Marketing Eyewear: Here’s What You Need to Know!

Marketing Eyewear: Here's What You Need to Know!

Whether it’s sunglasses or prescription glasses, everyone owns some form of eyewear. However, marketing a product that consumers prefer to try on first is a difficult task. Let me tell you how to successfully market your eyewear.

When it comes to the eyewear industry, luxury brands have to differentiate themselves from their competition in order to successfully prove themselves. We know that the tool for communicating a brand’s values to potential consumers is called “Marketing”. Social media marketing consists largely of messaging, imagery, and aesthetics. Every great brand has great aesthetics, and this is especially prevalent in the marketing of eyewear brands. The key to marketing eyewear marketing is taking a simple accessory and advertising it enough so that it becomes a must-have product. So, what is it that makes eyewear brands’ marketing so effective?

Create a Demand

Eyewear seems like a simple necessity for sight, and to many it is just that. It is for this reason that people believe they only need one basic set of glasses with durable frames. Eyewear is so much more than that. If you properly position your eyewear as stylish and introduce a variety of looks, you can certainly generate a demand. If you think about it, eyewear can be just as important as makeup, and just as luxurious as jewelry. If you can encourage buyers to find glasses for every ‘occasion’, then you open the door to multiple sales for a number of styles.

Give them a Story

Your products are seen as valuable when there is meaning behind your work and a story to follow. It is important to describe the history of your brand and how it got started. What is it that motivated you to embark on this journey? I would also recommend mentioning the team behind the product and how it is crafted. This will give consumers insight on the culture of your brand.  For example, the brand Tens gives you their story and informs you that the creation of their eyewear occurred internationally. They say that their designs come from Scotland and are actually produced in France. They also note that their glasses are designed by experts in clear high definition images – aka photographers. By giving your consumers your “story” you are creating a relationship with allowing them to see who you and your brand are.

Grab their attention

If you don’t celebrate your products, then who will? Your posts on social media, as well as all of the paid-for posts, should celebrate your products. When posting, keep in mind that trendy color palettes, specific angles, beautiful imagery, and enticing descriptions/comments will put your ads in the best position to generate a high return on ad spending (ROAS).

The Effect of Social Media

The aggressive growth of social media in today’s world is offering new avenues for the market. Popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook offer eyewear companies the opportunity to carefully analyze the demands and choices of their target audience. This insight enables them to offer specially crafted products according to different geographies and consumer preferences. When you gain the presence of a sizable audience on these various platforms, you as an eyewear company can more effectively penetrate the market. While creating new channels to market their products, social media platforms enable companies to engage in innovative marketing practices such as influencer marketing and affiliate marketing, thus capturing a larger revenue share.

Global Eyewear Report

The market size of global eyewear was valued at USD 147.60 billion in 2020. From 2021 to 2028, It is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.5%. Eyewear manufacturers have been encouraged to design affordable and attractive eyewear due to the rising popularity of fast fashion among millennials. Eyewear designers are known to regularly come up with new designs and patterns in order to quickly respond to fast fashion trends and attract fashion enthusiasts. Acquiring new customers and ensuring continuous business relations with existing customers, can bring on many new revenue generation opportunities for companies. When eyewear brands diversify their service offerings, they are improving their brand and business relationships; all while working hard to enhance the customer buying experience.

COVID-19 Impact

Eyewear adoption trends in 2020 have been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The implementation of Work From Home (WFH) models, the transition to remote learning, and worldwide lockdowns have affected several companies. These drastic changes have resulted in people spending more time on their mobile phones, laptops, and desktops for work and for entertainment. The extensive screen times and the resulting rise in eye fatigue have introduced a new line in the market where eyewear brands have now also been focusing on the need to use vision correction and anti-fatigue glasses. Higher sales have resulted from this because anti-fatigue and blue light canceling lenses are becoming a necessity, thereby resulting in overall market growth. I, myself, have purchased at least three different pairs of blue light cancelling lenses. I have unfortunately noticed the depreciation of my eyesight throughout the pandemic due to my extensive screen time both for school and work purposes. For many months now, I have been using a two-pack of blue light cancelling glasses provided by Amazon. I have attached the link here:

2-Pack Blue Light Cancelling Glasses

Top Designer Brands in Eyewear

As you know there are many many designer eyewear brands out there fighting to get your attention, but what do you really know about these brands? Let’s touch on a few of the top designer brands and dive into why they are so special.

Ray Ban

Ray-Ban is an iconic American brand, founded in 1937. Currently owned by Bausch & Lomb, the brand’s style exemplifies a retro-cool theme. The brand is renowned for its quality and extensive history. Getting its start in the military world, the brand has been tasked with designing the perfect frames to protect the vision of pilots and improve their visibility. Thus the “Ray-ban Aviator” was born. Arguably Ray-Ban’s most popular frames are their Wayfarer sunglasses. They are recognizable by the thicker plastic shape, and smaller lenses. Ray-Bans exist today in many different shapes and colors. Make sure you are buying reputably when purchasing Ray-Ban’s, as all of their eyewear comes engraved with the Ray-Ban logo on the lens.


Although Oakley started as a project out of James Jannard’s garage in 1975, Oakley glasses have since grown into a global phenomenon, and is particularly known for its success in performance eyewear. The brand produces frames to be durable, and long-lasting, the frames are also crafted of quality materials. Oakley glasses are made to endure and handle anything you throw at them (quite literally it is for this reason many baseball players turn to Oakley glasses). The prescription glasses provided by Oakley are put to the test in various environments and go through extensive testing. The brand is especially good at collecting input from the athletes and consumers that they serve. They have been successful because they are so willing to receive and accommodate customer feedback.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford is excelling. This brand is hitting the top of the charts in the luxury eyewear market. The brand is known exclusively for its luxury, elegance, and sophistication.  Holding leadership roles at both Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, Tom Ford himself has influenced some of the most influential brands in the world. Tom’s brand is known worldwide for producing sunglasses and eyeglasses that scream simple yet elegant. Using high-end materials and state-of-the-art technology, Tom Ford has been able to create frames made of acetate, metal, plastic, and titanium. Tom Ford glasses are usually seen in darker hues such as black, brown, and tortoise. However, Tom Ford is also available in lighter or clear colors, as well as a signature neutral tone. If you are familiar with the brand, then you know that each pair is adorned with “T” hinges. Be on the lookout for this when purchasing a pair of Tom Ford glasses.


Starting off as a designer fashion house, founded by Coco Chanel, Chanel has been around since the early 20th century. Although known worldwide in fashion, Chanel didn’t enter the eyewear market until 1999. Since then, Chanel has grown into one of the most popular designer sunglasses brands on the planet because of their very unique style. The classic styles go a long way especially paired with the twist of their brand. Similar to Tom Ford, Chanel brands their eyewear with double C’s located on the frames. Chanel frames are meant to stand out and if you are familiar with the brand, the large lenses and plastic frames easily indicate that you are wearing Chanel. Although prices fluctuate based on the style, Chanel shades start at about $390.


When it comes to Burberry, bigger is better! Since their founding in 1856, Burberry has consistently grown and expanded into many sectors of fashion making it now one of the most popular brands of sunglasses on the market. Burberry is well known for their signature style which incorporates very oversized glasses with both a very colorful frame and colorful lenses. Burberry offers every color under the sun, specifically red frames with a chain as well as yellow frames with yellow lenses. If you want to stand out in a crowd, look no further than Burberry.


Gucci was founded in 1921 as a fashion and leather goods brand. They pride themselves on taking a modern and unique approach to fashion. Their frames are out-of-the-box and are sure to make you stand out. Embellished with jewels, crystals, chains, and a wide variety of odd shapes, Gucci makes sure they are a brand like no other. A pair of these frames will start at $340.


Chloé, the French fashion brand came to the light in 1952 when it was created by the beloved Gaby Aghion. Gaby’s vision is to offer chic ready-to-wear sunglasses as well luxury bags. Although CHLOÉ is currently owned by the Richemont Group, the brand makes its own name for itself as it offers undoubtedly youthful, elegant, French fashion. If you are a lover of French couture, then look no further. The brand prides itself on the construction of the frames as well, as the frames are constructed of the finest metals and acetate.

Gentle Monster

Gentle Monster is a Korean designer sunglasses brand that is constantly working towards improving itself. They are specifically known for their “high-end experimentation”. Their main five focuses are product, space, styling, culture redesign, and technology. As seen in the Gentle Monster brand philosophy, they mainly focus on experimental designs that easily stand out in a crowd. They offer designs that range from razor thin shades, to frames that give off a very ski goggle-esque vibe. Gentle Monster has also collaborated with various brands over the years. Such notable ones include Alexander Wang, Tilda Swinton, Moooi, Hood by Air, and the list goes on. Gentle Monster sunglasses are currently being sold in over 30 countries around the world and in over 450 retailers. If you are looking for a new pair of shades, I recommend taking a look at their products. Gentle Monster’s most affordable pair of sunglasses starts at around $215.

Arise Collective

Arise Collective is an Australian brand with intentions to be known and recognized as a youthful, yet modern brand. Arise Collective is what you could refer to as a newcomer brand, as they were established in April of 2017.  Arise Collective draws in consumers by allowing them to feel good and look good. Let me explain. The brand pledges that for every 1% of revenue earned they donate 1% to the Planet. This means that the money they are earning is also going directly to environmental non-profits. The frames made and offered by Arise are delicately hand-polished using Italian acetate and/or titanium. They offer both lightweight or metal glasses each being carefully crafted. As I said, this is a look good, feel good, premium brand!

Costa del Mar

Last but certainly not least is Costa Del Mar. More often than not, the brand is referred to as just “Costa”. Costa Del Mar is a brand that goes a long way specifically in the fishing and boating communities. Glasses made by Costa are specifically meant to be worn on the water. Besides making and selling sunglasses, like Arise Collective, Costa Del Mar works diligently on providing numerous initiatives to help the environment, specifically the ones that their consumers explore (the water). Their initiatives range anywhere from assisting in the prevention of the ocean ecosystem collapse to reducing plastic pollution in the ocean. They have a story, they have a product, and they have a purpose. If you want your eyewear purchases to help save these beautiful oceans, Costa Del Mar might be the brand for you.

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Marketing Eyewear: Here’s What You Need to Know! In this post, we're looking at how fashion brands brand their eyewear collections and at some of the most successful eyewear brands.
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