Matilda Djerf: A Case Study

Matilda Djerf: A Case Study


As philosopher Seneca once said, “We live not according to reason, but according to fashion”… this statement most definitely holds true for Djerf Avenue- the 2019 clothing line that has taken the internet, as well as every young girls’ style choices, by storm.

Creator Matilda Djerf is the ultimate It Girl. With voluminous 90’s supermodel hair and a constant glowing ‘no-makeup-makeup-look’,  no wonder boys and girls all around the globe are emulating her every move. 

Her Scandinavian street style is defined by her oversized blazers, pleated miniskirts, flouncy button ups, and a great pair of dad-looking sneakers. Muted tones, charcoal grays, navies, and off-whites are the color scheme for the collection, a reoccurring fall trend. A simple vintage sophistication that will make baby boomers do a double take. An outstanding portrayal of ‘classy meets cute’ that everyone is wearing. 


Djerf Avenue was created in 2019 by Matilda Djerf and her boyfriend, Rasmus Johansson, and was aimed to be a Swedish, non-seasonal, ready-to-wear brand. The duo felt it was very important to produce sustainable and long-lasting clothing that can be worn over and over and over again. 

Some planet-friendly efforts include using only natural, organic, regenerated, or recycled fibers in all their garments, only using natural corozo buttons instead of plastic buttons, using organic cotton labels instead of polyester labels, etc. All of their pieces are ethically produced and manufactured in Portugal, Italy & Sweden.

Another core value that Djerf Avenue prides itself on is body-positivity. As stated on the ‘about us’ section of their site, “You will never find retouched models on our website or social media. Our photos come straight from the camera roll, we don’t believe in editing bodies, pimples, or clothing. This is us. Just the way we are. And we are proud.” 

Her prices range from approximately €33- €235 and her sizes range from XXS-XXL.

The Power of TikTok

It is no secret that Tik Tok has been a huge part of our trend-oriented lifestyles ever since its launch in 2016. With 1.2 million followers on the app, Matilda Djerf is no stranger to the powerful impact of ‘going viral.’ She originally caught the public’s eye with her hair routine videos, where she would fluff and flounce her hair until it reached perfection, but everything about her easy-to-obtain aesthetic stood out. She acclaimed tens of millions of likes, comments, and shares, compelling her to go beyond social media and create her own brand.

Though ‘social media celebrities’ have generally had trouble maintaining respect in the world of high fashion, Djerf has earned her hard-working success. 

There is a certain shade cast on the label ‘influencer’ discrediting the young social media stars’ accomplishments and fame. Living in a time where the number of likes and shares you have on an app can ultimately depict your place on the Met Gala carpet can be difficult to understand if you’re someone who lived in a time before social media existed so dominantly. Now more than ever young girls and boys are basing their own styles and personas off online celebrities. Trends have never been so tangible. If Matilda is wearing a dark denim jean skirt, expect to see a lot more denim jean skirts walking around city streets.

As for Djerf, her success on Tik Tok has been a pivotal part of her company’s growth. From a statistical point of view, Djerf Avenue has had a 100% 2-year growth.

The 90s Are Back

As I am sure everyone already knows- the 90’s are back.

From the bouncy curtain bangs, low-rise jeans, and butterfly clips, the ageless trends are everywhere. Who would’ve thought bell bottoms would make a comeback?! Though a €50 tank top may seem outrageous to some, the younger generations will do just about anything to obtain the popular vintage appeal. Daughters everywhere can take a break from rummaging through their mother’s closet and shop on Djerf Avenue instead.

Concluding Remarks

Matilda Djerf, the 25-year-old social media influencer has her finger on the pulse of fashion. Her brand has been a pacesetter for fashion lovers all over the world. Thanks to her, blazers, miniskirts, headbands, and fanny packs are making a comeback!

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