Leather Business Names For Your Brand

Leather Business Names For Your Brand

Leather is a solid and versatile material that man has consistently used for thousands of years. Leather is common in producing many items from furniture to shoes, sports equipment, bags, and many more. Despite there being many materials available for use today, leather remains a valuable option for you. If you want to dive into the leather industry world, there are several ways you can do that. You could choose to create your leather purses, home furnishing, clothes, shoes, and more under your brand. However, you’ll need a catchy leather business name before proceeding. That’s why we’ve come up with excellent leather business names for you.

Our list will provide inspirational names from which you can use or craft something unique. In this article, we’ll also explore some leading leather businesses and where their names came from. We’ll also include tips to help you pick the perfect leather business name. So keep reading to find all the leather business names you can utilize for your brand.

Original Leather Business names for Your Brands

There are many leather brands out there. Therefore, you must choose something creative and original for your brand. With that in mind, below are some innovative and original leather business names for your brand.

  • Hide & Skin
  • Whiskey Leather
  • Ranch Leather
  • Skin Cult
  • All-Weather Leather
  • The Leather Works
  • Dusty Leather
  • Pure Source
  • Belt Buckle Leather
  • Earthy Foodstuff
  • The Italian
  • Limp Lace
  • Crimson
  • The Special
  • The Pliable
  • Italian Leather
  • Red Gat
  • The Untanned
  • Supple Hides
  • Imperial Hides
  • Displeasure Leather
  • The Light
  • Erase Handmade
  • The Damp
  • First Hand Loom
  • Italian Handsewn
  • Stretcher Leather
  • Light Leatherwear
  • Burnt Leather
  • Old Skin
  • First Overhand
  • The Necessary Wears
  • Buff Fur
  • The Rough
  • White Handwoven 
  • Yellow Leather

Fun Leather Business Names for Your Brand

Looking for something fun for your leather business? We’ve got you covered; check out these fun names that we think would be ideal for an excellent leather brand like yours.

  • Dyed Tanning
  • Lever Leather
  • Limb Lambskin
  • Special Camp
  • The Most Homemade
  • Successor Leather
  • Merchandise
  • Dyed Tanning
  • Excellent Fur
  • The Russian 
  • The Wet
  • Burnt Skin
  • The Raw Pager
  • Dyed Skin
  • Window Dresser
  • Escher Leather
  • The Valuable
  • Traditional
  • The Finest Dustpan
  • Old Shovel
  • The Earthly
  • The Expensive
  • The Synthetic Dustpan
  • Cheaper Material
  • The Gilt
  • The Finished
  • The Shiny
  • Smooth Skin
  • The Durable
  • Small Handwoven
  • The Nontraded
  • The Moroccan
  • Limp Lacquer
  • Priced Garments
  • The White Hats
  • Air Pressure Leather
  • Handwoven
  • Civilian Items
  • More handstitched

Unique Leather Business Names for Your Brand

Before determining the logo for your brand, you should choose your brand’s name. Its uniqueness is what will attract people to your brand. We’re here to help as always. So, check out these unique leather names to get your company off to a good start.

  • Tedder Leather
  • Supple Read
  • Small Overhand
  • Earthly Wares
  • Intermediate
  • English Hand Crafted
  • Environmental
  • Pressure Leather
  • Little Handwoven
  • Blue Skin
  • The Hard
  • Traditional Oversewn
  • The Necessities
  • Stiff Fur
  • The Strong Hide
  • Thin Skin
  • Spanish Hat
  • Small Handicraft
  • Light Lacquer
  • Baked Garments
  • Buff Hide
  • Morrocan Hides
  • Italian Fur
  • Civilian Imports
  • Limp Loden
  • Fine Hand Crafted
  • Heavy Read 
  • Necessary Necessities
  • Imperial Skin
  • Unique Handcraft
  • English Overhand
  • Domestic Garments
  • Dark Pager
  • Cracked Height
  • Create Handmade
  • Ever Leather
  • The Oiled Pager
  • The Upper
  • The Grained
  • Yellow Fur
  • The Quality Wears
  • Better Leather

5 Best Leather Business Names

In the world today, several leather business names are already in use. Real leather companies have claimed these names, and knowing them will help you determine the best option for you. Below is a simple breakdown of some of the best ones. 

Buckle & Seams

This successful leather brand is famous for providing top-quality cowhide leather products to the public. Their leather is prepared using a national vegetable tanning process. The brand name relates to many unique aspects of leather products. The name is very catchy, and we also find it a fun leather business name. It utilizes two works that automatically make you think of leather products. The best part is that this name is one of the easiest to remember.


This online leather store provides customers with several quality leather products. Their focus is also on leather goods entirely. Amongst the list of unique leather business names, Leatherology stands out. The name is unique because although it is one word, it is highly memorable. It also automatically informs the customers what to expect in this company. Customers automatically assume Leatherology is a great place to shop for leather products.

Craft and Lore

This leather business has been around since 2014. The name reflects leather making and the craft that creates many leather products. This name is quite beautiful and automatically makes you think of the tradition and heritage that comes with leather working. In addition, it creates a positive impression of the brand in customers’ minds. When you hear this brand name, you automatically assume they take time and care to create their leather products. 

Montana Leather Company

This is a very successful leather company that’s popular online and offline. The company takes inspiration from its name from its location in Montana. This is an excellent leather business name because it is unique and simple. Montana is a state famous for its impressive leather goods and connection to nature. Therefore, it works as part of the brand name to add some quality and authenticity to the name. 

Wolf & Shepherd

This is a men’s shoe company that’s been around since 2015. The company focuses on top-quality Italian leather and is an original creation from the brand. The name is unique for the leather industry, making it stand out. In addition, it automatically gets people curious about what the company offers. Therefore, it still works well as a leather company name and has a unique sense of style that makes it work well amongst the list of leather business names available. 

Tips and tricks for Choosing the Ideal Leather Business Name for Your Brand

The right business name needs to be memorable and simple. You also want to pick a name that conveys the meaning of your brand. To help you sift through this list of leather business names, we’ve developed five tips you should keep in mind. These useful tips will be instrumental in helping you name your business. 

What Is Your Unique Selling Point?

When thinking of leather business names for your brand, you should focus on the best feature of your company. What’s unique about your business and makes it stand out? Is your goal to provide customers with the best quality when it comes to leather products? Are you trying to make your customers think of premium leather or elegance when they touch your products? Is the goal to use traditional leatherworking techniques for your leather production? Ensure you add relevant words to your leather business name to help you stand out while drawing attention to your unique selling point.

Carry Out a Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is the next step you need to take as it will save you a lot of time. When you carry out a competitor analysis while searching for leather business names, it gives you an idea of the names to avoid and how your competitors name their brands, so you can use that information in crafting something unique for your brand. In addition, it informs you of trends and also gives you ideas that could serve as inspiration for your own. 

When you’re analyzing your competitors, like the ones explored in this article, you should consider the business or product value they convey in the business name. Amongst your competitors, who does it best? Figuring this out will also make you curious about how it works while inspiring you to come up with a better name. 

Focus on Naming Rather than Describing Your Business

One of the common problems most businesses have is trying so hard to describe their business in the business name. This leads to using overused leather-like hide, pigskin, or leatherworks. Take inspiration from Wolf & Shepherd, which is one of the successful leather businesses today. Name your business in a way that attributes a story to it. 

Shortlist Your Ideas

Once you have some possible leather business names for your brand, analyze your ideas and remove the names you believe would be difficult to remember or pronounce. Remember to keep it simple and memorable. Ensure that the name communicates your brand values to your target audience. You should also pick names that avoid the overuse of popular cliches and words in the leather-making industry. 

Get Feedback from Friends and Family

Once you have some leather business names you would prefer for your brand, test it out on those close to you. Ensure that you ask them for honest feedback on the names. This is important because even if you think the name you chose is great, some extra opinion might help you see the flaws in the name. Ensure you ask your family and friends for their honest opinion; their valuable feedback could help you significantly improve the name while giving your business a good start. 

Confirm It’s Available

Once you’ve found the perfect leather business name for your brand, you might want to start setting up your social media accounts and website. First, you might have to stop and confirm that your chosen name is available. Most times, you think you’ve found the perfect name. However, you could soon find that another business in the same industry or something different already uses the name. Therefore, check for domain availability and social media platforms to confirm the name hasn’t been claimed by somebody else already. 

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Final Thoughts

Choosing the right leather business name for your brand is trickier than expected. However, we’ve gone all the way to make the process easier for you. Checking out the list of popular leather names and why they’re such excellent choices will help you come up with something unique and outstanding for your leather brand. Our tips and tricks also work to make the process much easier for you. We hope this simple guide was helpful and wish you the best in finding the ideal name for your leather brand. 

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