MAC Cosmetics Advertising – Campaigns & Ads

MAC Cosmetics Advertising - Campaigns & Ads


MAC cosmetics represents several years of excellence and commitment. No wonder it seems to be everyone’s favorite makeup brand. It is also one of the most exciting makeup companies on the market. Despite the commitment to excellence and quality – which makes it seem as if the company doesn’t need to fight or push for its market share, MAC cosmetics advertising and campaigns offer a constant surprise. The rate of creativity and energy put into the company’s campaign, and advertisement placement is top-notch. Also, there is a wild collaboration of ideas put into the marketing of each product. The core value that shapes this cause of events is driven down into the company’s history. 

  • About M.A.C Cosmetics
  • Brand Embodiments
  • Brand Communication
  • M.A.C Branding Strategies

About MAC Cosmetics

MAC is a Canadian company established in 1985 to provide makeup and art cosmetics. Frank Angelo, a Toronto-based salon worker, and Frank Toskan, a makeup artist and photographer, are the establishment’s brains. These two men are the epitome of business success right from a tender age. Angelo was into movie screening for kids in his neighborhood. He later went on to form a successful band in his teens. And by 1969, he established a unisex salon in Toronto. At the salon, he met Toskan, working there as a sought-after makeup artist. 

Toskan discovered that there were limited styling tools available and became fed up with it. As a result, he began to craft his own. He created the hand-trimmed natural brushes which he used in his kit. This creativity caught Angelo’s attention, and they decided to build a cosmetics line for editorial shoot purposes in the 1970s. 

They continued in this line of work until the early 80’s when they established MAC cosmetics. Angelo was the director of marketing, while Toskan became the creative director. They were working out of Angelo’s hair salon’s kitchen where Vic Casale, a chemist, and Toskan’s brother-in-law-to-be, joined them. Not long after that, they developed the first MAC lipstick drawing inspiration from a Flamingo. This lipstick was the first of its kind to look the same on the lips the way it looked in its tube.

Soon enough, companies in the US and the home base in Canada started to choose MAC’s products in different shades for their kits.

In 1982, MAC opened its first Pro store in Toronto and another in New York City West Village in 1985. That was the beginning of the success we know today to be the MAC brand.

The MAC Cosmetic Brand Embodiments

Ever since the inception of the MAC brand, certain vital factors have formed the brand’s embodiments. They are the keys that make the brand stand out to date. If MAC seems to be a brand that doesn’t need advertisement and promotion to drive sales, these factors are the reason. The brand remains relevant in today’s marketplace because they form the core of MAC’s value system. They include the way MAC handles;

Product design

Any product designed by MAC is spectacular. You will definitely agree with that if you have used MAC products at any given point. That’s because MAC makes each product bold, colorful, and custom. Therefore, you find that most, probably all, products from MAC have a version that caters to people of all races, sexes, ages, socio-economic groups, etc. The products are also available in cutting-edge seasonal lines to cater to high-end users. Therefore, MAC caters to almost everyone.

Brand Environment

Even though MAC has products designed for everyone, the most popular environment for the brand’s products is backstage makeup studios, etc. The reason for that is not far-fetched considering that the idea that started the MAC brand, in the first place, was the need to have enough variety for decorative art championed by the brand’s co-founder, Toskan. So, most of the products were developed using his idea of what perfect matte finish makeup should look like. That’s why MAC products are well appreciated by professionals, especially those in the art and craft industry. The story is that Madonna requested a lipstick that would last throughout her performance, she got it, and the product became an instant success afterward.

Product Behavior

When a product is well designed, it behaves differently and perfectly. That’s the story the MAC products share. When MAC creates a product, one of the things they consider is how the product should behave following the purpose of design. Some involve low-pressure, reliable, cooperative, playful, and expert assistance. So, it’s not uncommon to find MAC products with one or more of these behaviors that make them appealing to users.

Brand Communication

Even though MAC’s product quality and these other factors that form the company’s core value place the brand at the center of most people’s minds, the brand did not relent at that. It developed a solid communication strategy that involves Word-of-mouth, Print, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Outdoor advertising public relations. These strategies form the foundation of the MAC cosmetics advertising campaign and why the brand stays on top in the cosmetics industry.

MAC Branding Strategies

Now, let’s take a look in-depth int each index that constitutes MAC’s marketing, promotion, and branding strategies. We know any brand wanting to gain ground has to do it based on certain branding principles. MAC does the same. Even though most of these factors are what make up the brand, MAC is intentional about using these principles to build the brand.

Product Differentiation Strategy

MAC uses this strategy the most, and that’s why there’s hardly anything you want to do with cosmetics that MAC does not have at least one product that will satisfy that need. MAC does it by developing different blends of cosmetic and product pigments to meet and match customers’ needs across the board, including in the international market.

There’s also the strategy of building different product pigments of intensity or durability. MAC ensures that each product has a viscosity and pigment level that meets various users’ and customers’ needs even till the professional level. Everyone will find MAC’s product that’s best for them and satisfy any occasion.

MAC also pays close attention to the concept of lasting product pigment. If you buy some cosmetics, you may need to retouch several times within the day to keep things fresh. However, MAC considered this problem and solved it in product production. That’s why, even though MAC has the size of a pretty extensive product, most of the products have long-lasting and permanent pigment technology. 

Lastly, when you order for any of MAC’s products, you’re likely to be amazed at the distinction in packaging both in product container and product delivery package. Those who engage in the MAC limited edition are in for a mind-blowing encounter with the level of creativity put into the package design.

Pricing Strategy

MAC cosmetics are considered a good of ostentation that portrays anyone wearing is to be a person of high class. That’s thanks to the first big break MAC had in the late ’80s when Madonna wore the brand product on a photoshoot. Therefore, MAC adopted the premium pricing system for all its cosmetic products to maintain the high-class status. Though the price of similar products produced by other brands may be lower, customers are willing to pay a little extra for MAC’s products given the high-class status it portrays.

Therefore, customers are indirectly paying because of loyalty. They are willing to pay that much, which some consider a considerable sum for MAC’s products. This is because of the goodwill status of the brand in the market, a position they have held for so long, even since inception. 

Another thing about MAC’s pricing strategy, which makes the MAC cosmetics advertising seems intriguing, is the product line system they use. In this system, MAC ensures that it sets the price of its product with each other. Therefore, rather than competing in terms of pricing, the products complement each other. So, a change in the price of one MAC product may result in a difference in the price of others.

Therefore, the highlight of MAC’s pricing strategy include;

  • Consumer cost benefits
  • Multi-segment pricing
  • Brand extensions that justify its premium pricing scheme.
  • Focus on customer loyalty, and
  • Complementary products.

Promotional Strategy

The first MAC cosmetics advertising strategy was that they photographed the lipstick’s beautiful matte finish, published it, and expanded the product line to include about twenty-three crayon-inspired shades. They also included a small range of pencils, powders, and bases. Before MAC opened its first shop, words spread about the carefully crafted product MAC had designed. 

MAC is strong in promotion using what most experts have considered the strongest of any other promotional tool: the Word of Mouth. It is the strongest because nine out of ten people who hear about a product from someone they trust will buy it. They may buy at first for a trial; however, they will soon begin the word-of-mouth campaign if they find the product as genuine as told. That’s one way any brand can guarantee organic growth.

However, the problem with this promotional tool is that it has to be from the point of willingness for it to be effective. Some companies try to instigate word of mouth by offering incentives such as referral bonuses, packages, etc. While they work, they water down the effect of this word-of-mouth promotional tool.

However, suppose brands focus more on developing quality products and other things that satisfy the needs of consumers such that they become willing to tell others about the brand product. In that case, the growth rate will be astronomical. MAC is big on this later strategy, working hard to build credibility, the kind that creates organic brand awareness.

MAC is also strong in the use of social media marketing. They are considered the runaway leader, leading the color cosmetic industry using an all-in-one integration between its website and social media marketing. Therefore, MAC uses all social media marketing tools to accomplish marketing branding and communication goals.


In summary, without the passionate founder and strong core values that make up the brand, MAC would never be an influential and incredible company today. However, what seems to register in the mind of many consumers is MAC’s optimistic approach to cosmetics and beauty in general. This approach seems to sit well with many people and translates to the brand’s success.

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