LL Bean vs Land End – Which Is Better For You?

LL Bean vs Land End – Which Is Better For You?

Hiking is a popular hobby that we all know requires various equipment. You don’t want to head out with low-grade gear. Although many brands out there will sell outdoor gear to you, two brands stand out among the rest. LL Bean and Land End have been around for many years, and people tend to use them interchangeably. They are the most famous and long-lasting brands available. In this LL Bean vs Land End comparison, we’ll explore their history to see which one offers you the best gear to prepare for your next outdoor adventure. Keep reading to learn which the better brand for you is.

LL Bean vs Land End – What is Lands End?

Lands’ End is a clothing brand that began in 1963. Gary Comer in Chicago started it, and the brand started out selling sailboat equipment for sailors. Gary Comer was a copywriter who had a passion for travelling the world. Therefore, he began Lands’ End with four of his friends who were also passionate about sailing. Its unique name came as a result of a spelling mistake. There was a misprint in the company’s first catalogue as there was an apostrophe after the ‘s’ rather than before. Comer didn’t want to go through the stress of reprinting all the catalogues to fix the grammatical mistake. Therefore, he let the name remain, which is how the brand got its unique trademark name. 

It took several years for the founders to position Lands’ End as a brand that could rival other famous outdoor gear in the industry. Then, in 1977, the company shifted its focus from selling sailing equipment to selling apparel as wear. It included women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing in its collection. Additionally, its apparel options range from sweaters, outerwear, and casual tees to long underwear. Lands’ End also offers suits, sports coats, blazers, etc. The brand became a million-dollar business in 1977 and included home décor, kitchen dining, bedding, and more in its collection. 

This Lands’ End brand is one of the first to embrace e-commerce as part of the shipping operation. Today, there are several Lands’ End stores available. First, however, the company relies primarily on its online retail stores.

LL Bean vs Land End – What is LL Bean?

This brand has been around since 1911 and remains one of the most trusted clothing brands in the fashion industry. LL Bean’s founder is Leonwood Bean, and the brand started under the name Maine Hunting Shoe. He started the brand after returning from a hunting trip with cold and damp feet. This inspired him to design boots with rubber bottoms and a leather upper. He was a fisherman who understood the importance of foot footwear. Therefore, this design revolutionized the winter shoe game. It became quite popular in his community because of its quality and the utmost protection it provided for hunters and anglers. 

After launching this shoe, the business took off from them. A decade after his first invention, Admiral Donald MacMillan purchased the LL Bean innovation shoes for his Arctic Expedition team. This was because of the enthusiasm his team showed over the practical boots. Although the brand started focusing on hunters and anglers, it began to expand its product range. This allowed the brand to cater to other activities through its quality designs. LL Beans features men’s, children’s, and women’s clothing in its collection. Some of their products include fleece, sweatshirts, outdoor equipment, bags, etc. 

They also produce rugs, dog supplies, home décor, food, and holiday décor. Today, LL Bean has more than 50 stores. Its primary location is the US, but it also has stores in Canada and Japan.

LL Bean vs Land End – Lands’ End Styles and Designs

Lands’ End has something for each budget, style, shape, and budget. You can also find different options for various age grades. So whether you’re looking for cute clothes for women in their youth or clothes for older women, Lands’ End collection has something for you. The womenswear collection features classic styles with touches of new trends. Additionally, their women’s clothes feature bottoms, outerwear, tops, and stylish dresses for all seasons. 

Lands End clothing collection is the most inclusive. Not only do they offer consumers everything they need to enjoy a summer vacation, but you’re also sure to find all you need to have fun in the fall and winter. Apart from men’s sweaters and flannel shirts, you also have winter coats and boots. In addition, you’re sure to find clothes for various winter adventures and fall festivities. 

LL Bean vs Land End – LL Bean Designs and Styles

LL Bean is famous for innovative waterproof bean boots. Beyond footwear, they also offer various products like outdoor equipment, footwear, clothes, bags & travel, home goods, etc. You can find fashion-forward and contemporary casual clothes at LL Bean. Their style is simple, sporty, and casual. Their travel gear also features rugged backpacks that are convenient for work, school, and outdoor adventure. The brand also features tough and colorful duffle and furniture that will help you create a new look. Whether going on a backcountry tour or a campground getaway, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for with LL Bean.

LL Bean vs Land End – Lands’ End Material and Durability

Many consumers trust this brand and have remained trustworthy for almost 60 years. This is a brand that offers top-quality products that are quite durable. Lands’ End also makes it easy for consumers to find wears that fit their style is durable, and exceeds your expectations. Every apparel is created to provide women with the best quality, fabric, and fit. This brand is committed to producing the best clothes. Therefore, Lands’ End clothes will remain in your wardrobe for many years. 

Comfort is one of the features provided by Lands’ End. It offers soft and strong fabrics designed into several layers to make it work for you. As a result, you can find comfort in every pair of boots, winter coats, turtleneck, and more while staying warm and dry. In addition, their apparel options offer protection from the sun’s harmful rays if you plan some beach days. 

LL Bean vs Land End – LL Bean’s Material and Durability

This is a brand that entirely focuses on innovations. It is evident in the various technologies and fabrics that the brand utilizes to create its products. They operate a test lab that helps them analyze their materials and carry out designs and construction of new prototypes for products. The brand continually tests and revises its materials till they meet the company’s standards and consumers’ requirements.

One of the brand’s choices of material is smart fabrics. The brand uses 100% recycled and biodegradable fabric for creating its items. They also use the Gore-Tex technology to produce waterproof and breathable fabrics. This is the standard technology used by many brands. Regarding the materials used in other products, the brand commonly uses cotton for their water-resistant waxed jackets and high-quality insulation for their jacket.

LL Bean vs Land End – Lands’ End Popular Design

For this LL Bean vs Land End comparison, it is crucial to know each brand’s most famous designs. Below are some of the popular designs this brand is known for. 

Women’s Classic Squall Raincoat

One of the popular designs from this brand is Squall. This is a classic raincoat designed for women. It comes from 100% nylon, and its design features sealed seams that prevent water from leaking or seeping through. To ensure the wearer’s comfort, the inner part of the jacket comes with soft fleece that’s anti-pill and antistatic. This helps to provide insulation against the cold in winter. The raincoat also comes with a 2-way zipper protected by a storm flap. There are also four outer pockets to hold your accessories. Finally, this raincoat also features adjustable sleeve cuffs.

Handle Canvas Backpack

A backpack is another item you might need when going on an outdoor adventure. We chose the Handled Canvas Backpack from Lands’ End. This item was created using cotton and is suitable for carrying your laptop and several other accessories. The backpack also provides adjustable and padded shoulder straps that ensure the user’s comfort while carrying it. Just like we love it, the backpack features several pockets. While some are on the outside, there are others on the inside. The backpack also comes with a key fob for consumers who wants that. 

LL Bean vs Land End – Popular LL Bean Designs

Like we did earlier in this LL Bean vs Land End comparison, below are popular products by LL Bean that compare to those offered by Lands’ End.

Men’s Mountain Classic Down Parka

One of their most famous jackets is the Mountain Classic Down Parka for Men. It comes in medium length and ends at the thigh. It is excellent for keeping warm during the harsh winter days. This parka features an insulation technology that is weather resistant and will keep you warm in various wet conditions. It also dries quite quickly. The material used in its production is 100% recycled polyester, and it features an adjustable hood and sleeve cuffs.

Continental Rucksack

Another design we’ll review in this LL Bean vs Land End comparison is their Continental Rucksack. It is pretty iconic and also comes from recycled polyester fabric. It is lined with 210 denier nylon and Kodra nylon. This backpack features an air mesh back panel that helps to keep the back of the pack breathable to prevent discomfort and excessive sweating while carrying it. The rucksack’s top lip comes in a hinged design, making it much easier to access the content. This backpack features many sleeves to ensure ample storage space to help you keep your items organized. 

LL Bean vs Land End – The Differences

Although the brands have some similarities, they also have several differences. Below are some of their differences.

Popular Items

LL Bean’s apparel options will fit any wardrobe and occasion. They’re also famous for their outdoor wear. However, Lands’ End’s outfits are not nearly as diverse as LL Bean’s. When it comes to outdoor equipment, LL Bean stands out. They sell top-quality items for hiking, paddling, winter sports, hunting, fishing, and more. 

School Supplies

When it comes to school supplies, Lands’ End is the winner. This brand has several items for teenagers, toddlers, and adults. It is an excellent place to get your coats, dress shirts, blazers, sweaters, tops, shorts, etc. 


LL Bean offers more colors and options than Lands’ End when it comes to totes. However, the material used usually feels stiff to make the handle stay in position while you’re moving around. On the other hand, Lands’ End offers fancier options with separated pockets and organization options. 

LL Bean vs Land End – Which is Better?

Both brands feature a vast range of products within similar categories. The brand that’s best for you usually depends on what your preference and requirements are. For example, if you want technical apparel, you should opt for LL Bean. Their performance gear is top-quality. On the other hand, Lands’ End offers fancier options, especially in casual and activewear apparel. They also offer more affordable prices than LL Bean. However, we would advise you carefully consider what you’re looking for, and it will help you determine which is better for you.

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LL Bean vs Land End – Which Is Better For You? When it comes to outdoor gear, not all apparels are the same. Read this LL Bean vs Land End comparison to find out which is better for you.
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