Kate Spade vs Coach – A Brand Comparison

Kate Spade vs Coach – A Brand Comparison

A purse is as much a fashion piece as a handbag to women. However, knowing which brand you should choose when buying a handbag or purse can be quite difficult. Kate Spade and Coach are two of the most popular brands for luxury handbags. People are continually asking which brand is better to spend your money on. Although their products are similar, you might wonder if there’s a difference in their quality. In this article, we’ll explore the differences these brands offer. Read this Kate Spade vs Coach comparison to learn their differences and history.

Kate Spade vs Coach – Coach History

Coach began in 1941 and started as a family-run workshop. Six artists worked together in a Manhattan loft to create a collection of leather goods. They utilized skills passed down from one generation to the next. Once they released the products into the market, consumers started to seek more handbags that offered the quality and special nature of Coach’s unique craftsmanship. Coach continues to grow famous over the years due to their style and craftsmanship. 

Today, Coach is a leading fashion brand that offers modern accessories. Their product offerings go beyond handbags as they now provide beautiful accessories and gifts for both genders. Their collections include men’s bags, footwear, travel accessories, men’s and women’s small leather goods, fragrance, handbags, watches, and other related items.

Coach Designs

Coach is an accessible luxury fashion brand that offers classic, durable, and dependable products. The man has maintained the classic American style for over 80 years; it is the spirit and character of Coach. The brand offers a vast range of lifestyle accessories in different categories, fabrics, and styles. The brand also began to launch fewer bags with logos and more elegant colors. Over the years, Coach began to change its products to cater to a younger audience.

Coach Material and Durability

Coach is amongst the longest-running handbag brands in the US. Additionally, they’re known for their top-quality leather goods and handbags. Most people would describe Coach products as timeless. Their craftsmanship and quality are pretty high. Therefore, you can expect the quality of the materials used to be very high. The brand’s longevity proves its staying power in the fashion industry.

Kate Spade vs Coach – Kate Spade’s History

This Kate Spade vs Coach comparison wouldn’t be complete without viewing Kate Spade’s history. The brand started in 1993. Kate Spade is a fashion designer who decided to utilize her accessories knowledge to launch her handbag brand. She began with a small boutique in Manhattan and soon became quite popular with the release of her rainbow collection. This collection features cool and quirky handbags, which accounted for the brand’s fame in the 1990s. Kate Spade’s handbags were unique in their sleek and modern looks. They also offered pops of color and practical shapes.

Over the years, the Kate Spade brand expanded to include several retail outlets. Its products are available in high-end stores and are a global lifestyle brand today. The goal of Kate Spade is to inspire colorful living through their handbags. The brand’s product offerings include stationeries, jewelry, fragrances, beddings, shoes, eyewear, and similar products.

Kate Spade Designs

Although Kade Spade is quirky, their products soon became a preppy rite of passage for most women. There are a variety of classic and vibrant shades of products offered by Kate Spade, and you can usually find the right shade for you. Kate Spade bags are not fussy; they’re pretty sleek, affordable, and colorful. It is a common choice for urban women who want a designer bag but can’t afford the exorbitant tags on other luxury brands. 

Kate Spade Material and Durability

Kate Spade bags are quite affordable despite being crafted with stellar craftsmanship. Kate Spade created the brand with longevity in mind. This is apparent in the style and materials used in its production. Kate Spade bags are produced using highly durable materials. Some of the common materials used by the brand in the creation of their products include canvas, nylon, crosshatched leather, smooth Italian leather, and pebbled leather. The nylon and canvas totes produced by the brand usually feature a crosshatched leather trim.

Kate Spade vs Coach – Main Differences

Now that you understand the brands’ history and their designs, you might be wondering what the main differences between the two brands are. This section will explore the distinctions between both brands in various categories. 

Kate Spade vs Coach – Styles

Regarding style in this Kate Spade vs Coach comparison, the two brands are quite different, so this depends on your preference. Kate Spade, who came into the fashion industry in the 1990s, offers a young hipper style to its audience. In addition, they usually provide various colors and unusual features that set their bags separate from other common brands. 

On the other hand, Coach offers classic bags. Their various designs are usually available in brown and black colors. Sometimes, their bags feature pops of gold and silver in the buckles, clasps, and other functional features of the brand. In addition, some of Coach’s products are available in bright colors.

Most people wear Kate Spade as a colorful accessory. This means you might require a different one for varying outfits and seasonal apparel. On the other hand, a single Coach handbag can go with several outfits throughout the year. In addition, both brands offer a style that attracts different age groups. While Kate Spade appeals to the younger people looking for vibrant colors, Coach appeals to older women looking for a classic and basic style.

Kate Spade vs Coach – Materials

Additionally, there is also a distinction in their materials which we will explore in this Kate Spade vs Coach comparison. Each brand has a preferred leather they use for their handbags. Additionally, Coach uses a more luxurious leather. They use pebbled or soft leather in the production of all their handbags. By simply touching it, it’s easy to tell it is the best quality.

On the other hand, Kate Spade utilizes saffiano leather. This leather is tough and double-treated to ensure its durability. Prada was the only brand using this form of leather for quite a while. This type of leather is weatherproof than Coach’s leather choice and requires less maintenance. Additionally, Coach purses are more durable in the long run.

Some women say Coach handbags lasted far longer than their Kate Spade bags. However, a Coach handbag will always require more maintenance than Kate Spade because of the leather. When making your choice of preferred brand, keep this in mind.

Kate Spade vs Coach – Image

Another difference you need to note in this Kate Spade vs Coach comparison is the image of both brands. Both are highly desirable and respired. However, Coach has been around for much longer; it has become a standard. On the other hand, Kate Spade established a unique and colorful brand with a small black recognizable logo. In addition, Kate Spade’s image appeals to a broader audience because it is youthful and is quite playful in its design. 

Coach image is quite different, and its logo represents luxury and gives the idea of the long-established brand. You know you’re getting a semi-luxurious durable brand famous for its quality leather bags with Coach. They won’t offer you the ultimate luxury you’ll get from brands like Chanel or Michael Kors. However, Coach offers you durability and simple quality. On the other hand, Kate Spade is far from luxury but provides a fun variety of affordable fashion items.

Kate Spade vs Coach – Pricing

The materials used by both brand affects the pricing of their products. By using more luxurious leather, it’s normal to find Coach handbags with higher price tags than Kate Spade. You can find most Coach handbags for between $100 to $2000. On the other hand, Kate Spade handbags are available at prices ranging from $100 to $500. The lower price tags attached to Kate Spade products make it affordable, so you can buy different colors and styles to go with your different outfits. With this brand, you don’t have to settle for one handbag. On the other hand, you can get a Coach handbag that will go with every outfit you own. 

The Value of Fashion Brands
The Value of Fashion Brands

Kate Spade vs Coach – Popular Kate Spade Handbags

In this Kate Spade vs Coach comparison, we’ll be exploring the top three handbags from Kate Spade that remain a favorite with customers. Kate Spade is famous for offering bags in eye-catching colors and shapes; let’s take a look.

Knott Mini Satchel Bag

As the name implies, this bag features knotted sides that make it a perfect day-to-day chich option for the modern woman. It is small but just roomy enough to fit your essential items. It also offers you internal pockets where you can organize everything. The accessible pockets on this bag will efficiently carry your possessions, and it features a lobster clasp to secure your items. In addition, this bag is available in various attention-grabbing colors to match your every outfit.

Locket Canvas and Leather Shoulder Bag

If you want to add a fun, colorful touch to your outfits, this Locket Canvas and Leather Shoulder Bag is ideal for achieving that. It comes from soft leather combined with canvas panels that feature a classic jacquard fabric that displays pretty flowers across the body. Therefore, the design is easy to recognize. Its unique design allows you to close the bag with a delicate navy-gold padlock. In addition, it features slip pockets, zipped pockets, and more to keep your items organized. 

All Day Large Canvas Tote

If you want floral jacquards, this is the bag for you. It is excellent as an everyday bag and comes from a durable coated canvas. It is a durable option that will last through different seasons and conditions. It is also roomy to hold all your essentials and even your laptop. In addition, it comes with a detachable pouch for storing smaller items. 

Kate Spade vs Coach – Popular Coach Handbags

In this Kate Spade vs Coach comparison, we’ll also be exploring some of the best Coach handbags in the market today. 

Rowan Satchel in Signature Canvas

This is a timeless handbag by Coach that is a total conversation starter. It features a signature coated canvas and smooth leather to ensure its durability. It also comes with several pockets for all your essentials and a detachable shoulder strap for shoulder or cross-body wear. In addition, this bag is available in over 20 colors for your preference. 

Gallery Tote Shoulder Bag

This bag also features the brand’s signature coated canvas. It is durable and smooth and comes in cross-grain leather for a chic feel. There are several multifunctional pockets on the bag to hold your items. It is available in 17 colors.

Women’s Corner Zip Wristlet

If you don’t want huge bags, this is ideal for you. It is made using premium perforated leather and is big enough to hold your essentials. It is available in five colors and features a wrist strap. 

Final Thoughts

There are many handbag brands in the fashion industry today, so the options are endless. In this Kate Spade vs Coach comparison, we explored their differences in different categories. The best option comes down to your style and preference. However, the price point and material could also be a determinant. If you’re looking for timeless and classic options, Coach is the best option. On the other hand, Kate Spade bags are for those looking for colorful and youthful options. Kate Spade and Coach offer good quality and are long-lasting; they’re an excellent investment for any woman.

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