Perfume Marketing Strategy: Get your fragrance out there

Perfume Marketing Strategy: Get your fragrance out there


There is a famous saying that the first impression lasts long. It is not enough that your perfume has a perfect combination of scents. You have to present it to your customers in a way that will appeal to their emotions. When it comes to the perfume business, the packaging is a game-changer. After creating the perfect fragrance, the next thing is to adopt and implement a feasible marketing strategy. This perfume marketing strategy aims to attract people to your product.

To effectively market a fragrance, you must appeal to human psychology. Link your brand with an exotic and appealing abstract idea. This conceptual idea could be passion, masculinity, femininity, strength, or love. It goes to explains the erotic nature of perfume advertisements.

Everyone wants a fragrance that will depict their personality. Any fragrance a person decides to wear will directly reflect the individual preference and style. This fact usually makes people skeptical and picky when it comes to the choice of their perfume. This article will intimate you with everything you need about getting your fragrance out there.

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Why Do You Need To Market Your Fragrance?

When it comes to products, the importance of marketing cannot be over-emphasized. The world has gotten to a point where businesses have to compete to create a space for themselves. There are lots of perfumes out there. If you don’t intentionally market yours, it might stay in obscurity forever. 

Strategic marketing will allow you to put a thought about your product in the consumers’ minds. People are naturally moved by what they see and hear. Marketing enables you to put the right words in the right ear. What makes your product stand out from other perfumes out there? Who is your target market? How will it make people feel? All these are questions that your marketing strategy will answer.

Also, marketing has proved to increase sales of any product. You need to market your fragrance so that you can make back your cost of production as well as make a profit. You should know that the higher the sales, the higher the yield. An increase in demand for your product is a positive development that is only possible through efficient marketing. 

Importance of Branding and Packaging In Marketing Strategy

The idea of perfume branding involves making use of fresh-smelling scents to enhance a company’s public image. Not only that, it will increase sales and improve the consumers’ experience. Branding is vital when it comes to the business of perfume. 

Packaging is one aspect of the business you can’t sidestep. You will need specialized bottles to protect the integrity and quality. The bottles need to be airtight and safe. These bottles should be designed to protect the perfume from coming in contact with direct light. It will guarantee an elaborate shelf life for as long as it had to stay before the sale. 

You should also note that the presentation matters when it comes to perfume. The packaging needs to be presented in an attractive, unique, and classy package. It should represent the brand accurately, as well as “feel nice” to the consumer. 

For example, a good number of the most expensive fragrance come in Baccarat crystal bottles.  Baccarat is a French company known for making and selling the purest crystals in the world. The bottle itself is precious, classy, and expensive. So, imagine the class that such a bottle will ascribe to a fragrance packaged in it.

Effective Perfume Marketing Strategy

Be Original, Albeit Traditional

You have to let people feel your originality even while being traditional. Some scents denote comfort and warmth. We have scents like vanilla or sandalwood. On the other hand, fragrances like Clary sage or grapefruit awaken the senses. It makes a person feel kind of energetic. 

Emphasize the notes in your fragrance that enhance positive feelings in people. Make sure to use original scent combinations that will prick consumers’ curiosity about your product. An example is black pepper oil, a fragrance for men to give it an earthier and richer scent. Make sure to use exotic ingredients that will draw consumers in, even after using some traditional notes.

Conduct Surveys

If you are serious about getting your products out there, a survey is essential. Perfume or not, every entrepreneur must do a market survey. In this case, you should conduct an online survey as well as an in-store survey. The purpose of both surveys is to determine consumers’ best perfume notes. Check out what suits perfume consumers the most. 

You can also survey outings that consumers will likely prefer to wear your perfume. The survey can also determine if your fragrance evokes any fond memories for your consumers. Adding all this information to your product packaging will prompt the consumer to be more analytical about your perfume. When you do this, your customers will subconsciously get the impression that they need your fragrance. 

So, the purpose of conducting surveys when it comes to marketing is that you hear what consumers want. And when you know what they want, you will be able to deliver a perfume that showcases their fragrance preference.

Give Out Free Samples

Okay! Do not frown yet. When you think about the cost of production, giving out free samples might not sound appealing at all. But you should know that that you give something to get something. The idea behind giving out is this: if your product is good, a trial will always convince people.

The truth is that nobody has an aversion to receiving gifts, especially when it comes at no cost at all. If you have been in the business for a while, make sure to provide a sample of your latest fragrance to customers every time they purchase from you.

If you want to gain some publicity for your product, then try to use an online strategy. Start by creating an online contest where people get a bottle of your perfume as a reward when they answer a question correctly. Make sure that the question they will be required to answer will be about your company and your projects. They will have to research your products to get an answer correctly. 

This perfume marketing strategy is a very effective one if well executed.

Use Social Media and Influencers

Celebrities and social media influencers are the voice people trust these days on anything. Social media is an avenue where news, information, and opinions travel fast. And some people have become an influence and a voice on these platforms. Hence, a word from the right person about a new exotic fragrance will cause a pleasant fuss.

If you want to get people talking about your newest fragrance, launch it on social sites like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, or Tiktok. This step will raise brand awareness and show off top-notch packaging. You will get more effective if you can find bloggers and influencers who are perfume lovers who can talk or write about it. All you need to do is give them samples to try out. 

There are also referral programs such as Dropbox. It is another tool for using external aid to market and build your brand. Aside from all these, you can consider some established influencer marketing company, and hire them to advertise your product. 

Limit Your Perfume Releases

When something becomes too familiar, there is a tendency to lose its value. If you keep releasing perfumes every month, the public might become too familiar with it. Limit your perfume releases to once or twice a year. It is vital, primarily if you use notes and scents that are uncommon. 

 Limited perfume releases will also make your perfume appear sophisticated and refined. It will give perfume consumers the impression that your creation is classic and can stand the test of time.

Create a Website

We are in the internet and computer age right now. Make sure you have a website for your business. Have a solid and consistent online presence. There is a popular saying that out of sight, out of mind. Make sure your product stays in the faces of people constantly.

Potential consumers who visit your website should get all the information about your product on the website. Regularly upload attractive pictures of your products along with their prices on the website. Doing this will enable the customers to view everything about your product online from the very comfort of their homes.

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It doesn’t matter if your fragrance is the best the world has seen so far. If it doesn’t get proper marketing, it might as well be the most insignificant. Marketing is no child’s play. Nothing good comes easy. Adequate marketing requires a lot of commitment, both physical and financial. All the perfume marketing strategies aforementioned will come at a price. The cost for each method differs. You must have in mind that you will need some cash for proper marketing.

Have you ever wondered why some perfumes are so expensive? The cost of production is not as high as the cost of packaging, advertising, and marketing. What makes a huge part of the overall cost is branding and marketing. You may be already making use of these strategies if you are a known perfume company already. However, you can hold a unique launching program for your perfume releases if you need more public awareness. And make sure to invite the press for the program.

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