Zalando Competitors- A Case Study

Zalando Competitors- A Case Study


The online retail market is fast-growing, with many startups launching into the market daily. However, some retailers have existed in the industry for a long time, owning a top rank already. One of the leading online retailers is Zalando. However, this company does not exist without drawing some pool of competitors to itself. As a result, there are similarities in online products, with startups copying existing and outdated strategies.

Many people are having challenges identifying product quality and each company’s uniqueness. Hence, this article provides more information about Zalando’s competitors. This will help potential buyers to determine the best online retailer to meet their needs.

  • ASOS
  • Zara
  • Lasera
  • Shopstyle
  • WeFashion
  • Kauf Dich Glucklich
  • NewLook
  • Farfetch
  • eBay
  • StyleBop
  • MyTheresa


ASOS is an online fashion retail house at the top ladder of the market sector. The name is derived from the term “As Seen On Screen.” The website is user-friendly, with several browsing options. This allows users to choose the best browser they are most familiar with. You can easily navigate the internet page to place an order or browse product categories without experiencing downtime. The navigation system is also versatile, giving users options to shop by range, product, or occasion.

ASOS’s significant targets are fashionistas in their twenties, using social media platforms as engagement tools. With the tight competition among e-commerce retail stores, ASOS utilizes social media to its advantage. The company currently has 22 million users on social media and about 23 million customers on its website. Several outfits suit different events, including wedding parties, nights out, and beach wears. The brand features model bodies in its price listing. This has helped promote the social and environmental contributions of the brand. In 2018, ASOS collaborated with the London College of Fashion’s Center for Sustainable Design in equipping its design team.


Zara is a fashion retail store that is always on its toe, with innovative strategies. It is implementing home delivery services to integrate its online and offline audiences. Customers can also order a product from physical stores, even when it is no longer available online. Zara wants to control market stock better and faster delivery time. This will draw closer competition between the brand and Zalando. Although the fashion industry is currently facing overstock challenges, Zara aims to increase its physical store size.

Sustainability and functionality are essential tools pushing Zara forward in the retail e-commerce sector. The company keeps providing solutions to customers’ wants by analyzing fashion trends. Hence, it has become the favorite of many millennials and GenZ. Zara had strategically beat others, becoming one of the leading Zalando competitors by introducing innovative collections.


Lesara is based in Germany and is gradually becoming a fast-fashion brand. Fast fashion is a term for online stores that advertise trending products from other manufacturing industries. Lesara is an online e-commerce store growing massively due to its numerous distribution routes. The company does not manufacture or sell fashion items but instead gathers products from competing sources. Buyers can price different goods from their preferred manufacturer. 

Since the company’s sales success depends on internet visibility, it keeps improving technology. Users are sure to shop up to 50,000 products monthly from the online platform. By implementing innovative fashion and understanding consumers’ wants, Lesara is leading and competing with top brands. The company’s goal is to fill the void of poor production quality and slow delivery time among its competitors. The CEO believes it is one of the quickest strategies to get customers on board.


Shopstyle has built an affiliate link that pays influencers who successfully refer users. Affiliates receive commission after selling any products of their choice. This is a better option for people who do not have enough capital to stock products or goods. The platform allows users to earn without investing huge money with good marketing strategies.

Each user receives a unique identification number after registering on the platform. The website uses the number to track users’ sales activities. The uniqueness of this company is that it offers additional value beyond just buying and selling. This makes it one of the tough Zalando competitors. Affiliates have the opportunity to choose from a variety of fashion items or categories.


WeFashion is a European-based fashion company with strong marketing teams. The company has been delivering several items to various places, but there is a need to minimize local market variations. Hence, the company recently launched a new e-commerce website to foster its online presence. Like many other e-commerce brands, enabling omnichannel is one of the greatest achievements. Thus, the website aims to encourage users to shop from anywhere across the world.

WeFashion is improving its mobile services to provide a better shopping experience for customers. The company is a Dutch fashion chain that sells bags, shoes, clothes, and accessories. Interestingly, the brand also owns two other top brands, Van Gils and O’Neil. They operate mainly in Austria, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Germany.

Kauf Dich Glucklich

Kauf Dich Glucklich is a fashion industry based in Berlin. The slogan of the company is to “buy yourself happy.” The products are versatile, including men’s and women’s wear and home accessories. There is a wide range of products where customers can shop. The shop owned its capital in Germany, but with up to 20 stores across the world today. You can find international labels on the website, including the company’s brand, called Scandinavian.


Tom Singh founded NewLook in 1969 and has created several supply chains since then. NewLook started by focusing on women in their early teens. However, the company now supplies fashion items for both men and women. Users can select from a wide range of clothes, footwear, and accessories. 

The United Kingdom market is vastly competitive, placing extra pressure on NewLook to adapt to the 21st-century model. Many people had assumed the company had reached its saturation until a scandal broke out about the CEO. The company selected a new CEO in 2000, implementing new marketing strategies to get back into the top marketplaces. Fortunately, its websites grew to receive millions of visitors daily. 

Although NewLook had faced challenges in generating profitable sales, the company aligned customers’ offline and online experiences. This increased the company’s sales again. It currently has about 400 physical presence in 66 places globally while boosting its e-commerce sales simultaneously.


Farfetch is also a luxurious platform that has become one of Zalando’s competitors. The brand does not own any of its products but displays products from top manufacturing companies such as Gucci, Burberry, Dolce & Gabanna, and Prada. Visitors can browse various items categories, including shoes, bags, and watches. Interestingly, Farfetch also has physical stores worldwide, which provide an opportunity for customers to try their things on. Nevertheless, you can get a perfect fitting through the website, or communicate with a fashion consultant on the platform, for the ideal measurements.

The company was founded in 2007 and has made a remarkable influence, despite being the latest fashion store. Millions of users buying from over 190 countries believe in getting high-quality and legit products on the website. The brands’ app is only accessible by iOS device and Android, increasing its visibility. Jos Neves founded the company and remained the CEO to date. With his expertise in technology, he drove the company to a top online recognition.


eBay is one of the top Zalando competitors. The platform has a solid online presence while offering customer-to-customer sales. Several citizens have access to the sales channel, provided the right tools are implemented. The company uses the free account opening strategy to get both sellers and buyers on board. However, sellers may have to pay certain fees after subsequent usage. For instance, sellers may have to cover the listing fees.

The company started building its brand as a household name until it gained global recognition. Potential buyers all over the world can access products through the zip code. The website verifies millions of transactions daily, while sellers take advantage of highly sought items by increasing the prices.


StyleBop has existed in the fashion and luxury industry for a long time. The company keeps implementing strategies that attract loyal customers. The target audience is high-income earners. Hence, the advertisements involve convincing contents that get people to buy the available products. 

Many people love freebies and discounts, while StyleBop employs membership and rewards clubs in its business model. New users also get discounts on every purchase, and existing users get bonuses on every referral. There are also membership benefits, which reward users based on the purchasing frequency.

StyleBop offers varieties of fashion items for women and men, newcomer designers, and international premium brands. Most of the products are seasonal but remain relevant in the luxurious world. When the online store entered the e-commerce market, the company also introduced a new private label. StyleBop was inspiring for Germany’s economy, as the nation is not famous for fashion items. Germany was popular for beers, cars, and other engineering skills until StyleBop launched into the market. This made Germany compete with other nations known for fashion luxuries, including London, New York, and Paris.


MyTheresa is an e-commerce fashion industry that focuses on women’s items. The company started locally in Munich until it eventually grew as an international brand. This fashion website gives visitors a chance to have access to their first-hand information. Potential users can subscribe to the newsletter for updates on the latest products. There is an unlimited amount of fashion items on the website, as users can shop with no restrictions. One of the leading marketing strategies is creating links for each product. Each product page has a customized image that is creative enough to attract viewers.


Hopefully, you now have a proper understanding of other fashion brands competing closely with Zalando. Although there seem to be a lot of Zalando competitors in the e-commerce sector, Zalando never stops thriving. The brand communicates well with customers to identify their preferences and provide the needful items. This seems to be a practice among other competitors. Hence, each brand’s marketing strategy would suffice in the long run.

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