Coach vs Louis Vuitton – Detailed Comparison

Coach vs Louis Vuitton – Detailed Comparison

Coach is an all-American brand, while Louis Vuitton is a historic French brand. Both brands have different histories, despite salient similarities in the items they offer. In this Coach vs Louis Vuitton comparison, we’ll explore both brands’ history and the main differences you should be aware of. If you’re curious about which brand is best for you, this detailed Coach vs Louis Vuitton comparison will help you. 

Coach vs Louis Vuitton – Coach History

Coach was founded in 1941 and is an affordable luxury fashion brand. Initially, it started as a family business in Manhattan. It also featured a workshop with six leatherworkers who created wallets by hand. In 1946, the brand grew when Miles and Lillian Cahn joined Coach. This husband and wife duo brought their knowledge of businesses and leatherworks to the brand. In 1962, the brand hired Bonnie Cashin as the first head designer. Bonnie brought new and unique colors to the brand. Her designs also reflected her individuality. Bonnie was also famous for her impressive proportions, and her designs effectively reflected the 1960s New York mood. Coach was inspired by its hometown spirit and therefore fostered an ethos of commitment to the company through the fashion brand.

One of the ways that Coach stands out is through the brand’s attention to detail. This feature was shared with the rest of the country in 1965 when Richard Rose joined the company and ensured that all Coach products were available in department stores all around the country. The company continued to thrive and grow till the entry of Reed Krakoff in 1996. Reed became the brand’s creative director and developed stylish and functional goods. Reed remained with Coach till 2014, when Stuart Vevers took over as the new Coach creative director. 

Before joining Coach, Stuart was the creative director of Mulberry and Loewe. He had also won the Accessory Designer of the year award from the British Fashion Council. Again, he won the CFDA Accessory Designer of the Year award in 2017. The brand’s commitment to the community was showcased in 2008 when the brand established the Coach Foundation. The foundation aims to support organizations and charities that could educate and empower women and children worldwide. To date, Coach remains an internationally-known brand that creates not only luxury handbags but also accessories, luggage, and a ready-to-wear collection. The brand has also worked with many celebrities over the years, further bringing it into the limelight.

Coach vs Louis Vuitton – Louis Vuitton History

Louis Vuitton is a top French fashion house founded in 1984 by Louis Vuitton. Of course, Vuitton is quite famous for creating flattop trunks. These trunks drew attention and customers to the brand. One of the reasons the trunk became quite popular is its lightweight nature. The trunk is also known for its practicality because you could stack them on top of each other during long journeys. Over the years, the luxury brand grew until the late 19th century when Louis Vuitton attended the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1967. Then, the brand again opened its first store in London on the famous Oxford Street, drawing even more attention. 

A notable year in the history of Louis Vuitton is 1896. Additionally, this was the year the brand launched the famous Monogram Canvas. This canvas featured the LV monogram, flowers, and quatrefoils. It was based on the Japanese Mon design of the Victorian period. To date, the Monogram Canvas is present in most Louis Vuitton bags and luxury accessories. 

Louis Vuitton previously created luggage, accessories, and designer bags exclusive. This was till 1997, when the artistic director launched the first Louis Vuitton ready-to-wear collection for both men and women. This received much attention and skyrocketed the brand’s popularity. The brand continued to create ready-to-wear collections and held its runway shows in exotic locations and with elaborate sets each year. However, the brand’s structure changed in 2011 when Kim Jones became the new style director for the men’s collection. Jones brought a new, fresh twist to the runway shows. 

In 2013, Nicolas Ghesquiere took over from Marc Jacobs as the brand’s new artistic director. He created innovative and iconic fashion pieces for the brand. In 2018, Virgil Abloh also became the artistic director for the men’s ready-to-wear collection. It was a historic moment because Abloh became one of the few black designers in a European luxury fashion house.

Louis Vuitton is also famous for its iconic collaborations that combine the world of art and fashion. Some past collaborations by the brand include Takashi Murakami, Steven Sprouse, Yayoi Kusama, and Supreme. The stunning collection and handbags created through these collaborations also made Louis Vuitton one of the most valuable fashion brands in the world. 

Coach vs Louis Vuitton – A Detailed Comparison

Despite their similarities, there are many distinct ways that Coach and Louis Vuitton stand apart from each other. These fundamental differences are crucial in determining which brand is your best option. In this section, we’ll carry out a detailed comparison of Coach and Louis Vuitton; let’s get started. 

Price Range

One part of this Coach vs Louis Vuitton comparison that both brands stand apart from each other is their price range. Their handbags are pretty different from each other, and this is reflected in the pricing. Louis Vuitton is an expensive luxury brand, and you can find their handbags ranging from $1000 to $6000. The price range tends to increase based on the unique materials used and the personalization of the handbag.

On the other hand, Coach bags cannot be considered a luxury because of how affordable they are. They can, however, be regarded as affordable luxury because their price range is below a thousand dollars. This means that although both brands are luxury brands, they have entirely different luxury markets. Their consumers have different budgets. Coach bags are more appealing to a younger generation. On the other hand, Louis Vuitton bags are more of a status symbol and are purchased by those with higher budgets.


Another part of the Coach vs Louis Vuitton comparison where both brands differ is the materials. This doesn’t mean they’re not similar in any way. Both brands use leather in creating most of their handbags. However, where it differs is the quality. Louis Vuitton bags are usually made from cowhide leather. This could be taurillon leather, epi leather, or even leather Vermis. In addition, their leather choices generally feature the Louis Vuitton monogram embossed. This could be a salient reason for the high price tags attached to LV bags. 

On the other hand, Coach bags feature smoother leather. The brand uses natural leather, pebbled leather, and Nappa leather. Coach isn’t very explicit in the type of leather they use for most of their production. This contrasts with Louis Vuitton, which highlights its use of cowhide leather. Additionally, Louis Vuitton has bags made in a Damier Ebene canvas. Such bags are just as luxurious but have a lower price tag than bags made with cowhide leather. Additionally, you can find Coach bags in cotton, suede, canvas, and nylon. This ensures that users have different prices, textures, and finish selections.


Louis Vuitton produces its bags exclusively in Spain, Italy, the United States, and France. This ensures that you can count on a high-quality finish and an entirely luxurious bag at the end. This is reflected in the high price tag attached to most of the LV bags. On the other hand, coach bags are made in China by factory workers trained by the company’s Italian leather team. As a result, the handbags are of good quality but do not offer you the same level of craftsmanship and detailing that you can easily spot in Louis Vuitton bags.


Knowing which brand is better in this Coach vs Louis Vuitton comparison requires a look into their style. You might wonder why you should spend so much on Louis Vuitton if Coach has a more affordable price tag. Most times, it is because of the style offered by each brand. When you pick a brand, you associate with their ideas and mindset. The purses made by Louis Vuitton are more of an art of fashion; they showcase elitism and exclusivity. This ensures that every fashion item you purchase from the brand becomes an everlasting classic. They’re sure to elevate the social status of buyers automatically.

On the other hand, Coach is more associated with American nostalgia. The brand embodies the essence of New York fashion, which is why the brand is famous amongst younger audiences of 20-45 years. Despite having classic choices in its collections, the brand also has some exciting fashion items that could be viewed as a beacon for modern issues.

Louis Vuitton effectively preserves the tradition of French chic and elegance from the beginning of its history. Its goal is to protect its ideals and values in its changing world. On the other hand, Coach mixes the American tradition and the new normal. This allows the brand effectively reach a wider audience while attracting people with various beliefs and ideologies. Both brands work closely with A-list celebrities and have collaborated exceptionally with talented artists. Therefore, if you’re going for more of a classic style, Louis Vuitton is a great option for you. On the other hand, Coach is an excellent option if you follow global trends. 

Final Verdict

Coach and Louis Vuitton have some fantastic leather goods and luxury fashion items to offer the public. There’s something for everyone in the brands’ collections. However, we’ve identified some crucial differences between both brands in this detailed Coach vs Louis Vuitton comparison. These differences would help you determine which is a better option for you.

Louis Vuitton bags are usually of a higher quality and therefore come with a higher price tag. On the other hand, Coach bags are more affordable. Although the material is luxurious, it doesn’t offer the same quality as Louis Vuitton. In addition, Louis Vuitton bags are timeless, while Coach bags are more affordable and follow global trends. Since both brands offer stylish and top-quality fashion items, the best brand for you comes down to your budget and personal style.

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Coach vs Louis Vuitton – Detailed Comparison Both brands are famous for making fashionable leather goods and ready-to-wear collections. In this Coach vs Louis Vuitton comparison, we’ll explore all you need to know.
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