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Music Production

Music production is a complex form of art. Emerging artists should not downplay the importance of spending enough time and dedication on creating a product which will not simply follow the trends and fads of the moment. Creating an album is a thorough reflection on society and requires passion and perseverance. We assist emerging artists in developing their vision and creating music which will resonate with their audience. We help identifying the right production studios as well as the right professionals to help musicians stay independent and profitable.

Online Strategy and Audience Engagement

Whatever one may sell online, engagement is the magic word. Even before starting to write the first song a band should be well aware of their audience and message. Creating a strong online following is like getting back into shape, there are no easy ways, there's only hard work and dedication. This is why we like to assist artists develop a strategy capable of creating a following and attracting an audience, as in the end, your fans are your only bosses. We help artists understand how to create, grow and manage an online community to foster the growth musical following.

Music Distribution

As the cost of producing music has become so affordable, distribution has become increasingly relevant in the music business. Identifying the right opportunities and limitations of online music distribution is essential to reach profitability. We assist artists identify the right audience for their music and connect to them in innovative ways, bypassing those aggregators that may not lead towards real business opportunities. As the rules of the music industry have changed so radically over the last 20 years, so must musicians react and find new business models to harness the power of music.

Music Business Courses

Now, more than ever, a music entrepreneur cannot limit his\her focus only on their musical craft but needs to understand in depth the challenges and opportunities of the new rules of music business. If you are looking to find out more about how music production and distribution works, we are happy to assist you in learning more about how music works. As teachers and educators we believe strongly in the power of learning and we can help you acquire the right mindset to pursue a career in the arts, successfully and profitably. For some snippets of knowledge look into our blog.

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