Sportswear Name Ideas: Name Your Up-And-Coming Sportswear Brand 

Sportswear Names- Cool Names For Your Brand 


It is excellent that you have come up with a great idea for a sportswear brand. To launch your brand, however, you will need to choose a suitable brand name. Naming your brand can often be challenging, especially in an industry that is highly competitive. The name of your sportswear brand should reflect the uniqueness of your company. A sportswear brand’s name must also be creative and descriptive enough to stand out from the crowd.

In order to minimize the stress of the process for you, we have provided you with ideas for names for your sportswear brand. We have also provided you with crucial steps to name your brand. In this article, we will address:

Importance of Good Sportswear name

  • 40 Top Sportswear Names for Your Business
  • 20 Fun Sportswear Names for Your Brand
  • 25 Top Sportswear Names for Your Fitness Clothing Business
  • 20 Cool Sportswear Names for Your Gym Clothing Brand
  • 30 Excellent Athletic Company Names to Try Out
  • Steps to Naming Your Sportswear Brand
  • Importance of Good Sportswear Name

Your business name is the first way your customers will get to know your business. A potential client might be able to identify your business simply through the name of your business. It represents the image of your business. It is imperative that you choose an appropriate sportswear name for your company.

Creates the Ideal Identity

In order to define your business nature and identity, your business name is important. All companies vary in terms of their working patterns and product categories, so the name of your company will differ as well. Sportswear brand names provide your company with the perfect identity while creating a new customer value segment for your brand. Because of the perfect business name, your potential customers will also be able to identify your company’s products. In addition to eliciting positive feelings, good sportswear names can also portray a sense of excellence about your brand.


A complicated name can easily be forgotten by a customer or passerby, especially when it is displayed on a billboard. Therefore, selecting the right name is crucial because it will stick in the minds of your target audience, thereby completing half the branding task. In order to remember top sportswear brands, you must understand their brand names because they are straightforward, making them memorable. It also has a significant impact on your brand recognition. You will also benefit from the memorability of your chosen company name as your customers will be able to spread the word about your business to help you expand your customer base. This action will help you get the marketing done at no cost to you.

The Motivating Factor

In the event that you were to start your business, you would want its name to reflect your business style and taste. You would thus instill passion and dedicate everything you have to it. When you select the correct sportswear name, it will serve as the motivational factor that you need every single day. As the brand is unique to you, it will motivate you to put all your heart and soul into making it profitable and long-lasting.

Word of Mouth Benefits

Word-of-mouth is an asset for all businesses, especially those that are new. Existing customers tend to recommend products and services from brands they know to their friends and family. This process is known as word of mouth. A short and easy-to-remember sportswear name is not only beneficial for branding purposes, but also because it is easy to remember. You will also have more opportunities to promote your products to new groups of people when your existing customers are able to remember your brand name. By taking this action, you will be able to increase your sales as well as increase the profitability of your company.


It is highly likely that your customers will forget your sportswear name if the name is excellent and memorable. Additionally, people will search for the name online or locally if it is excellent and memorable. Although short names are not the key to successfully naming your brand, it is quite essential. It is equally important to have an excellent background story for your brand name, even if it is long. Your brand name should also be meaningful and relatable to the target audience. By offering this feature, consumers will be able to easily engage with your business and establish a long-term relationship.

40 Top Sportswear Names for Your Business

Here are a few ideas for sportswear business names. These names can help you brainstorm ideas for your sportswear business. Let’s explore the top sportswear names for your business.

  • Sportivity
  • Sport-Envy
  • VitaSports
  • Championwear
  • Classic Sports
  • Sports of Fashion
  • Sport Start
  • Competing sides 
  • Elevated Sportswear
  • Sport Spot
  • Time to Play
  • Sport Report
  • Sports Pitch
  • The Winning Side
  • Sport Fort
  • Go-Go Games
  • Champ Camp
  • For the Game
  • Winners Wear
  • MatchPoint
  • Life’s Game
  • ActivePlus
  • Artswear
  • Alpha Sporting Gear
  • Dew Wears
  • Dream Team
  • Dynamite Wears
  • EverSports
  • The Fast Kit
  • Geo Wears
  • Fit Wears
  • Hydrozen
  • Mad Dash
  • Inspire
  • Next Wears
  • Sphorts
  • Sportonomy
  • Sports Street
  • Upper Edge
  • Wearing Habits

20 Fun Sportswear Names for Your Brand

Check out these 20 fun sportswear names for your brand if you want something fun for your brand.

  • The Jersey Line
  • Sports Girl Apparel
  • The Ultimate Fanclub
  • Victory Clothing
  • Frontline Apparel
  • Sports Girls
  • Touchdown
  • Golf Goals Clothing
  • The Ideal Connection
  • Fan Fun
  • Yay Sports Apparels
  • Ball-up Sportswear
  • Thorough Threads
  • We Know Sports
  • The New Team
  • Sports Vibe
  • Scoreboard Clothing
  • The Real Name
  • Pop-Up Sportswear
  • Contested

25 Top Sportswear Names for Your Fitness Clothing Business

If you’re launching a fitness clothing business, you need a name that resonates with the products you’re offering. Below are some ideas you could select from or inspire to create a new name.

  • Athletic
  • Sportsy
  • Happy Fits
  • Fit Wears
  • Jump Sportswear
  • Action Figure Fashion
  • Podium Apparel
  • Acorn Sportswear
  • Better Strides
  • Victory Lap Clothing
  • Gold Medal Apparels
  • Athletica
  • The A-Team
  • Sportswear Hub
  • Frontline Apparel
  • Comtemposports
  • Best ‘Em Apparels
  • Kinetic
  • Light Feet
  • The Boys Club
  • Endless
  • Classic Raw
  • Gravity Wears
  • True Gravity 
  • Set Spot

20 Cool Sportswear Names for Your Gym Clothing Brand

If your idea of making an entry into the sportswear industry is offering cool gym clothing, then you need a name to back it up. Below are some cool sportswear names for your gym clothing brand; let’s take a look.

Ball Up

  • Sport Clothing
  • High Energy
  • Gear Up
  • Oxygen
  • Dot Grid
  • Urban Style
  • SportStar
  • Paramount
  • Luxury Legging 
  • Sweaty Betty
  • Exercise
  • Sweat and Strut
  • ShapeMe
  • Fab & Fit
  • Shapetastic
  • Persistence By _______
  • _____________ Blend
  • Winners Wear
  • Power Go!

30 Excellent Athletic Company Names To Try Out

If you want an athletic company and can’t find the right name for your company, the shortlist below will put you on the right track.

  • Elevated
  • Motivation
  • Wearing Habit
  • Action Sportswear
  • Unlimited
  • The Gifted
  • Fit Freedom
  • Nspire
  • Epic Win
  • Power Fitness
  • Pastime Apparel
  • Tri-Active
  • Olympian Sportswear
  • Ace Apparels
  • Helo Sports
  • Classic Rise
  • Pulse Apparels
  • Hydrocean
  • Fast Kicks
  • First Place Wears
  • Premier Sportswear
  • Vital Apparels
  • Sport Blend
  • Mindful moment
  • Champ Camp Sportswear
  • Good American
  • Ultra Wears
  • Champions Apparel
  • Sports Street


Steps to Naming Your Sportswear Brand

You will be able to create memorable sportswear names with this process. The idea is to get something that is catchy and memorable. Here are the steps to make this happen; let’s take a look.


The first step is to come up with the best name for your sportswear company. You can simply put together a list of words that can be mixed or combined to produce something unique for your business. When choosing these words, keep in mind that you should stay unique; you should not follow the same naming pattern as others. At the same time, you should not choose a name that is completely outside of your industry. What would you like people to think of when they hear of your business?

Keep it Simple

For most sportswear clothing brands seeking the ideal sportswear names to showcase their products and services, this works for them if they are searching for the ideal sportswear names to connect with their target audience. If your brand name is too long, most potential customers will not take a second look. Exceptions to the case are companies that offer exceptional products and services.

Shortlist the Idea

In order to narrow down your list of possible sportswear names, you can analyze them. Remove names that will be difficult to remember, pronounce aloud, or spell to make sure. Only keep memorable brand names that sound brandable and convey your brand values and services to your target audience effectively. A sportswear name should convey an appropriate meaning to the brand. You should not consider names that are overused or clichéd.

Industrial Differentiation 

Don’t choose a name that sounds too similar to your competitor’s when searching for sportswear names. If you choose a name with a good identity, you should avoid it being easily confused with your competitor’s. In addition, you should avoid choosing a name that could result in trademark infringement to avoid a lawsuit. Select the name you prefer, but avoid names that might cause conflict with your competitors.

Internet- Friendly 

For your sportswear brand, you will likely set up social media accounts and a website, so you should choose a name that is user-friendly and compatible with SEO norms. You should choose something memorable and avoid spellings that would be difficult for your audience to pronounce or type.

Get Feedback

If you have narrowed down your sportswear brand name using the tips above, you can then ask your family and friends for their feedback on it. In addition, you can also ask your prospective customers or those who work in your industry for feedback. You should be able to narrow down the list to the most suitable choice based on the feedback you receive. Ask people what they first think of when they hear your sportswear brand name.

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Final Thoughts

The sportswear industry has become a major industry in recent years, and many people are embracing it. Your sportswear name will remain in your business for quite some time if your plan goes well. If you want to enter this business line, you will need to decide which brand is right for you and which line is right for you. It is imperative to choose a sportswear name that attracts the right attention and that is easy to remember. The purpose of this article is to explain why selecting the right business name is essential and how you can ensure you make the right decision among our long list of sportswear names.

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Sportswear Name Ideas: Name Your Up-And-Coming Sportswear Brand  A sportswear business can be quite profitable, especially with the correct name. Explore the best sportswear names for your brand right here.
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