Levi’s vs Wrangler- Who Has Better Denim

Levi’s vs Wrangler- Who Has Better Denim?

We can’t talk enough about Jeans. It is a favorite wardrobe item because of how casual, stylish, and comfortable it can be. You can choose to wear jeans if you simply want to remain comfortable or wear a pair of blue jeans to look trendy. Sometimes, you can simply wear a pair to keep yourself safe during a rodeo. The question because how do you know the right choice for you with so many styles and kinds available? To help you with your choice, we’ll be diving into a Levi’s vs Wrangler brand comparison in this article.

These two brands embody the true American spirit: tenacity, ingenuity, and grit. However, they have different histories and appeal to diverse audiences. In this article, we’ll be diving into what makes them unique and their key differences. The goal is to help you determine who has better denim amongst the two American giants. Without further ado, let’s dive in. 

Levi’s vs Wrangler – Levi’s History

Levi’s is known worldwide as an American brand founded by Levi Strauss in 1853. Additionally, he was a Bavarian immigrant who had an excellent eye for business. Levi accompanied his brothers to New York, where the family ran a dry good export company. Levi noticed the market growth on the West Coast and decided to open a branch in San Francisco. He also dealt with resistant denim fabric alongside the business. However, the opportunity came when one of his clients, Jacob Davis, asked him to partner with him and finance his innovative fashion product: jeans with metal rivets, never seen before.

The partners got a patent in 1873, which was the birth of blue jeans. The brand surrounded itself with a popular myth relating the business to the California Gold Rush. These rumors gave the company an aura of audacity and adventure. However, the California Gold Rush peaked in 1849 before the registration and launch of the brand’s famous jeans, the 501.

From the beginning, Levi’s denim overalls were only targeted at cowboys, the working class, and loggers. Their big break came in the 1930s when jeans began to spread to the East Coast as people came home from their Western holidays. They came back with several memories and their jeans. From the 60s till the 80s, Levi’s continued to boom as a cultural symbol for youngsters. To keep up with competitions in 1986, the brand released Dockers, a line that targeted a new set of customers: the trendy office workers. Levi’s has continued to grow and now has greener products and a smart jacket that can connect with your mobile. 

Levi’s Venture into Jeans for Women

Levi’s focused on men as they manufactured jeans for quite a while. However, things began to change with World War I when women were called to work and had to borrow men’s jeans. Since trousers were not acceptable for women, Levi’s decided to create something more appropriate but practical and comfortable. The brand creates Freedom-Alls, a one-piece cotton dress with balloon trousers. The ‘dude ranch’ holidays were successful for the brand, so they launched Lady Levi’s in 1934. These were the first-ever jeans made for women’s silhouettes, although zippers and button flys were quite unconventional in those days. From that period onward, Levi’s and jeans became a symbol of freedom. People wore it as a rebellion against cultural norms and the establishment; many women embraced this trend and were searing wearing jeans. 

Levi’s outfits are pretty iconic both in history and in looks. This is apparent in each product as it reflects the brand’s attention to detail and quality. The company clearly understands the importance of guiding their customer in innovations and style. Therefore, the company continues to strive to stay ahead of the curve. 

Levi’s Vs Wrangler – Wrangler’s History

Wrangler is a part of the Kontor Brand, founded by C.C. Hudson. Hudson moved to North Carolina from Tennessee to work in a textile factory in Greensboro. However, the plant shut down after a while. This led to Hudson buying some sewing machines and starting his own business. In partnership with Homer, they started their label ‘Hudson Overall Company’ in a grocery store’s loft. The business started well for the brothers until they moved to a bigger space and changed its name to Blue Bell Overall Company in 1919.

The company experienced success and continued to grow bigger over the years. In 1943, the brand decided to change its name to Wrangler. However, the real turning point for the company was when they hired Rodeo Ben. He was a Polish tailor who worked for rodeo stars and cowboys. Their love story with the world of rodeos began in 1943 when they released the 13MWZ jeans that featured zippers. The goal of these jeans was to be durable and make riders comfortable on the horse. These jeans were tested and endorsed by several famous rodeo celebrities. To date, Wrangler is still popular with people living this lifestyle. 

The brand dressed and sponsored professional drivers like Dale Earnhardt and the country star Jason Aldean. The brand did not abandon female riders and launched the Ultimate Riding Jean for Women in its 2005 show. 

Wrangler’s Interest in Sustainability

The Levi’s vs Wrangler brand comparison won’t be complete without mentioning Wrangler’s interest in sustainability. Maybe Wrangler picked up a connection while working with cowboys, but the brand has nurtured a connection with nature over the years. Wrangler joined the Better Cotton Initiative to make more sustainable products. The primary material in jeans, cotton, involved loads of water and stressed the soil. Therefore, Wrangler came up with a plan that explained its future. The brand planned to reduce water by 50% by 2030 and use 100% sustainable cotton and green energy by 2025. The brand is already steps ahead in its plan as it is known for the intense blue of its jeans. 

This blue color originally came from a plant, but the jean industry started supplying the huge request with chemicals from petroleum. The brand partnered with a Tennessee female project to return to its origins. Wrangler is committed to producing green products. Therefore, the brand makes its t-shirts and jeans with sustainable and recycled cotton. 

Wrangler jeans are sturdy and hardy, making them less soft than other denim brands. However, they’re durable and rugged. They also feature a heavier twill that allows the jeans to fade evenly. This makes the jean look better for a longer time. Wrangler products also feature double-stitched outer seams that make them even more durable. 

Difference Between Levi’s and Wrangler Jeans

You can find many similarities in this Levi’s vs Wrangler brand comparison. They remain the most prominent names today, and both focus on sustainability. However, there are varying salient differences between the jeans sold by both brands. 


Levi’s jeans are for everyone and all occasions. However, Wrangler’s primary focus is on variations best for ranch wear and rodeo-style jean. Therefore, Levi’s offers more options and styles than Wrangler. You can find some style differences even in the first pairs of Levi’s and Wrangler jeans. The 501 was Levi’s first jeans, and these straight-legged cut jeans offer a loose fit in the thighs and seat. It also features straight legs with a wide leg opening.

The 501 comes with the classic 5-pocket setup and a button fly. These jeans were designed for wear in the gold mine. Therefore, they can hold up extensive physical labor. 

On the other hand, Wrangler’s first jeans were the 13MWZ which featured bootcut legs and a higher waist. These jeans had a hardier and scratchier feel. They also came with a double-stitched outer seam. Although they also had five pockets, their pockets sat higher in the back than most Levi’s jeans. Although it’s a little old-fashioned, it’s ideal for riding horseback. Although they both offer varying styles today, Wrangler focuses on hardy styles while Levi’s focuses on different styles, including boyfriend jeans, slim-fit jeans, and skinny jeans. Therefore, Levi’s offers you sleek and fashionable choices while Wrangler gives you a country appearance.  


Wrangler offers comfort to people on horseback, while Levi’s provides comfort for everyday wear. Wrangler uses a heavy kind of twill for their sturdy denim. On the other hand, Levi’s jean comes with softer denim that you can easily wear into the shape of your body. Additionally, the double-stitched outer seams on Wrangler jeans might be uncomfortable for those used to the smoother shape of Levi’s jeans. 


When it comes to fit in this Levi’s vs Wrangler brand comparison, Wrangler jeans provided a loose fit that allows extra mobility. On the other hand, the fit of Levi’s jeans depends on your selected cut. While some of its styles offer a loose and comfortable fit, others cling to your skin. Wrangler’s men’s jeans have a slightly higher waist than the average Levi’s. They also come with cowboy cut and boot-cut styles that have loose-fitting legs. This makes them ideal if you plan to pair them with cowboy boots. 


When it comes to sizing, Wrangler sizes usually feel smaller. This is mainly because most of Levi’s style stretches to fit the wearer. Wrangler jeans are not designed to stretch with wear. The best way to determine the size of jeans to buy from Levi’s or Wrangler is to look for their sizing chart and compare it to your measurement. Thanks to vanity sizing, one brand’s size is usually entirely different from another. 

Most would argue that the best way to know your size is by trying them on. However, one important tip to note, especially with men’s jeans, is that denim tends to shrink as you wash it. Therefore, some experts recommend buying a size too big when purchasing a pair of jeans. This allows them to shrink to your body size. 


Most Levi’s jeans cost a lot more than Wrangler jeans. Several Wrangler jeans are available for $20. This is a clear distinction in the Levi’s vs Wrangler comparison as Levi offers what you might consider high fashion in the denim world. Their prices are high; an example is the 501 cut jeans going for $69. Levi’s also has an international appeal and tends to sell higher in other parts of the world. 

Which Brand Has Better Denim?

Levi’s and Wrangler have many similarities, especially in their double stitches and five-pocket designs. They also prioritize durability, comfort, and sustainability. However, they offer different styles and jean aesthetics. While Levi’s offers fashion and workwear jeans, Wrangler focuses on producing study jeans. Levi offers you stretchy, softer, and fashionable jeans in different styles aimed to suit your needs. However, their main downside is the cost attached to most of their jeans.

On the other hand, Wrangler jeans are rugged, thicker, heavier, and durable. They’re also ideal for long days in the saddle and provide extra protection for rodeo performers. However, their downside is the limitation of styles and the scratchy feature of their denim. Who has better denim? That depends on your style and your needs for the jeans. This Levi’s vs Wrangler comparison helps to provide better insight into both brands. This way, you can decide if you’re more of a Levi’s wearer or a Wrangler person. 

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