Millennial Fashion – How Is It Different From Gen Z?

Millennial Fashion – How Is It Different From Gen Z?

Differences in generation seem to make all the difference when making style and fashion preference choices. Today, one of the most popular generation differences is the fashion battle between Gen Z and millennials. The distinction between Gen Z and millennial fashion trends is a hot debate in fashion, and not many people know which to choose. Millennials and Gen Zs are mostly shoppers in the late teens, twenties, and thirties. This set of shoppers attracts attention and represents the future and present fashion consumers. For a brand to succeed in the fashion industry today, they need to understand how to meet the expectations of these consumers. What is Millennial fashion, and how is it different from Gen Z? The clear answer to this question lies in this article; keep reading to find out. 

Differences in Gen Z and Millennial Fashion

There’s a need to know the two generations before calculating the differences in Gen Z and millennial fashion trends. Millennials are usually born between 1981-1997, while Gen Z covers people born from 1997 to 2017. Millenials cover those from 24 – 40, while Gen Z covers those from 6-24 years. These generations are not just entirely different from the generations before them; they also differ from each other vastly. Gen Z and millennials are different in their shopping habits, interaction with brands, and view of money.

The millennial fashion trends are most likely to cover customer experience. On the other hand, Gen Z focuses on innovation from companies rather than the experience. There are some main contrasts in their outfits, like the high-rise vs. low-rise and several other fashion trends that differ extensively from one another. 

Millennial Fashion Trends

Fashion goes beyond the clothes you’re wearing to the accessories that accompany your outfit. IT is a way of self-expression as most people express their individuality through their outfits. Fashion trends are becoming more comfortable, fun, and classy. Fashion usually differs by gender, and in this section, we’ll take a look at millennial fashion trends that don’t seem to be going out of style.

Skinny Jeans

A popular millennial fashion trend amongst men and women is skinny jeans. This trend began in the 2000s and remained a top part of fashion. Millennials tend to love these jeans because they give a more appealing look while enhancing their bodies. Millennials love the way skinny jeans can make you feel sexy and put together in ways that the mom jeans do not compare. Although Gen Z declared death to skinny jeans, it is a top millennial fashion trend that’s not going anywhere.

Over the Knee Boots

Another fashion trend that the Millennials seem to prefer is the over-the-knee-boots. This is a fashion piece that almost all supermodels seem to own a pair or two. Therefore, it only made the millennials crave pairs that they could wear with black leggings or sweatshirt dresses. Additionally, the over-the-knee boots conveniently go perfectly with the favored skinny jeans.

Throwback Concert Tees

Another trend that millennials have grown a love for is the throwback concert tee. It is made up of washed black tees that feature the 80s rock bands. The typical bands are Def Leppard, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, and many more variations that people love. As long as the tee has a vintage vibe and washed out colors while advertising a brand millennials love, it’s a winner with this generation.

Millennial Pink

If there’s a color that most people use to characterize the millennial fashion trend, it would be millennial pink. It is a soft pale pink color that was so ubiquitous that it got its name from the generation. Millennial pink is everywhere, and millennials continue to wear it in large swathes as well as for trim options. Over the years, the Millennial pink shade has evolved to feature any color that resembles a pale blush color. 

Going-Out Tops

The only purpose designers created the going-out top was to allow millennials to hit the town in style. This piece of millennial fashion cannot work in an office or school setting. It would feel out of place when you’re running casual Sunday errands, as well. However, the going-out tope works with expensive restaurants, karaoke parties, busy bars, and dance clubs. The best part is that this piece of clothing also looks fantastic when paired with a pair of skinny jeans. 

Top Looks in Gen Z and Millennial Fashion

There is a clear difference between Gen Z and millennial fashion choices, and these distinctions are usually easy to spot. However, there are scenarios when you can create a look that works well for both generations. Check out these top Gen Z and millennial looks below.

Casual Jeans and Top Look

Millennials always go for the skinny jeans choice when rocking the casual jeans and top look. Most times, Millenials choose to pair these jeans with a tank top made of organic cotton or simply a top with a neutral look. On the other hand, Gen Zs are probably going for a vintage look and a straight-cut leg when choosing their jeans. The difference between both generations is apparent in the inspiration and vibe of the outfit. While the millennials focused on showcasing their love for classic brands and sophistication, Gen Z showed a passion for innovations and youth in their outfits.

Dress to Impress

The following outfit choices in the Gen Z and Millennial fashion trends are outfits aimed to impress. Millennials prefer dresses with a style that’s also neutral, feminine, and classic. On the other hand, Gen Zs are more likely to go for a lettuce hem mini dress inspired by YTK. The difference in these outfit choices is that while both brands love mini dresses, millennials prefer feminine clothing pieces while Gen Z prefers a youthful aesthetic. 

The Mini vs. Midi Skirt

A millennial is more likely to go for a high–rise design and regular fit in black. However, Gen Z differs extensively in this category and would opt for a mini pleated skirt with check prints. This choice shows the distinct preferences of the two generations’ fashion trends. However, Gen Z focuses on the tiniest details to make their outfit unique.  

What Millenials are Looking for in Fashion Brands

Over the years, millennials seem to have lost any interest in brands and are becoming more careful about the brand they interact with. Therefore transparency is a crucial aspect driving millennial purchases. Millennials want to know if a fashion brand is taking the appropriate step to ensure fair labor. Thus, most fashion brands are making a ship to radical transparency to regain the trust of the millennials. 

Durable Long-Lasting Fashion

Millennials are searching for heritage brands because of their rich history, durability, and love of classic looks. One item that’s in vogue is the practical, durable outfits. Millennials are at the forefront of this stable trend as they want a long-lasting fashion brand that has a purpose. Millennials come from a time of global financial risk. Therefore, shoppers tend to look for safety when spending on fashion. 

Authenticity in Values and Clear Stands in Social Issues

One way that fashion brands can connect with millennials is through a clear stand on social issues. Most brands that make up millennial fashion brands steer their campaigns towards solving social problems. However, it is even more important to millennials that brands are clear on who they are, what they stand for, who they care about, and their purpose. Most millennials use their consumption to express their beliefs. Millennials believe that doing good should be part of a brand’s DNA, and they are most likely to buy from brands that their values and show authenticity in their values. 

Several fashion brands have been quite active in taking bold stands on various social issues. One time, Nike came out to support Colin Kaepernick, an athlete-turned-social-activist. Although this move was met with a lot of criticism from people, it positively influenced the brand’s relationship with millennials in its consumer group. 

Green is the New Black

With fast fashion’s effect on the environment and factory workers beginning to be clear in the industry, millennial fashion trends shift to brands with an ethical approach. Gen Zs are very aware of a brand’s social responsibility. Cruelty-free isn’t a fashion world buzzword anymore. Several companies are adjusting to stay ahead of this curve. A poll by Nielson shows that 73% of millennials do not mind paying more for brands that prioritize sustainability.  

New and Unique Styles

As the second-largest consumer segment, the brand preference seems to be driving sales for different millennial fashion brands in the industry. Most shoppers want the latest and most unique brand. They don’t usually think twice before picking these brands over traditional brands. This decision is often because millennials are known for shopping around rather than sticking to a brand. According to a State of Fashion report in 2019, millennials are more likely to view new brands as innovative or better than the baby boomers. This generation prefers up-and-coming brands and designers. The millennial’s preference sways most times, the choices of other generations. 

New Trends in Fashion Design and Su...
New Trends in Fashion Design and Sustainability

One of the most sought-after brands by millennials is Fashion Nova. This brand surpassed Chanel in comparison. While the pricing is affordable, the most reason is that the brand embraces diversity in its designs and sizing. 

Final Thoughts

People are continually trying to define the millennial fashion style. This generation is famous for mixing different styles as they’re not afraid to explore individuality. Their moods and habits play a role in their fashion choice, although the uniqueness of their fashion choice continues to reflect in their choices. New trends are popping up everywhere in line with millennial fashion. Most people can’t tell the difference between their fashion choices, and we explore these distinctions in this article. We also touch on the millennial fashion trends that aren’t going anywhere and top outfits common among Gen Zs and Millennials. One can only wonder how millennial fashion choices will evolve in the coming months or days.

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