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440 Industries is not a company, it's a gateway.

440 Industries is a people-centred organisation focused on assisting creative entrepreneurs to achieve success by mastering their business skills. We don’t think that education is a stage in life, we all need to continue learning, every day. We don’t think as teaching and training as a job, all of us are required to share our knowledge and experience for the benefit of the new generations.  We are not a company, we are a gateway. 

Consulting in the Industries we Love

Start Ups and Innovation

Companies during their startup phase need reliable assistance in order to figure out crucial segmentation and positioning decisions to connect with their audience.

Digital Companies

SaaS companies benefit greatly from the wonders of a well-conceived marketing strategy focused on helping the right customers overcome painful issues.

Fashion and Luxury

Fashion and Luxury companies cannot avoid developing an engaging web-presence overcoming the noise of advertising.

Music and Performing Arts

We love music. We help artists imagine new sounds. As long as clients can be coachable, they have a bright future in front of them.

International Education

Developing innovative learning experiences for students is at the heart of contemporary education. We'll help you use Florence as a classroom.


If you have still not realised what you are up to and are seeking help, don't hesitate to contact us! We've been there too and we're happy to help.

Our Community

440 Industries is a relationship-oriented organisation. We think that our strongest competitive advantage relies on a valuable network of high-end professionals who are excited by the new challenges of digital business development.

We focus on long-term investments and value-driven management, as business needs to be a non-zero sum game for all the parties involved.

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