Cosmetic Business Names – Trendy & Unique Names For You

Cosmetic Business Names - Trendy & Unique Names For You


Initially, cosmetics had started to feel like the females’ area of interest, but its usage has grown vastly. Today, both men and women use cosmetics. Cosmetics is undoubtedly fashion-oriented; it is also used to achieve breathtaking transformations. Hence, business analysts state that the cosmetic industry is a big catch for many intending entrepreneurs. The first step for cosmetic market experts towards developing a cosmetics business is identifying the perfect cosmetic business name.

One of your most significant considerations as a business owner is your business name. Cosmetics is fashion, and everything about it should be trendy, including the brands’ names. Your brand name is a crucial determinant of the success of your business. A good name can promote your brand, and a bad name can impact its success.

Choosing the right name for your brand can be a tasking affair. You may have been asking for friends’ suggestions or searching the web, and all proved fruitless. How do you choose a trendy yet unique name for your cosmetic business? Discover the creativity behind stylish and distinctive beauty names as you read further.

Here are some of the topics we’re going to discuss in our post.

  • The typcal way people choose cosmetic brand names
  • Successful business names in the cosmetic industry
  • Tips to creating unique cosmetic business names
  • Different cosmetic business name ideas

The Typical Way People Choose Cosmetic Brand Names

Research shows that the cosmetic industry is worth about 507.8 billion in the U.S. This proves that there’s a high number of people using cosmetics. As a result, you will come across many successful brands using similar naming techniques. Most brands in the beauty industry represent their products in the names they bear. A perfect example is Estée Lauder. A case study from organic skincare further revealed that most people name their brands based on nature.

There is no specific rule guiding brand naming, as long as it is creative. You may need to consider the interests of your target audience to discover the names that work best for them.

Successful Business Names in the Cosmetic Industry

Before delving into lists of catchy and unique cosmetic names, here are examples of existing businesses in the industry, who are running successful titles.


Mac has been in the beauty industry for a long time, and one of the contributions to its success is the concise name. In fact, the whole meaning of the name is “Make-up Art Cosmetics,” but the company was wise enough to choose the shorter version. Since it is a simple name, it becomes easy to stick in customers’ minds.


Almost everyone is familiar with the Dove brand, specializing in body care products. The name portrays the brand’s value proposition: cleanliness and pureness. Hence, it is not just a name, but it represents the brand in the simplest form possible.


This is one of the famous and top cosmetic companies in the world. The U.S based company specializes in facial and eye beauty. Initially, the company was known for producing the Covergirl magazine, which the name stands for. Hence, you can use the same brand name for other beauty or fashion sectors. 


Clinique is known for producing skincare products and fragrances. Although it specializes in different products, they belong to the same beauty industry. The brand’s name was coined from “unique” and “clinic,” making it stand out from its competitors.


This brand’s name is also simple, without losing the company’s value. It focuses on express makeup kits, especially for females. The goal is to benefit its users and help them feel better about themselves.

Tips to Creating Unique Cosmetic Business Names

Creating brand names is not as complicated as you may have thought. With these tips, you can create a trendy and unique name for your brand. 

Brainstorming the Names

Brainstorming may seem like an old mode of generating business names, although it still works. You can gather several ideas with pen and paper and then select the most preferred one. Ideally, it is best to come up with up to ten suggestions, so you will have enough options to choose from.

Firstly, you need to understand the value you seek to offer, making it easy to come up with ideas. This will help you identify names that will inform your customers about what you have to offer. During the brainstorming process, ensure to write down all the ideas that come to mind. 

Your Brand’s Uniqueness

Before naming your brand, consider the common trait it is known for. What is the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they see your products? Research related words to your brands and combine them to form a unique term. Think beyond the box by considering synonyms of words that come to your mind, and determine if they sound better. Some of your ideas may seem awkward, but when you understand your brand’s selling point, it’s easy to make the right choice.

Choose Simplicity

Avoid using too many words for your cosmetic business name. Sometimes, many ideas or inspirations seem great, but that would be better expressed on the company’s homepage. A simple name makes it easier for customers to locate you online and on-site. For instance, word-of-mouth advertisements get better with names customers can easily pronounce. 

Experts suggest that a business name should not be longer than three words. It may be confusing when asking for a reference or shop location. However, if you came up with lengthy terms for your business name, try using the abbreviation instead.

Ask for Feedback

It is best to get a third-party opinion about any chosen name. This is because your audience is a third party. Therefore, this is one of the most critical steps to get honest opinions. Ask questions about what other people think about your brand name and any need to adjust. You should also ask about the first idea that comes to their mind when hearing the word. You can ask these people to rate it on a scale of 1-10.

Check Names Availability

Several other people have the same name ideas as yours. In most cases, it is usually coincidental. To not appear as stealing another brand’s intellectual property, confirm that the domain name is available. There are several name generator websites online that will help you find out the availability of a name.

Avoid Narrowed Names

If you are looking to grow several brand branches in the future, you want to be careful of adding location to your brand name. For instance, “facial serums U.S” may not be the ideal name type. Ask yourself if you are limiting yourself to facial care alone and would not go beyond the U.S in the future. As a business owner, you may not be able to comprehend your future opportunities at the moment. This is why it is always best not to limit yourself with your brand name. On the other hand, if you are sure your brand will cover only specific gender, age, or location, you can choose the less generic names. 

Your Brand’s Translation

If you are willing to grow globally, consider how your brand name sounds in several languages. Even if it would not retain its meaning in some translations, ensure it does not mean anything bad. You can use Google translate to confirm the meaning of your brand name in another language. You may not achieve this overnight, but ensure to undertake the due process.

Different Cosmetic Business Names Ideas

Catchy Cosmetic Business Names

The following names are catchy and trendy for cosmetics.

  • Absolute Glam
  • Aesthetic Idols
  • Aesthetic Storm
  • Allure Beauty Cruise
  • BareBeauty Cosmetics
  • Beauty Bonanza
  • Beauty Moon
  • Become Aesthetic
  • Bee Pretty
  • Be Lovely
  • Beyond Heaven
  • Blooming Beauty
  • Budget Cosmetics
  • Careful Cosmetics
  • Cherish Life Society
  • Cosmetics Den
  • Cosmic Cosmetics
  • Cosmetic Queens
  • Cosmetics Warehouse
  • Cosmoline
  • Crimson Cosmetics
  • Crush Cosmetics Inc
  • Desire Face
  • Dream Shades
  • Ethereal Enhancement
  • Everything Nice
  • Fabulous Baby!
  • Face Artistry
  • Face Bay
  • Fox Cosmetics
  • Face Fix
  • Frosted Cosmetics
  • Glow Away
  • Glow and Go
  • Lavish Enhancement
  • Glow Girl Blush
  • Hook
  • Little Angel Cosmetics
  • Lip Gloss Veneer Inc.
  • Lippy Time
  • Magic drop
  • Marshmellow Beauty Inc.
  • Makeup Bomb
  • Mascara Maniacs
  • Makeup Canvas
  • Makeup Marvel
  • Moderation Magic
  • Pink Peony
  • Pretty Cool Girl
  • Radiate
  • Revive Aesthetics
  • Refined Reveal
  • Ruby Aesthetics
  • Smooth Skin Solutions
  • Sugar and Spice
  • Spoil yourself
  • Tinder Gold Makeup
  • The Nail Lamp 
  • Ultra Beauty
  • Zestful Queen

Trendy and Unique Cosmetic Business Names

The following are some more ideal names you can choose from. 

  • Applied Artwork
  • Applied Assurance
  • Apricot Beauty
  • Angels Kiss
  • Beauty Lifestyle
  • Beauty Base
  • Big City Beauty
  • Beauty Fusion
  • Beauty on a Budget
  • Bloom and Glow
  • Blossoming Beauty
  • Blushes
  • Blushful Beauties
  • Brixture
  • Budget Beauty
  • Brilliant Beauty
  • Bloom Beauty
  • Cheeky Colors
  • Clean Cosmetics
  • Cosmic Cosmetics
  • Classy Cosmetics
  • Cool Coverage
  • Cool Cosmetics
  • Cosmetics Corner
  • Day Beauty
  • Face the Music
  • Face Forward
  • Flawless Appeal
  • Face First
  • Face of Fortune
  • Fierce & Flawless Cosmetics
  • Fresh Faced
  • Fuchsia Fashion
  • Facial Fantasy
  • Glamorous Beauty Paint
  • Gleaming Glow Makeup
  • Glitter Queen Cosmetics
  • Golden Halo
  • Golden Swan Cosmetics
  • Goldie & Me
  • Herbal Beauty
  • Herbal Cosmetics
  • Layered Luxury
  • Lovely Looks
  • Lipstick Love
  • Lovely Looks
  • Luscious Lips Salon
  • Luv To Lips
  • Maple Sugar Beauty
  • Makeup Galaxy
  • Makeup Plus
  • Makeupolous Shop
  • Mellow Yellow Nudges
  • Millennial Beauty
  • Mother Nature Cosmetics
  • Mother Earth Beauty
  • New Age Beauty
  • Natural Beauty
  • Naturally Gorgeous
  • Natural Glow
  • Organic Glow
  • Ombré That
  • Perfectly Pretty
  • Purity Cleaners
  • Painted Precision
  • Queen Bee Beauty
  • Retro Glamour
  • Rosy Passion
  • Royal Rose
  • Simple Beauty
  • Shinesation
  • Smile and Sparkle
  • Smokey
  • Storm Blossom
  • Sweet Cheeks Cosmetics
  • Symmetry Systems
  • Subtle Symmetry
  • Supple Symmetry
  • Snow White Lilac
  • The Beauty Beasts
  • True Beauty
  • The Organic Beauty Co.
  • The Beauty People
  • Ultra Beauty
  • What a Beauty
  • Magic Makeup
  • The New Black
  • Water Lily Makeup
  • Where Beauty Rhymes
  • Worldly Beauty

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Sometimes, as time goes by and as it grows, a brand may realize that the name they chose does not suit them. At this stage, it becomes challenging to re-brand or change the name. Hence, it is crucial to always give cosmetic business names a deep thought to avoid changing names in the future. Also, learn to be patient while making decisions for your company. In the long run, it does not matter what method you used to get your brand a name, but it should allow room for growth. However, ensure to employ creativity while at it.

If you’re interested in reading more about branding here’s a book we recommend looking into: Brand New Name: A Proven, Step-by-Step Process to Create an Unforgettable Brand Name

Also, don’t hesitate to look into our blog, where we provide a wealth of material in marketing and communication in fashion.

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