Sunglasses Business Names – Catchy Name Ideas

Sunglasses Business Names - Catchy Name Ideas


Sunglasses are popular accessories that make up the daily clothing of women, men, and children worldwide. This makes it an ideal option for people who want to launch a new business. However, it is vital to implement an innovative business model since many sunglasses sellers exist in the market already. New business owners can stand out by using catchy sunglasses business names. 

Many companies have successfully reached the top of their careers using catchy names. Examples of these names are Oakley, Prada, Ray-Ban, Versace, Maui Jim, Gucci, Armani, to mention a few. These names have a common trait, thriving in the competitive market. Hence, if you want catchy titles for your business, consider the ideas below.

  • Why you should start a sunglasses business
  • How to Choose the Perfect Sunglasses Business Names
  • Tips for Choosing a Catchy Sunglasses Name
  • Why You Should Choose a Good Name for Your Sunglasses Businesses
  • Different Sunglasses Business Name Ideas

Why You Should Start a Sunglasses Business

Sunglasses are necessary for our daily lives because they protect the eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. There is a high demand for sunglasses in the market space to protect the eyes from impaired vision. Starting a sunglasses business is a plus for you if you are a fashionista and want to earn big in business.

With the rapid rise of technology, this will be an exciting year of varieties in the sunglasses industry. The industry is vast, including sunglasses, contact lenses, and frames. While some people trade these three sectors, others focus on one or two industry sectors only. However, sunglasses have recorded the highest number of businesses than others. This success is mainly due to the quality branding in the industry. A company’s ability to market itself and present its value with its name alone is impressive.

How to Choose the Perfect Sunglasses Business Names

When choosing your Sunglasses Business Names, there are certain factors you should consider. Sometimes, you may represent each sunglass with a name, depending on the vibe it portrays. When you implement the following naming procedure, you can be sure to come up with a catchy name for your brand.

Brainstorming Ideas

You need to first brainstorm on the possible names for your business, to develop the best idea. Brainstorming is an act of noting down the thoughts that pop up in your mind about your business and streamlining the best possible options. Several things come to your mind when thinking about your business, including colors, shapes, sizes, and comfort. Put your creative brain to work here, and do not discard any idea, no matter how little it may seem.

Using Your Name

Sometimes, you may wish to include your name or that of co-founders in your business. Not only does your product become famous, but you also earn some value for your name. This is a good marketing strategy if your name is already known for positive contributions. For example, “Shades by Michelle.” 

Be Unique

Many people already exist in the business does not mean you cannot stand out in your ideas. Do not copy an existing name because it will spoil your brand’s reputation. It will be challenging to change any wrong impression you have made on people, even if you choose to amend in the future. This may cause significant loss to your business, which is why it is best you stay away from copying other brands as much as possible.

Using Keywords 

Keywords are the greatest secret to a brand’s publicity. If your brand has an online presence, the Search Engine Optimization tool will make it rank high on search engines. With many people available on the internet today, you will boost your brand significantly with this marketing strategy. An internet user will be more interested in your brand if the keyword they search matches your brand’s name. Hence, it is wise to use keywords to expand your business’s visibility.

Tips for Choosing Catchy Sunglasses Business Names

Here are three things to consider when branding or naming your sunglasses business.

Name Quality

Do not go for shabby names, but let them represent your product’s quality. However, ensure to maintain the integrity of your representation by delivering nothing short of quality items. Quality branding is essential to push your business forward and get your initial sales. In fact, appropriate naming does its magic when you have no review from past users yet. People will be willing to trust your brand, regardless of the void testimony. You can look into names that depict healthy vision and durability. It can also be something else you think users will fascinate in their pair of sunglasses.

Choose a Strong Name

Since almost every company in the sunglasses industry offers the same value proposition, see yourself through a firm name. Even with a stunning logo, a strong name gives it a competitive advantage. Let your customers know that your brand is beyond fashion. Fashion is a good cause, but express that you care about customers’ health or vision. The eyelids are exposed to cataracts and skin cancer. Hence, consider your brand as not just a part of the fashion industry but also providing health advantages.

Choose Affordable Name

One strategy for using names as a tool to drive sales is affordability. Many consumers are willing to pay for cheap items as long as they get a quality value. This may seem like an impossible combination, but let your customers know they are getting more value for their money. It may not be the cheapest brand in the market, but you can get a large customer base when your name sounds affordable. 


  • Choose a modern and classy name
  • The name can be abstract but easily describable 
  • Choose sunglasses names that are concise
  • The name should depict sunglasses varieties
  • The brand name should entice or interest customers.

Why You Should Choose a Good Name for Your Sunglasses Business

Many people get carried away with other business activities, forgetting the naming business. For instance, getting a building or location is the focal point for new business owners, neglecting the name such a building should bear. Meanwhile, this young generation has fallen in love with sunglasses and wants the best service provider. You need to remain relevant in the marketplace to attract customers to your side.

Good Sunglasses Business Names are enough to attract the target audiences. Names are usually the first contact with potential users, especially online visitors. Since many people are too lazy to read extended captions or descriptions, a catchy name can get their attention. A good name can give your brand a proper image with effective marketing activities. More so, customers will easily remember names that please them than other company names. Since the market competition is tight, you need every means to get loyal customers.

Branding is a significant push to a company’s success. In the next decade, the state of a sunglass company depends on how much investment the staff make in branding. Companies have dominated the sunglasses industry because they took branding seriously. 

Different Sunglasses Business Names Ideas

Catchy Sunglasses Business Names Ideas

Having explained the theoretical aspect of naming your sunglasses business, here are examples of catchy names you can use for your sunglasses

  • The Expensive Sunglass
  • Shades On Fleek
  • Blink At Wharf
  • Factory Optical
  • Oversized Dark Glasses
  • Shark Eyes
  • Mirrored Ban
  • Shades Of Sunglasses
  • The Sunglass Story
  • Orange Glasses Group
  • Sin City Shades
  • Defined Screen World
  • Variety Shades
  • Fancy Eye House
  • Eyewear Bucket
  • Ibanez Sunglasses
  • Simply Shades
  • Project Sun Frame
  • Exquisite Glares
  • Emporium Eyewear
  • My Eyewear 2 Go
  • Optical Inc.
  • Midwest Sports Vision Group
  • Reflective Bifocals Spot
  • Hip Shades
  • The Shimmering Scene
  • Lorenz Eyewear Services
  • The Sun Strikes Back
  • All Sports Eyewear
  • No Limits Eyewear
  • Discounted Sunglasses
  • New Wave Of Shades
  • The Large Oakleys
  • 2 Eyes
  • Warby Parker
  • Festive Eyes
  • Sun City Optics
  • The Backend Shades
  • Platinum Vision
  • Drift Eyewear
  • Venus Sunglasses
  • Sunrise Shades
  • Eye-Bar Optometry
  • Eyewear Specialists
  • Loch Effects
  • The Eye Company
  • Vision Clear Optical
  • Hakim Optical New Market
  • Wolf Eyewear
  • Alpha Sunglasses
  • Dupont Optical
  • Coppola Shades
  • Dynamic Glints
  • Optics International
  • Eyeglasses Group
  • Waves Business
  • Exquisite Frames
  • Atlantic Optical
  • Summer Fever
  • Sunglass Fix
  • Vanity Sunglasses
  • The Sunglass House
  • Shades Oasis
  • My Business Shades
  • Style Goggles Trading Co
  • Sunny Gs
  • Polar Imports Canada Ltd.

Unique Sunglasses Business Names Ideas

The following are examples of names ideas to startup a sunglasses brand

  • Shaped Dark Glasses
  • Shades On Wheels
  • Eye Gear Experts
  • Lux Glints
  • Unavoidable Obsession
  • The Eyeglass Factory
  • Sunny Shades
  • Grace And Delight
  • New American Eyes
  • Kite Eyewear
  • New Perspective
  • Eyewear Co
  • All The Lenses
  • The Observatory Opticians
  • Sunrise Sunglasses
  • Sunny Story Eyewear
  • Sunglass Statement
  • Shining Shades
  • Her Best Friend
  • Shaded Magazine
  • Squint Eyewear Village
  • Londonderry Eye Care
  • Spaced Out Shades
  • Sharp Glares
  • Girl Up Face Fits
  • Solstar Optical
  • Oakley Vault
  • Sunglass Paradise
  • Smokers Shade
  • Couture Vision
  • Shade Parade
  • The Optic Shop
  • Eye Central
  • Venus Eye Boutique
  • Sunshine Fine
  • Venus And Co.
  • Infinite Vision Eyewear
  • Everyday Eyewear
  • Blue Bill Sunglasses
  • Eternal Sunglasses
  • Alternative Eyewear
  • Durant Sessions
  • Oakley Store
  • Designer Optics
  • A Matter Of Sight
  • Oversize Dark Glasses Pro
  • The Fancy Eyeglasses
  • Sunglasstastic!
  • Phenomenal Glints
  • Cognac Eye Studio
  • Shade Lane
  • Urban Eyewear
  • Lux Lenses
  • Heads-Up Vision
  • Vantage Point
  • Oval Sunglasses
  • The Tortoiseshell Bifocals
  • Tough Glints
  • Luxury Eyesight
  • Shades And More
  • Oval Glasses Co
  • Squint Eyewear
  • Gaze Cave
  • Shinyy’s Sunglasses
  • Designer Eyes
  • Glasses Place
  • Kanji Shutter
  • Fashions On The Run
  • Famous Sights
  • Shades Business
  • America’s Best Contacts
  • Sunshades Eyewear
  • Vision Crew Optical
  • Domani Eyewear
  • All About Glints
  • Blinkers
  • Eye For The Village
  • Sun Blockers
  • Sights Set On You

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Undoubtedly, sunglasses are a profitable business for almost every brand. They require no complex business plan or mode before execution, which is why there are many successful sunglasses businesses. It is a good business that does not require huge risk or capital investment. More so, you can be creative with the names above. They are just ideas, which does not mean limiting your creative mind. Have fun with your Sunglasses Business Names, and ensure it excites your target audience.

If you’re interested in reading more about branding here’s a book we recommend looking into: Brand New Name: A Proven, Step-by-Step Process to Create an Unforgettable Brand Name

Also, don’t hesitate to look into our blog, where we provide a wealth of material in marketing and communication in fashion.

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