Valentino Brand Identity – What Are They Known For?

Valentino Brand Identity - What Are They Known For?


There are numerous ways to create a unique identity in the face of competition and alternatives. However, a brand becomes popular or trendy based on the products or services it offers. Therefore, your brand image does not necessarily represent your brand today, but rather how well your products are accepted by the public, either in terms of quantity or quality. The name Valentino is widely acknowledged as a reputable name in the fashion industry today. Valentino is one of the 14 most recognized fashion brands in Europe.

As a brand with over six decades of history, Valentino is unique. It has gained international recognition from its first year of existence and consistently delivers quality clothing. It may be difficult to pinpoint a specific feature that significantly contributes to Valentino’s popularity because the brand has different products and lines within each product. You may have wondered how Valentino became so popular.

The Valentino brand’s identity can be attributed to a number of factors. However, based on time and trend, by how people respond when hearing the name Valentino, or by what they readily associate the brand with, Valentino has something or somethings associated with it. The Valentino brand identity is discussed in this article.  

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Valentino’s History

Founded in 1959 by Italian fashion designer Valentino Garavani, Valentino was a fashion house that specializes in ready-to-wear garments. However, the Valentino brand has evolved into a number of other products over the years. Nevertheless, all Valentino products are related to fashion. Valentino Garavani’s company is known as Valentino SpA and Maison Valentino. It is currently one of the strongest fashion names in the world.

Initially, Valentino Garavani and Giancarlo Giammetti owned the company together until 1998 when the company was sold for $300 million. From 1998 until 2012, the company’s ownership changed three times, with Valentino Garavani serving as creative director. Qatar currently owns the company through Mayhoola for Investments Spc. 

Founded 61 years ago, Valentino has its headquarters in Milan, Italy. The majority of Valentino’s products are handcrafted from Rome. Valentino has over 150 boutiques in approximately 100 countries around the world, and 1500 sales outlets. It is currently headed by Stefano Sassi, while its creative director is Pierpaolo Piciolli. Piccioli has served as Valentino’s creative director since 2008. The brand has had three changes in creative directors since Valentino Garavani retired in 2007. 

Among the fashion products manufactured by Valentino are footwear, clothing, accessories, bags, perfumes, and beauty products. Valentino’s products are available for both the male and female sexes and are available in different sizes to accommodate individuals of all heights and body types. The Valentino boutiques are located in 100 countries throughout the world and you can purchase a Valentino product online by clicking here


Currently, Valentino has a net worth of €1.5 billion, and has created many celebrity outfits over the years, including Jenefer Lopez, Elizabeth Taylor, and others. In recent years, Lady Gaga has been the ambassador for the new Valentino fragrance, Voce Viva. It is well known that all of Valentino’s products are luxurious, demonstrating its status as a luxury fashion company. Thus, if you own a Valentino bag, for example, you own an elegant bag, as well as other Valentino products.

It has grown from a fashion house based in Italy to be an international luxury fashion company with a worldwide presence. A number of smaller and upcoming fashion brands look up to Valentino as a model in the industry, and the brand has won many awards over the years. I would say Valentino has built a solid reputation in the industry. 

As a result of considering all these factors, we are able to answer the question, “What is the Valentino brand identity?”.

Valentino Brand Identity

Currently, Valentino is renowned for several things. This includes the iconic V logo trademark, the red color, and numerous products and fashion lines available throughout the country. The Valentino brand has been famous for a variety of things over the years. However, there are a few things that serve as an identity for the brand in today’s fashion industry. Time is also an important factor to consider. The Valentino brand has been known for a variety of things over the years. Let us examine them all in greater detail.

Signatures and values

Since 2008, Valentino has maintained tradition along with innovation. This allows them to maintain the traditional Valentino touch while incorporating modern fashion trends into their products. As a result of these values, the Valentino branch has become more appealing to younger consumers. In their 61 years of existence, Valentino has only recently begun to pay more attention to the younger generation. A combination of traditional touch and modern fashion innovations is being employed to create beautiful luxury apparel for everyday use. As part of their commitment to excellence, the Valentino brand also announced in 2020 that it would cease using alpaca wool for its products following an investigation into animal abuse in the alpaca industry.

The Valentino brand is easily recognizable by its V-shaped logo, where V stands for Valentino. Valentino dresses, particularly those for men, often feature this logo printed on them, while the metal logo is often found on bags and accessories as well. 

As well as her red-colored clothing collection, Valentino’s international debut took place in Florence in 1960, when the brand was established. Because Valentino used a unique shade of red fabric to make the clothing in the collection, the name Valentino Red originated. Valentino released an all-white collection in 1968, a departure from the red-colored collection that had previously been associated with the brand. However, Valentino Garavani received an award for this collection. 


As part of Valentino’s product line, they offer a variety of products under each category. These include:

In addition to being made in series, Valentino shoes are categorized by gender, with some male Valentino shoes including the Rockstud Calfskin Combat boot and the Rockstud Calfskin Derby boot. Valentino Garavan Tan-go Platform Pump in Patent leather, Rockstud Point-toe leather pumps, and Vlogo suede and shearling boots all cost at least €500.

It is possible to categorize Valentino Clothing by gender as well. Some of the male clothing includes a nylon jacket with a Water Nights print, a stretch wool cargo pant, and a sweater with a Valentine neon universe print. Among these clothing items are embroidered crepe couture dresses, printed crepe de Chine dresses, embroidered georgette dresses, tweet pois dresses, and timeless tweed dresses, all of which are priced at least $900.

In addition to its chains, bracelets, earrings, and so on, Valentino offers a variety of accessories as part of its brand. Some iconic Valentino accessories include:

  • Vlogo signature metal and crystal ring.
  • The Vlogo signature earnings in Metal and Swarovski crystals.
  • Vlogo signature bracelet in metal.
  • Swarovski crystal

The Valentino brand offers a variety of bags, among which are the stud sign shoulder bag in suede and napa leather, the stud sign shoulder bag with floral embroidery, and the stud sign grainy calfskin shoulder bag.

Among the Valentino Beauty products launched in May 2021, there are the Valentino Red lip gloss, foundation, makeup collection, and beauty pure (for nails). Furthermore, Valentino produces perfume products as well. Almost every aspect of fashion is covered by Valentino.

Why is Valentino so famous?

Valentino was originally known for its clothing collections when it was established. The name Valentino is usually associated with clothing when it is mentioned. As a result of the brand’s diversification, it has become increasingly recognized for a variety of other fashion-related items besides clothing. 

In spite of Valentino’s success in clothing, the brand we know today is more well-known for its accessories and bags than its clothing line. This is because they have more of these products in styles that appeal to the current generation or to the present trend than they do clothing. As opposed to decades ago, the first thing that comes to mind when Valentini is mentioned is accessories and bags. 

However, even though the Valentino clothing line is not as trendy as it used to be, it shows signs of becoming the next identity of the Valentino brand. Throughout its history, Valentino has been recognized for its excellence, and this is still an integral part of its identity. In recent years, Valentino has introduced mainstream fashion styles that have gained a great deal of acceptance among younger generations. 


Valentino is not only known for manufacturing and retailing its products but has also been consistently known for several things that it does exceptionally well. It has survived 61 years of staying in vogue and remains consistent today. 

Although it has experienced a few setbacks, it has proven that it has a strong stance. Valentino is undoubtedly going to be around for a long time to come. Despite the fact that the brand may be known for various things, most people today regard it as a brand that specializes in accessories and bags since it serves the largest audience in these areas. In addition to luxury, beauty, and elegance, you will love the Valentino brand.

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