the brands’ histories and designs, you might wonder how the two brands differ. There are several categories in which both brands differ, which will be discussed in this section.

Coach vs. Kate spade: Aesthetics

Since the aesthetics and business models of these two brands are quite different, it is difficult to compare them objectively. Having entered the fashion industry in the 1990s, Kate Spade offers a more youthful style to its customers. Aside from this, they usually provide a variety of colors and features that make their bags stand out from those of other well-known brands. 

Conversely, Coach offers a variety of classic bags whose designs are usually available in classic colors and silhouettes with a few statement pieces scattered throughout the collection. They sometimes embellish their bags with pops of gold and silver in buckles, clasps, and other functional elements.

Kate Spade is typically worn as a colorful accessory. As a result, you may require a different style for varying outfits and seasonal clothing. In contrast, a Coach handbag can be worn with a variety of outfits throughout the year. Additionally, both brands offer a style that appeals to a wide range of age groups. It has been observed that Kate Spade appeals to younger people who are seeking vibrant colors, whereas Coach appeals to older women who are seeking 

Coach vs. Kate spade: Materials

Handbags are crafted from a variety of leather types, depending on the brand. Coach’s leather goods are typically made from soft or pebbled leather, so the leather used by the brand is more luxurious and of a higher quality when touched. 

In contrast, Kate Spade uses Saffiano leather. This type of leather was exclusively used by Prada for a considerable period of time. A double treatment of this leather ensures high levels of durability, as well as enhancing its weatherproofing properties, thereby requiring less maintenance. 

Coach handbags are said to last longer than Kate Spade handbags by some women. However, due to the leather composition of Coach handbags, they will always require more maintenance than Kate Spade handbags. 

Coach vs. Kate spade: Brand Perception

Brand perception is another notable difference between the two companies. 

Even though both brands are highly desirable for their respective reasons, Coach has a much richer brand heritage, which may be particularly relevant to certain demographics of shoppers. The logo is highly recognizable considering the brand’s long-standing relationship with the fashion industry and audiences look for timeless elegance when choosing to shop here. 

On the other hand, although Kate Spade has also established a unique and highly recognizable logo, the brand is newer. The brand aesthetic is playful, with bold colors being used in everyday collections. Kate Spade’s affordability is a key factor in the brand’s appeal. by providing an entry-level luxurious price point to a demographic who is looking to “make it” in the fashion world. As well as maintaining its status, the company can justify their product selection. 

Coach vs. Kate spade: Pricing Model

It is important to note that the materials used by both brands have an impact on their pricing. It is not unusual for Coach handbags to have higher price tags than Kate Spade handbags due to the use of more luxurious leather. In general, Coach handbags range in price from $100 to $2000, while Kate Spade handbags are available for $100 to $500. In addition to the lower prices attached to Kate Spade products, you can choose from a variety of colors and styles to complement your outfits. Conversely, Coach styles can ensure a timeless, classic look that will complement any outfit. 

Final Thoughts

Several handbag brands are available in the fashion industry today, so the options are endless! After comparing both brands in different categories and examining their differences, we see that it is important to consider your style and preference, as well as the price and material. If you are looking for timeless and classic bags, Coach is the best option. Kate Spade bags, on the other hand, cater to those who want vibrant and youthful bags. In terms of quality and durability, Kate Spade and Coach are both excellent investments for women of any age.

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