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Business Model Viability and Validation

Creating an effective business model for a company is the first, and most important step to bringing value to the market. Entrepreneurs wishing to start a company need to conceive a new way to deliver value to the market and prove the viability of their model. In doing so, many companies struggle and exhaust most of their resources to create a minimum viable product. We help startups stay lean and not put themselves in a position of disadvantage when growing their business. Once the business model and MVP are in place we'll help you meet your next challenge, managing cash flows.

Bootstrapping and Funding Strategy

With high-growth companies managing funds is a big challenge. Understanding how to bootstrap your company, so that you don't burn your cash on operations, but you focus your resources on development is essential. We can help you develop lean approaches to manage your firm so that it reaches a degree of sustainability, which will allow you to create more interest and excitement in your investors. We also help identifying the right funds for your project and help you create compelling pitches to maximise your opportunity of success.

Business and Marketing Plan Analysis

Some investors are old school and they want to see the numbers, as only numbers can really paint a clear picture of the state of a company. In order to represent your company on paper with persuasion and honesty it's important to be able to write up the right numbers and evaluate your firm fairly. We are here to help, so that we you meet with your investors you are able to portray a picture which displays the full potential of your work. This applies also to a marketing plan, as your firm will need to show that your target market is sufficiently large to allow you to scale and grow in the future.

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