The 5 Most Comfortable and Stylish Men’s Shoes in 2023

One of the most important qualities of a shoe is comfort, and the other is style. Oftentimes it can be difficult to find a shoe with both of these qualities because comfort is often compromised in order to achieve better style and vice versa. However, in shoes that are designed and produced well there is no need to give up one quality for the other. These kinds of versatile and comfortable shoes have grown tremendously recently because people began to realize that having both qualities in a shoe is achievable. After doing some research, online and in person, these are five of the most versatile, comfortable, and stylish men’s shoes. 

1.   Hey Dudes – Wally Model

To start off with Hey Dudes, these shoes’ popularity has grown exponentially within the past few years. The brand has a very grounded and causal approach to work and life which is reflected well in their shoes. They have a very basic and casual shoe that pairs well with any kind of outfit whether it be dressed up or down. The designer of Hey Dude wanted a shoe that was modern but also had the same level of comfort that a slipper would have. The brand was founded in Florence, Italy and the brand is focused on making a high quality shoe that is both sustainable and comfortable. Hey Dude has analyzed classic shoes and their materials to swap out stiff, heavy, and outdated materials for flexible, lightweight, sustainable, and resistant ones. 

Hey Dude has many collections including boots, sneakers, slip ons, and more. Their most popular style is the Wally model. The Wally model is extremely versatile and comfortable. It has laces that make the shoe look stylish but it is technically a slip on shoe for convenience. The Wally model is available in a vast number of colors and designs and it can pair well with a casual outfit or a dressy one. The Wally model of Hey Dudes retails at around €60/$60, but some of the newer and more sustainable designs are a few dollars/euros more expensive. 

2.  Adidas Ultra Boosts

Next up are Adidas Ultra Boosts. Adidas is an athletic fashion brand that makes clothes, shoes, and accessories for athletes. Their entire brand is rooted in sports. They are focused on being able to give their customers the best products and experiences possible. They are also focused on sustainability and inclusivity which is very important with clothing brands that are tailored to any and every athlete in the world. 

Adidas’ Ultra Boosts are the first pair of shoes meant for running but also became very popular as streetwear shoes. The shoe is very lightweight which adds to the comfort component and is made with less waste. Their average lifespan is 250 miles but can vary a lot depending on what activities someone does in the shoes. Ultra Boosts are more of a sporty tennis shoe but they have a very clean and aesthetic design so they can easily be paired with a dressier outfit as well. This is a great shoe for someone who needs a little extra support but does not want to give up the style aspect. The different designs and colors of Ultra Boosts range from colorful to neutrals to all black and many more. There are also varying sole thicknesses and sizes which can be very helpful when trying to find the perfect fit. Adidas has also expanded the line by adding some more modern and abstract designs to the Ultra Boost collection. Adidas Ultra Boosts retail at around €180-220/$190 depending on the style and collection. 

3.  Nike Blazers

Next up are Nike Blazers. Nike was founded in the United States in 1964. Nike is another athletic fashion brand that also makes clothes, shoes, and accessories for athletes. Nike emphasizes that as long as you have a body, you are an athlete which shows that their products are made for absolutely anyone and everyone in the world. The brand focuses on bringing inspiration and innovation to sports and athletes. One of their values is teamwork and they also partner with famous athletes to design the best products. 

Their Nike Blazer shoe is minimalist and gives a very clean look. It can be paired very nicely with jeans or khaki pants/shorts but will also look good with sweatpants, which makes it a great pair of shoes for everyday wear. The shoe can be purchased in a low or hightop and also has many different color combinations available. There are classic black and white pairs, all black, mixed neutrals, and even some very colorful options. There are also different material options such as leather or suede. The shoe is also extremely comfortable and can be good for just a quick dinner or walking around all day to explore! Nike Blazers have a slimmer look to them and they retail at €100/$70 for low top ones and €110/$100 for the high top style. 

4. Adidas Stan Smiths

Next up are Adidas Stan Smiths. These shoes have more of a clean and simple look to them and do not look very sporty. They were originally made in the 1970s as a shoe to play tennis with but they have become a go-to everyday option because of their design and versatility. Most of the shoes are mainly white with different colored detailing on the heel and the tongue of the shoe. There are gray, orange, green, blue, and many other options. There are also some options with designs and solid colors such as dark blue, gray, tan, and white. These shoes are definitely not a running shoe but they can be used for court sports and can definitely be used for streetwear. Like the other shoes I have mentioned, it is very easy to dress up or down these shoes and wear an all encompassing array of outfits. Besides a full suit and tie outfit, there are no other outfits that these shoes would not match with. Adidas Stan Smiths retail at €110/$100 but the more exclusive releases can be a bit more expensive. 

5. Nike Air Forces

Nike Air Forces are Nike’s most popular and prominent pair of shoes. Nike originally designed them as basketball shoes but they quickly became streetwear and very popular for everyday use. They are so versatile for sports or leisure wear that it is common to own multiple pairs of them. Nike has created hundreds of different designs for their Air Forces and they still release more very often. A lot of them have more everyday colors like tan, black, white, gray, and brown. However, Nike also releases some colorful and artistic designs which appeal to a lot of people, especially when they are limited edition. This shoe can be dressed up or dressed down and can go with virtually every outfit. Nike Air Forces are definitely a more bulky shoe and they have a bit of a platform sole, so they will add a bit of height when someone wears them. The shoe is reasonably priced, usually around €95 to €130 / $120 to $150 depending on the color and/or design that is chosen. 

Choosing the Right Shoe For You

Choosing the correct shoe is extremely important for various reasons. Shoes are the backbone and foundation of your stability and posture, so it is crucial to find the properly fitted shoe. Having a high quality and supportive shoe is essential to everyday comfort and also long-term health, especially if you walk a lot or exercise in the shoes. Walking or standing a lot in uncomfortable shoes can cause back pain and foot pain that is difficult to heal, so investing in a shoe that fits well is well worth the money. Along with comfort and health, having a shoe that fits with most outfits is extremely helpful and ends up saving money in the long run. Purchasing shoes that are specific to certain kinds of outfits can be extremely expensive in the long run so finding a pair or two of shoes that match well with almost every outfit vibe is very beneficial. 

Some Fun Facts about Shoes

  • The first known shoe was made in 7000 or 8000 BCE and it was a sandal made of sagebrush bark. 
  • At first, heels were made for men, specifically the nobility in the Ancien Regime. 
  • The most expensive shoe in the world was $660,000 and it was the ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz! 
  • Before the 19th Century, right and left shoes were made the same, there were not different versions for each foot. 
  • A very long time ago, barleycorns were used to measure feet and to find different shoe sizes. The UK and Ireland still use systems based on this method. 
  • Sneakers were organically named this because the rubber on the soles made very little noise, so it was easy to sneak around in them. 
  • Neil Armstrong’s boots are still on the moon!
  • Shoelaces were not invented until the 1790s!

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