The 5 Simple Habits of a Successful Social Media Manager

The 5 Simple Habits of a Successful Social Media Manager

When designing a social media strategy for your brand it may seem as if, the more creative you can be, the better.  We believe that this is a bit of a misconception.

Creativity helps, but at the same time, executing the basics really well can be just as effective. 

This is why building your social media strategies around a few, impactful habits can be the best way to achieve your goals, over time.

If we look at some of the most effective social media strategies, we can see that there are a handful of characteristics that tie them together. 

In this post, we’ve shortlisted 5 social media habits of a successful social media managers, that help you focus on what matters the most. 

By focusing on executing these 5 basic tips well, you’d be surprised to see the results that you may be getting. 

With no further ado, let’s dive into the topic.

#1 Being Consistent

The first and most relevant “ingredient” in your strategy is consistency. This is true in social media as much as it is in business. Rather than focusing on quantity, focusing on quality and consistency can be a great way to build an audience. 

Brands sometimes end up misjudging the amount of time required to build an audience. As we like to say, however, it can take years to become an overnight success.  This is why habit-building is so important, as it helps you to learn the importance of being patient and working hard.

Being consistent in quality, being reliable with your posting schedule, and overall focusing on a clear brand vision is what ends up having the biggest impact on your social media success.

#2 Appreciate the Value of Planning

Having a structured posting calendar, that allows you to think strategically about what content to post and when is a great way to build up engagement in your profile. 

Planning is essential for your social media success.

Planning your social media strategies allows you to take advantage of newsjacking to increase the currency and social value of your brand, it allows you to use multiple post formats and understand what type of content provides the best results in terms of engagement and conversion.

In order to understand what works and to optimize your content accordingly, building some objectivity and distance can be really helpful, as it will allow you to not be only guided by “gut feelings” but by data as well.

#3 Using a Multimedia Approach

The social media space is a fast environment, where users need to be constantly entertained. The third habit we’re taking into consideration is multimedia. This is to indicate the importance of creating a transmedia narrative, or a brand voice that employs a variety of mediums as well as a variety of channels to reach its intended audience.

Using words, images, audio and video can provide a broader set of stimuli to your audience and expand on the reach of your content. By using multiple media formats you will have an opportunity to adapt your content for multiple platforms, expanding your organic reach and tapping into new communities.

#4 Creating Awesome Content

The fourth habit is about creating awesome content, as in focusing on creating content that resonates with your audience and that possibly triggers an emotional response that invites the user to comment and share your posts.

Of course, this is easier said than done, but it’s important to take into consideration the importance of the narrative you’re building and how inspirational and relevant can the voice of your brand be. Social media is a space for unfiltered, emotional communication at times, and creating content that is able to motivate and energize your public can be a great way to build a strong connection with your community.

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#5 Be Community Focused

Last but not least, you want to make sure you’re serving your community with great content.

To do this you need to clearly map your community needs and create content that provides a strong online experience.

Depending on the voice of your brand you may want to focus on different content approaches. For instance, you may want to publish educational content, entertainment content, aesthetically appealing content, and so forth.

Moreover, to show an ability to support and grow your community you will need to understand what media typologies and topic choices are the most helpful to your audience. The more you will be able to display the understanding of the trials and tribulations of your community, the better you will be at helping them and serving them with valuable information.

Great! Now that we’ve touched upon all 5 habits of a successful social media manager we can move towards our conclusive remarks.

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There you have it! In this post, we’ve looked at 5 key elements that define a successful social media strategy. 

Even if many of us spend time thinking of creative ways to boost profile growth, executing the basics well is often what provides the best opportunities for consistent scale-up. This is why developing these 5 habits can help you focus on working hard and being patient, as it takes time to build a large social following.

If you’re interested in understanding social media strategy in more detail, it can be helpful to complement online research with some literature to build up a more structured and comprehensive understanding of social media management.

If this is a topic you’d like to read more about, this is a book we recommend reading: Social Media Strategy.

Also, don’t forget to check out our blog, where we’re providing a lot of free resources on social media strategy. Enjoy!

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The 5 Simple Habits of a Successful Social Media Manager In this post, we're looking at 5 simple habits of successful social media managers.
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