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If Italy was the Mona Lisa, then Florence would be its smile. Attracting thousands of students and millions of tourist each year, the city is an international culture hub, capable of inspiring hungry and curious minds. Florence hosts 40+ international universities and study abroad programs, pursuing the highest academic standards and providing excellent cultural experiences. However, it is a challenge for many educational institutions to find the right program to work with and to identify the opportunities that better fit with their students. 

440 Industries is not a study abroad program itself, but because of its far-reaching network and its track record of successful students, we can help you find the program that best matches your expectations. Spanning from bespoke faculty-led courses to practicum programs, we can help you create an experience that your students will cherish for a lifetime. If you are interested in exploring this opportunity, reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to schedule a call to know each other.

Do you want to start your own program in Florence, Italy? We help with that too. 

Our areas of specialisation are those of the creative industries, fashion, music and technology. We pride ourselves of developing innovative programs capable of meeting the needs of the most demanding universities and students.

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