The 5 Warmest and Most Stylish Women’s Winter Coats

The 5 Warmest and Most Stylish Women’s Winter Coats

As the colder months begin in Europe and the United States, it is important to have a warm winter coat. Depending on where people live or travel to, winter coats are essential every single day so it is worth it to get a good quality coat that is also stylish and easy to match. There are many important qualities to consider when shopping for a coat. Some of these include the coat being windproof, waterproof, and warm. Also, it is important that the coat can zip all the way up and that it has a hood to be able to keep the entire upper half of a person’s body warm. When it comes to cold weather, longer coats are always better at withstanding the cold and keeping warm air in. Since longer coats go past the hips, it can cover any gap between shirts and pants. It is also important that the coat is not too tight in order to be able to layer under and wear different kinds of outfits with it. 

1. North Face Women’s Arctic Parka

First up is North Face’s Women’s Arctic Parka. This coat is long and goes down to around the mid-thigh area. It has a very clean and simple look to it and has a hood with removable fake fur. The arms have an inside cuff that is tight to the wrist to not let cold wind in. The coat zips the entire way up and has a flap that covers the zipper. The coat is sold in 8 different colors and includes sizes XS to 3XL. The Arctic Parka is waterproof and breathable. It has two covered and zippable hand pockets and an internal zipper pocket on the left chest area. The parka retails at €440/$350 

To go into some information about North Face itself, the brand focuses on producing clothes and equipment for exploration and nature. Their slogan is “Shaping the future of human/mature. Exploration is our oxygen” (source). North Face was founded in 1966 and it was named after the most challenging side of the mountain. The brand is also very focused on sustainability with four specific commitments: “Scale circularity. 100% responsibly-sourced apparel fabrics by 2025. Work in tandem with suppliers and retailers. Accelerate sustainable packaging” (source).

2. Patagonia’s Women’s Down With It Parka

Next up is Patagonia’s Women’s Down With It Parka. This coat is long and goes down to the mid-thigh area. This coat has more of the classic padded winter coat look and it has a hood that is removable. The parka zips the entire way and the zipper is covered with a flap for extra protection from any cold air. There are handwarmer pockets and a polyester shell which is made to repel water. The coat is offered in 5 different colors and has sizes ranging from XS to XXL. This insulated coat retails for €340/$329. 

To dive into Patagonia, it all began in 1957 when Chouinard started selling steel pitons for climbing. In 1965 he partnered with Tom Frost and they began to sell climbing equipment. As the company grew over the next several years it started to make clothing and other products that eventually led it to be the Patagonia we know today. The brand is extremely climate conscious. Patagonia acknowledges that the earth is in danger and with that, so are all humans because of climate change. They use all the resources they have to fix this issue and do everything they can to combat this threat. Patagonia has committed to put any profit the brand makes back into the environment. “Here’s how it works: 100% of the company’s voting stock transfers to the Patagonia Purpose Trust, created to protect the company’s values; and 100% of the nonvoting stock had been given to the Holdfast Collective, a nonprofit dedicated to fighting the environmental crisis and defending nature. The funding will come from Patagonia: Each year, the money we make after reinvesting in the business will be distributed as a dividend to help fight the crisis” (source). 

Patagonia Link

3. LLbean Women’s Winter Warmer Coat

Next up is L.L. Bean’s Women’s Winter Warmer Coat. This coat is also long and goes down to the mid thigh area. The coat has a clean and smooth look. It has a lined hood and is cinched the entire way around the waist. It zips up completely and has a flap to protect the zipper. The top half of the coat, including the hood, is lined with fleece to add extra warmth. The nylon outer shell makes it water and windproof and there are handwarmer pockets. The coat is available in 5 different colors and has a regular, petitie, or plus size option with sizes ranging from XS to 3XL. The petitire, regular, and plus size options offer different coat lengths while the other size options control the width. The L.L. Bean Women’s Winter Warmer Coat retails for €160/$149. 

L.L. Bean is a company all about being outside and the brand’s aim is to enable people to be outside as much as possible by creating products that make it easy to enjoy the outdoors. The company journey all started in 1911 when Leon Leonwood Bean invented the Maine Hunting Shoe. From there he began selling his product until eventually he designed a coat and many other items later on. The company was officially founded in 1912 in Freeport, Maine, USA. The company has a strong commitment to the community, sustainable materials, environmental stewardship, and the well-being of their employees. In the past decade, L.L. Bean has committed more than $16,000,000 to protect the environment and make the outdoors more accessible to everyone. 

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4. Carhartt Women’s Montana Relaxed Fit Insulated Coat

Next up is Carhartt’s Women’s Montana Relaxed Fit Insulated Coat. This coat has a bit of the padded classic winter coat look, but also looks sleek. It is a long coat that reaches about the midthigh area. The hood has a removable fake fur outside lining and hand warmer pockets. The coat zips entirely and the flap that covers the zipper has buttons for added insulation. The upper-body section of the coat is fleece-lined for added warmth and insulation. The silicone-coated nylon used on the coat along other technologies built into it make the coat wind and waterproof. The sleeves also have elastic cuffs around the wrist to keep cold air from entering. There are two interior pockets, one utility pocket and another zippable chest pocket and one exterior pocket that closes with a button. This Carhartt coat is available in 2 colors and from the sizes XS to XXL. The Carhartt’s Women’s Montana Relaxed Fit Insulated Coat retails for €180/$170. 

Carharrt is a brand that is focused on making durable and high quality products for work and for the outdoors. They market to hard workers who want their clothes to last through everything they need to do. The company is very focused on sustainability, inclusion, and helping the community. Carhartt partners with many organizations in order to give back to the communities and they act on the slogan of actions that speak louder than words. They are also committed to repairing anything that does not fit their customers expectations. If they cannot fix it they will replace it or give credit to purchase a new item. They also are working to reduce the amount of paper and plastic that they utilize in their packaging. Currently they cut their overall usage by 13% and use mostly recycled mailers made from 100% post-industrial waste. Within Carhartt there are two separate specific brands, one is Carhartt Company Gear and the other is Carhartt Work in Progress. Company Gear sticks to the company’s roots and continues to make clothes specifically for working people. Work in Progress is moving towards everyday clothing and streetwear and is specifically marketed to the European audience. 

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5. Columbia Women’s Suttle Mountain Long Insulated Jacket 

Lastly, the Columbia Women’s Suttle Mountain Long Insulated Jacket is a great option for an everyday winter coat. This coat has a sleek and simple look to it and has removable fake fur around the hood. The coat is long and hits at about the mid thigh area. There are handwarmer pockets that close with a button and an outside chest pocket with a zupper. The sleeves have buttons so the width of the cuff can be adjusted to the wrist size to block out cold air from entering. The coat’s zipper goes all the way up and also is 2-way, so it is possible to open it from either direction to achieve freedom of movement. The coat is insulated, waterproof, and windproof. There are 7 available colors and sizes XS to XXL are available. The coat retails for €180/$230.

Colombia is a sportswear company and their slogan is “We connect active people with their passions” (source). Their products include apparel, footwear, accessories, and equipment. Columbia also believes in corporate responsibility. They invest in initiatives that help people, the environment, and their products. They have multiple programs having to do with their employees and people in their communities. One of these programs involves decreasing the amount of water waste and toxins that get put into water and investing in organizations that provide clean drinking water to communities in need. There are also many commitments to sustainability to help the environment. One of them is their “Rethreads” effort. This effort includes increasing the life of their products and helping to ensure that the clothes doesn’t end up in landfills once the wearable life is over. 

Columbia Link

Quality, Style, and Warmth are at the Forefront Of Winter Coat Qualities

All of these coats have extremely good qualities to them. They will all keep people warm and dry in the winter months while looking great with any outfit! All 5 coats have very neutral colors to be able to match with any outfit and keep warmth no matter the occasion, but for anyone wanting a little more color in their wardrobe there are some awesome colorful options as well! Overall, all five coat options from North Face, Patagonia, L.L. Bean, Carhartt, and Columbia are great quality options with varying styles that will keep you warm during the winter months.

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The 5 Warmest and Most Stylish Women’s Winter Coats In this post, we're looking into the 5 warmest and most stylish women’s winter coats.
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