6 Retro Styles to Add to Your Brand

6 Retro Styles to Add to Your Brand


One of the most recent fashion trends has been the re-introduction of many styles from the 1970s and the 1980s. Anywhere from bright florals, to flare pants, to oversized denim. These styles were once extremely popular, and they seem to be making a comeback once again. 

This is a common theme in fashion trends as things go in and out of style, and eventually, pieces will make a full circle. Some of the most notable brands have been incorporating these throwbacks in their recent collection, and you should do, and the summer is the perfect time to do so.

This has been one of my favorite trends, and I wish there were more brands that were focused on bringing back some old patterns and styles. For example, clothes based on the second Mamma Mia movie, based in the 70s, and Stranger Things tv show, based in the 80s. A lot of people are suddenly recreating those outfits and finding inspiration. 

Patterns, materials, and cuts are coming back, and many are saying how they wore that exact same thing when they were kids. I know my mom has definitely made comments about how she cannot believe a certain thing is coming back. One of the first throwback styles was the scrunchie. All of a sudden, scrunchies were back in everyone’s hair, just like in the 80s and 90s, and it became the staple for a brand new aesthetic, the “VSCO girl” that is still popular now, even if it is not referred to anymore

In this article I will be talking about patterns, materials, and styles from the 70s and 80s that you should incorporate into your newest collection. 

Here is a list of six retro trends to add to your brand.

  1. Bright florals
  2. Flare pants
  3. Halter tops
  4. Mom jeans
  5. Terry cloth
  6. Bucket hats

Let’s start with the 70s.

1. Bright Florals

One of the most popular patterns of the spring and summer has been bright florals. Oversized flowers set in bright colors have been popping up on flowy shirts and bathing suits, just in time for summer. Adding a floral headband or belt is the perfect way to add interest to a basic outfit. Or pairing a floral shirt with flare jeans would definitely appeal to consumers obsessed with Mamma Mia 2. It is easy to go overboard with the florals, but being paired with simpler accessories or pants is an easy way to tone it down.

2. Flare Pants

Another trend that I have been a big supporter of. Most well-known clothing stores have begun incorporating flare jeans or pants in some way, and they are everywhere now. A lot of Gen Z girls are saying skinny jeans are out, so flare is the perfect alternative to add style to a collection and still remain a timeless piece that can be worn over and over. 

Many customers want to be comfy, and these jeans are way more moveable than skinny pants. Also, a lot of flare jeans are more flattering on most body types because they elongate the legs and help to balance out the hips, so this is a universal jeans that looks good on almost every body type.

3. Halter tops

This is another piece that has never actually gone out of style, but it has begun to make more traction in the fashion world. Halter tops are one of the first things I think of from the 70s trends, and pairing them with flare pants is the perfect way to style them and complete the 70s look. 

The halters could be cropped, and paired with high rise pants, or it could go longer and be tucked into the pants. It’s very customizable to make customers feel more comfortable. Halter tops are also a good beginning piece for a retro-themed collection because it is not overbearing like the bright florals, but it still adds to the outfit or collection.

Now onto the 80s.

1. Mom jeans

These are a great alternative to flare jeans, but still adding some retro aspects. Mom jeans were most popular in the 80s, and they have recently been taking over the fashion industry for casual, and comfy jeans to wear with any outfit. Mom jeans are much more comfortable, and look great with almost any kind of shirt. They’re not as bold as some flare pants, but styled in the right way can achieve a great 80s inspired collection.

Even if you do not want to be too retro, and have more current pieces, mom jeans are still a great denim option that adds flare to the outfit. Skinny jeans are also apparently not as trendy anymore, so many people are trying to find alternatives, and mom jeans are the perfect option.

2.Terry cloth

This is a newer trend that has just recently been popping up in different stores. Terry cloth is not necessarily from a specific decade, but it was very popular in the 80s, and it is becoming popular now. This fabric did make a short reappearance in the early 2000s, but it did not last long. Now, it is popping up on almost every kind of clothing. Shirts, shorts, bathing suits, rompers, matching sets, and hats. It is everywhere.

This is the perfect beach material, it can be worn as a coverup, or as the bathing suit itself. It is a great way to switch up the basic cotton material that is used for almost everything else.

3. Bucket hats

Bucket hats have also been everywhere recently, all over instagram and tiktok. Bucket hats are definitely not for everyone, and are not as universal as the previous pieces mentioned. But they are the perfect touch of 80s fun to add to an outfit, or to wear to the beach, which is my personal favorite time to wear one. Bucket hats can come in so many different patterns and materials, so the options are endless in terms of styles and colors used. They have also been featured in terry cloth, so it is the perfect blend between two retro trends.


The 70s and 80s were a time of fun, bright colors, which could be why these styles are so popular for the spring and summer. These six fashion trends are the perfect way to begin incorporating these styles in your next line. The demand for these styles, especially affordable, is there, but the supply seems to be limited. This is still a pretty new trend, so for some of these styles, besides mom jeans and bucket hats, it could be a little more difficult finding the other styles. Which is another reason to include them in your brand.

There are a lot of fashion trends that come and go. But these retro and vintage styles seem to be making a reappearance, and prove to be timeless. With the help of popular tv shows, movies, and social media, retro styles have been exploding in popularity, and many brands are beginning to add them to their collections. This just may be the hottest trend for summer 2021.

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6 Retro Styles to Add to Your Brand Feeling retro? In this post we're looking at some retro styles you can add to your fashion collection, as they're still very relevant.
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